BiblioNyan’s 1,000 Follower Q & A!!

Bula Chums!! This is it, this is the final segment for the 1,000 follower shindig I’ve had going on. The video did become a tad bit long. I wanted to make sure to give everyone a proper response to the questions asked. I hope you all like it! I’ve also linked all the mentioned posts from the video down below. Additionally, the winners have been announced for the giveaway portion, which you can check out here if you’re interested.

Self-Care Sunday: Finding Root Causes of Anxiety
Self-Care Sunday Birthday Special: Celebrating Moments of Joy
Self-Care Sunday: What is Self-Care?
Bidding You Adieu & How Blogging Helps My Mental Health
My AniList Profile

Thanks for such a wild ride these past few years! Here’s to another thousand followers and much more success for my little cat-obsessed corner of the interwebs. Much love to you all.

Thank you so much for visiting me today! I appreciate your support. I wish you a lovely day ahead.


If you enjoy my content, please consider providing me with a one-time donation ($3). All proceeds go towards the maintenance and upkeep of my blog, as well as towards my prescriptions. Additionally, you can suggest one anime or Asian drama for me to watch during the month for reviewing purposes! Thank you very much.

14 thoughts on “BiblioNyan’s 1,000 Follower Q & A!!

  1. Aww! This was awesome! I just finished watching the entire video, and I loved it. You really put a lot of work into this. Sorry I made you hate me with my question lol😂😂 But well, books is a very good choice, especially when you said the things about technology!
    Also cool to see you mentioning Macross/Robotech. I have been a Robotech fan for over 30 years now, and I would definitely want to see a re-imagining of the show at some point (there is talk of live action film that is in the works, but that’s been talked about for more than 10 years now, so it’s probably not true)
    I’m definitely glad you stuck around for blogging, because I really remember that moment where you were about to quit. It’s great that you came back, because during my own hiatus I always felt that something was missing as well😊
    The interaction part is one of the most fun things about blogging, so I definitely understand you wanting to see more of that (well I maybe place to many comments….so there is that 😂😂)
    As for your question about review requests…hmmm..🤔🤔 Well…maybe another K-drama? Or even the Chinese drama series I sent you the trailer for (have you watched it already by the way? Just curious!) Anyways….terrific video, and thanks for taking the time to make this and answer all our questions ! Hopefully you will reach those 2000 followers in no-time! 😊

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    • Ooh, I should totally re-watch Robotech while I’m on this vacation thingy! (Random thought lol) I’m glad I didn’t quit as well as it helped me so much in my personal life as much as it has helped me develop skills for my chosen career. 🙂

      You definitely don’t place too many comments. I love reading them and replying to them. They make my day so much! ♥

      I have seen the first episode and I loved it!! i’m looking forward to watching more. I have first impressions outlined for it and it’ll be up my first week back from vacation! I’ve seen some Korean dramas and Japanese dramas, so I think watching more dramas from other Asian countries would be a great thing to do. I always find it immensely fascinating to see how many cultural traits cross between many other regions. It’s probably my favourite part of watching diverse Asian dramas and films. 😀

      Thanks again for all your support. ♥

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      • Robotech is something I plan to revisit myself as well, as part of my Retro Raist feature. Don’t know if that will happen this year, but it will at some point. It’s still a great show and one that I have seen so many times that I have lost count😂
        Haha..phew…glad I’m not placing too many comments (wipes sweat of brow lol 😂).
        I have seen 12 episodes myself now, and I can only say it’s only getting better and better. The only reason I have slowed down now, is that the translation on VIki is not reall complete you, so it’s a bit of a waiting game now. I’m watching one other Asian drama, the K-drama When the Devil calls your name, which so far is also highly enjoyable. I’ll be doing a post of Novoland myself as well later this month! 😊 Looking forward to your post! And of course you are welcome! 😊

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  2. It was fun listening to all your answers!

    As for mine involving the amusement parks, I’d probably also choose Tokyo Disneyland for the same reasons. Plus, they seem to sell a lot of cool stuff.

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    • I saw that there’s a Disney Sea place in Tokyo that is more for older audiences rather than kids and I think that’d be a great place to visit (found out about it after I made the video, of course lol).

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  3. Totally didn’t know you used to race cars. Sounds fascinating! 😀
    Lol!! Love your answer to my question! I tried to answer it myself and couldn’t. I mean, a dragon could blow fire and have some fried fish, but, as you said, it’s also totally possible for the Meg to take out the dragon. I’m having a great time imagining this btw. (Dragon realizes it gotta get closer to fry the Meg. It flies a little lower and BAM! Shark attack and dragon dragged down below the sea as the Meg chomps its head off.

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  4. Again, a huge congratulations to you!! I’m so happy you have hit such an amazing milestone and here is to 1000 more!! 😄🥳

    I loved the video and all the questions and your answers were so fun to hear. As for my question, I 100% agree with the advice you’d give to past you. I have to remind myself of a similar thing sometimes!

    Also you mentioned about seeing more comments and suggestions so, I thought since I know you mentioned GTO (and I’m considering watching it at some point) I’d love to read about what makes you love it so much. I don’t know if you have written about it in the past and I have missed it but it is just an idea for you 😄

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    • Thank you so much, Sam!!! I appreciate it. 😀

      Me too. Sometimes when I need to give myself a pep talk, especially when it comes to going back to Uni lately, I tell myself that and it helps me to refocus on myself rather than on everyone/everything around me. 🙂

      I have not written much about GTO. I think I’ve talked a bit about Initial D (not really a review but just the sentimentality) but have not spoken of GTO. That is a great suggestion! Thanks, I will definitely schedule something for it. It’ll probably turn into a gush-fest haha. XD

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      • You’re very welcome! 😀

        And yeah I totally get you and I think it can be really beneficial during those times. I hope everything with going back to uni is going okay too!!

        I would love to read a post about GTO and don’t worry if it is a gush-fest, I have written posts like that before and I think they show how important and special things are to someone which is always really lovely to see. 😀


  5. Really helpful and encouraging words related to blogging, so thank you for that!

    Btw the first pronnounciation of my name was correct xD

    Woah you raced for so long! I assume it was mostly karting or? I fell in love with motorsport when i was 6 and ofc as a little boy I had dreams of becoming an f1 driver, but life circumstances were kind of against that… The closest I got to it was driving twice in a karting and having a formula car on pedals with bonded stickers of my imaginary sponsors xD


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