#AniTwitWatches Round 3 Announcement!

No matter how much that I try (or life forces me to try, to be more accurate), I just can’t seem to stay away from blogging. I always keep coming back to it. Blogging is like my second home and I don’t think it would feel as such if it weren’t for the significant sense of community that I have found here. Many individuals congregate together to chat about shared interests, even if our opinions and personal level of enjoyment (or loathing) for specific things within those interests can vary drastically from time to time. It still doesn’t stop us from conversing and finding camaraderie and insight and a sense of companionship and friendship in places that we may not be able to have access to outside of these spaces. A marvellous example of this consists of the #AniTwitWatches community-based anime watching gig that Jon Spencer has created over the past six months, give or take.

The event originally began on Twitter and it was created as a means of bringing people together for a mutual watching of specific anime shows, which are chosen via polls on the same platform. If you’d like more information on it, please check out Jon Spencer’s site and post here. The first anime that was chosen was My Neighbour Seki, followed by Rampo Kitan: Game of Laplace, which we just wrapped up a couple of weeks ago. I’m working on my review for that and should have it up by next week. Now, the time has arrived for Round 3!

For this round, the anime that was chosen is one that is quite well-known and even considered to be somewhat controversial by some folks. It’s been on my personal To-Be-Watched list for a long time, so I’m excited to have an excuse to finally get off my rump and watch it. I think experiencing it with others shall be a wonderful treat! The show I’m talking about it School Days!

Next week I shall be doing a full first impressions post of the anime when the new round of #AniTwitWatches officially kicks off, but some basic information on the series is that it was originally an adult visual novel game produced by 0verflow in 2005. The anime adaptation came out a couple of years later with twelve episodes. That was produced by TNK and directed by Keitaro Motonaga. I didn’t look up a synopsis for the series because I would like all of my reactions and responses while watching to be natural and genuine. However, if you’d like more information on the show, please check out it’s AniList page here.

school days poster 01I have had so much fun participating in the last couple of rounds for this event, and I highly encourage others to join us if you’re even slightly interested in it. You aren’t obligated to write blog posts at all. Maybe just share a few words on your thoughts over on Twitter. That’s all. It’s a low-key, very chill gig that doesn’t require a large or hefty commitment to it. In addition to getting to watch some amazing serials, you’d also meet some folks and maybe make a couple friends in the process.

Anyhoo, this is essentially my announcement of participation and also my attempt at potentially roping others into the fray. I’d like to give a warm word of thanks to Jon Spencer for creating and continuously leading #AniTwitWatches and everyone who’s participated for making it such an enjoyable and interactive experience thus far.

If you’d like to follow my updates on School Days, please keep an eye on BiblioNyan. I’ll be providing episodic musings ever Monday starting next week on the 18th, and I’ll also be sharing brief snippets of reactions over on my Twitter too.

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  3. I’m very happy to hear you enjoy this initiative so much 🙂 Thanks for your continued participation and helping to spread the word, it is really appreciated! 😀

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