My Neighbour Seki Episodes 13 to 15: Attack on Tako Bentō & Heartbreak Sumō

Episode 13:

This time around everyone is participating in their PE class, which is taking place at the poolside! The Robot Family has returned in this episode and I loved it so much. I’m seriously waiting for that Robot Family anime. It’d be such a great series.

The teacher taught the kids about CPR today and it was neat because the robot kiddo, through some plot events, found himself to be in the big pool and, as per usual, Yokoi’s imagination gets away from her with the story and plays well into those background lessons. I feel like this episode was much more about Yokoi’s wasting time and goofing off than Seki-kun, which creates a lovely parallel to all the happenings so far in the series.

Episode 14:

Even lunchtime isn’t safe with Yokoi around, as we get to see her conjure up another narrative while everyone eats. I saw that Attack on Titan reference as soon as Seki started eating. We also learned that Seki makes his own bentō.

Seki just keeps on amping up that fascination for me. He’s seems to highly intelligent and with an array of skills. I feel like if he ever decided to go to college, he could quite literally study anything and make a bitching awesome career out of it.

Something else that I found myself wondering about is what Seki’s home life is like. If he’s getting up to make his own bentō, does that mean that both of his parents work really early? Does he live in a single-parent household? Maybe alone as an emancipated kid? Or perhaps he just doesn’t like people preparing his food for him? All of these seem rather feasible given how remarkable he is at occupying himself when he’s bored or alone.

Episode 15:

We have another art episode and Yokoi is absent since she’s got a cold. Her friend is back, however, the one who conjured up that very promiscuous bond between Seki and Yokoi.

I think it’s pretty amazing how invested everyone becomes with Seki’s shenanigans. Any author out there struggling with a writer’s block, should spend one class period with this kid. They’d be cured almost instantly. Goto is the perfect example as she ends up concocting a theory of heartbreak and loneliness for Seki’s paper sumō shenanigans.

Aside from that, we see another connection between the class and Seki’s activities. In art class, the students were creating woodblock carvings out of their earlier drawings, and the woodblock that Seki created (or prepared earlier, apparently) was that of a rope boundary line that is in traditional sumō wrestling. He even had this paper cut-outs of wrestlers ready to go with one of them being a robotic wrestler, which was chuckle-worthy. However, there was one point in the episode where he became so excited that it was borderline creepy…

My favourite episode this week would have to be the pool episode. Aside from that family drama story that Yokoi came up with (I loved it), it had the Robot Family, which I seem to have become quite smitten by. What was your favourite My Neighbour Seki moment this week?

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  3. For me the Paper Sumo was the best episode, but I loved seeing the return of the Robot Family! Had a good time this week as per usual 🙂 Sorry I was late, I had to put off doing this until today because I was busy with seeing Millennium Actress yesterday.

  4. I have to say that it’s hard to choose this week. I enjoyed all three episodes honestly, but I guess the pool episode because of the robots was just slightly more enjoyable than the others. Other than that they were all a lot of fun. It’s really incredible the show stays so much fun each week 😊

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