My Neighbour Seki Episodes 19 to 21 (Final): Falling Victim to Fervent Curiosities

Episode 19:

In this episode, Seki spends the class period trying to choose the perfect glasses for himself, which Yokoi ends up helping out with.

This wasn’t my favourite episode of the series; however, it was fun to watch Yokoi look at Seki as an attractive dude once he donned the right frames for his face. He had quite an eclectic collection of frames. One pair of them reminded me of the scientist from Luigi’s Mansion on the Nintendo GameCube, and those were probably my favourite pairs out of the whole lot of them.

Episode 20:

Seki-kun makes a flipbook in this episode, which I thought was kind of cool! He even made a small recording to accompany the drawings that drives Yokoi’s curiosity up a wall.

I remember loving flip books as a child and I always wondered how people retained enough patience to draw them out as they usually consist of similar drawings with miniscule differences stacked over and over to play like an animation as you flip the pages. Recently, as I’ve began dabbling in art, I have an even deeper appreciation for them.

This episode, however, did show us how extreme Yokoi’s curiosity can become. After class was over, she snuck back into the classroom while it was empty so she could listen to Seki’s recording. I found her behaviour to be utterly hilarious, and a bit climactic to her patiently sitting by (for the most part) and watching Seki’s theatrics over the past near-twenty episodes or so. Given how that recording ended, I also wonder if Seki knew that Yokoi wouldn’t be able to resist the temptation.

Episode 21:

The final episode begins with Yokoi being spoken to by a teacher for her distracted attitude in class, and then it brought us to a personal belongings inspection that is conducted in schools to ensure that kids aren’t bringing unnecessary crap to class. 

I’m not surprised that Yokoi got busted for something, even though it was immensely minor, and that Seki was crafty enough to stash all of this toys and distracting gadgets and gizmos galore so as not to befall the same fate. I think I wanted him to get busted just as much as Yokoi, mostly because I feel it would feel a tiny bit gratifying. Although, understanding his brilliance at wasting time and the myriad ways he keeps himself occupied, Seki looking innocent was pretty much expected. Also, it was a wonderful delight to see the Robot Family in this episode again.

The dynamics of Yokoi getting into trouble amuses me because, from personal experience, whenever we worry and stress about something the most, is when it usually has a negative outcome or consequence. If she was more laid-back and kept her nose out of Seki’s business, she probably would never have gotten into trouble. The other part of me feels that if she participated in some fun shenanigans herself, then she’d be less quick to judge others, or even find a sense of solidarity with Seki rather than blaming him for falling behind or getting reprimanded.

Either way, this finale was an excellent summation of Seki’s and Yokoi’s interactions throughout the entire series and felt like a good wrap-up to everything.

Final Thoughts

When I began watching My Neighbour Seki, I never expected to like it as much as I have been. It’s not typically my cup of chai. Comedy is a genre that I can be a bit nit-picky with, and short serials like this one usually don’t have enough content or depth to them to hold my attention for long periods of time (episodically speaking). Nonetheless, it was a pleasant experience.

The things that I appreciated the most about the anime was that it wasn’t extremely over-the-top with its humour (Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto is a good example of being too over-the-top for me), the episode lengths matched whatever developed in the segment and wrapped it up neatly, and finally, Seki-kun’s methods for wasting time were quite imaginative. His creativity gave me a lot of things to contemplate about him as an individual, such as his intelligence, whether he may have ADHD, what his home life is like, and more. Getting that rivetted or invested in a series, such as this one, never happens to me, so it was a lovely change of pace. Plus, the Robot Family is so damn cute.

Even if you’re like me and don’t typically gravitate towards comedic serials or anime shorts, I would still recommend this. It flies by really fast, has some rather interesting dynamics to it, and is a perfect way to unwind or catch a bit of humour during a jam-packed schedule without having the investment or effort feel like a waste of time.

You can watch My Neighbour Seki in its entirety over on CrunchyRoll.

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5 thoughts on “My Neighbour Seki Episodes 19 to 21 (Final): Falling Victim to Fervent Curiosities

  1. I’m glad you enjoyed this, it is good to find something light to just enjoy for what it is. Thank you for sharing your thoughts as you watched the series!

    • It was a great simple series that I didn’t believe I’d enjoy. But I was wrong, pleasantly so. 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for joining in on the watch! I had a blast hosting this and I love that so many folks discovered (or in some cases, rediscovered) a new favorite. This was a great title to open this series with and I hope you’ll be joining us for the next #anitwitwatches too 🙂

    I’ll be posting a formal announcement and watch schedule for Rampo Kitan, the show the community voted to replace Seki-kun with, later this week so keep an eye out!

    • It was tons of fun to participate! I’m looking forward to the next bout, especially since the series is inspired by one of my fave authors. 😀

      • I’m glad you enjoyed it! Rampo Kitan is sure to be a ton of fun as well 🙂 I really enjoyed the show and it got me to look into the work it is based on, was super cool!

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