My Neighbour Seki Episodes 10 to 12: A Ribald Art Class & Kuma Mountain Climbing

Hey all! Even though I’m currently on a blogging vacation, I did go ahead and pre-schedule these My Neighbour Seki episodic musings since it’s part of a community wide collaboration. I didn’t want to shirk out on my participation for it. Besides, I was having a lot of fun with watching this as a group with many others. So, every Monday until the series ends, you can expect my Seki-kun posts to go live!

Episode 10:

Here we are introduced to a fellow classmate who seems to have an interest in befriending Yokoi-san. She sits behind Yokoi in art class. This was quite the hole-in-one of misunderstandings and I loved it because it was hilarious. Also, being a former golf athlete, I just had such an appreciation for the euphemisms of everything, as well as admiration for Seki-kun’s putting ability! That was the one thing I absolutely blew at doing.

This was one of the first episodes where we get to see an element of crude humour like this, but I thought it fit the overall tone of the series quite splendidly. It’s probably my second favourite episode thus far.

Episode 11:

Another hilarious episode where we get to see Yokoi stretch her imagination along with Seki-kun’s theatrics. This time it involved tiny little bears mountain climbing on a fellow student without his knowledge. I love that the ledge from Yokoi’s imagination is basically an outline of the guy’s collared shirt.

I’m really liking the chemistry between Yokoi and Seki. It reminds me a bit of the previous episode where the young girl who tries to befriend Yokoi thinks they make a good couple since they can communicate or understand one another without having to speak to each other; they know each other so well. While I feel that chemistry can be just as much platonic as it can be romantic, it’s delightful and helps contribute a lot to the overall sense of light-heartedness that the show puts off.

Episode 12:

Seki-kun busts out with a mini training course for an RC car. It’s like a simulation of what a real-life driving test in Japan would be like. My biggest question after watching this is why didn’t the other students notice the noise from the RC car? I mean, every RC car makes a bit of noise, even the tiniest ones.

Aside from that, I actually think it’s a good idea to use RC cars to teach students the rules of driving on the road, especially if the kid is a visual learner like me. It would be much easier to learn and absorb the rules that way versus just reading it out of a book. Plus, it looks like a lot of fun.

One thing we got to see in this episode that haven’t been in the others so far is Seki doing the same thing two days in a row. There is a reason behind this, which I won’t share to avoid spoilers, but it was a neat dynamic and a good way to change things up a bit to prevent the series from feeling tedious. Although the creativity of his time-wasting shenanigans do that rather well already, so there is that.

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  3. I appreciate your dedication to the watch! 🙂 I’ll be sure to share these each week as well. I thought Golf was the best one this week for sure. The RC Car was a fun idea as well, my mom will love the alternative teaching method angle you purpose (since she joined the watch last wee). Glad you are enjoying this 🙂

  4. I just finished watching this week’s episodes and all of them were a lot of fun! The golf episode was hilarious, but I think my favorite one this week was RC car. It’s just amazing that we are now 12 episodes into this, and the show hasn’t become boring even once yet. Really a great and fun series, something I truly didn’t expect.
    Lol…and I have to agree with you: It would definitely be great to use RC cars as a learning aid! 😂😊

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