My Neighbour Seki: The Master of Killing Time – Episodes 7 to 9: Crafty Imaginations

This week’s episodes were all entertaining in their own way and really highlight the imagination that both Seki and Yokoi have. One of the things that I’m really starting to appreciate is Yokoi’s mind. She can get pretty creative and it contributes to her killing just as much time as Seki-kun, which is just too hilarious and cute.

Episode 7:

Seki-kun is apparently the postmaster for all the notes going around in his classroom. I don’t know what impressed me more: the fact that he gets away with it given the giant stack of notes—or in this case letters—on his desk or that he had this whole intricate system set-up for delivery. I have OCD and I love  ironing out all of the little details and getting thoroughly involved in projects like that, so that part of me positively adored it.

Episode 8:

Seki-kun returns to Shogi and once again Yokoi-san has a brilliant little narrative that she concocts to go along with this unique style of playing. I love her stories because of how imaginative they can be, and I wholeheartedly feel like she would make a decent light novel author. I actual wouldn’t mind reading a book or novella based on the tale she spun in this episode. Also, I was really hoping we’d finally get to see/hear Seki-kun speak!

Episode 9:

The episode revolved around knitting and we got to learn that Yokoi-san is actually a really talented (and judgy) knitter. Her watching Seki-kun while he knitted and making all these comments about it was mildly entertaining. I loved what he ended up crafting. It reminded me a lot of Final Fantasy X’s Sanubia Desert. Aside from that, it was a bit more boring that the previous episodes, but still entertaining to a certain degree.

My Neighbour Seki: The Master of Killing Time Episodes 1 to 6

8 thoughts on “My Neighbour Seki: The Master of Killing Time – Episodes 7 to 9: Crafty Imaginations

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  3. Well I love this show a lot too! I agree with you on Episode 9, it wasn’t bad, but it was a little bit on the boring side for me. That cactus was too cute though: I want one as well now lol 😂😂

    • I love them as long as I don’t have to fight them in Final Fantasy video games. They can be a pain in the rump. XD

  4. I thought this was a really solid batch of episodes. Shogi 2 managed to exceed expectations while the others were entertaining in their own right. Unlike most folks though, I didn’t find episode 9 boring at all, if anything, I thought it gave Yokoi some great character development in a show that doesn’t need it at all.

    • It was nice to learn about Yokoi! I wouldn’t have guessed that she was so passionate about knitting, and a bit judgey haha. I hope we can learn more about her as the series goes on and maybe one day we’ll hear Seki-kun talk or yell or something. XD

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