School Days: First Impressions – Typical Slice-of-Life Pilot with Supremely Old School Animation (#AniTwitWatches)

Welcome to Round 3 of #AniTwitWatches! This is a community-based anime watching event that was created by the awesome Jon Spencer. Basically, we choose an anime and watch it episodically and then chat about our reactions and musings afterwards, either on our personal blog spaces or over on Twitter. If you’d like more information on what this event entails, are interested in joining up, or would like to take a look at previous anime we’ve seen for #AniTwitWatches, please check out Jon’s post and/or my announcement post for this round.

For the third round in this super fun event, the community has voted to watch School Days. I talked about it briefly in my announcement from last week, but this is an anime that I have had on my watchlist for quite a long time, but for whatever reason never got around to. I remember adding it after reading over the snippet, however, it’s been so bloody longs since then, I don’t actually remember anything about this show. The only thing I know for sure is that it’s a bit controversial and is decidedly not what it seems to be. I decided not to look up the snippet prior to watching because I want all of my reactions and thoughts to be one-hundred-percent authentic. Plus, if the show ends up making me mad or just catching me outrageously off-guard, those responses may be more entertaining this way.

school days poster 01School Days (スクールデイズ) is the 2007 seinen, harem, slice-of-life anime adaptation of the visual novel, which originally released in 2005 via 0verflow. It was produced by TNK, directed by Keitaro Motonaga, and has twelve episodes total. The story revolves around a high schooler named Makoto who ends formulating a crush on a fellow classmate whom he commutes to school with. When one of his mates finds out about the crush, she introduces the two of them to one another. However, shortly afterwards, she realises that she also has feelings for Makoto.

 My very first impression of the pilot was, “Wow, this is old school.” Now, I know it’s actually not that old when compared to some of my other favourite titles, but the animation did not age that well. I’ve seen much older serials with much better animation, but at the same time, there was this neat nostalgic vibe to it that made me remember things like Sailor Moon and Macross and feel a deep appreciation for the medium that I’ve grown so passionate about. Beyond that, I suppose the next thing that flittered through my mind—mostly after I finished the episode—was that it seemed like a rather normal, fluffy romance series, so far.

I’ve heard enough people to hate on this series (while avoiding all the spoilers, a feat I’m not sure how I managed to accomplish), so I know that my naivety with thinking it’s a normal, fluffy, rom with some com is exactly that: naïve. I expect shite to hit the fan as we progress forward, just without any fucking idea of what said shite shall be. While I can say that I am looking forward to things deviating far away from the expected and substandard, I’m also kind of nervous about it. How chaotic are things going to get here? (Don’t answer that.)

I think it was really sweet of Sekai to help Itō talk to and get things going with his crush. Honestly, I don’t know if I would have the compassionate and selfless nature necessary to be able to do that, let alone the emotional fortitude. Her cheerfulness and enthusiasm were quite the giveaway for her affections. The part of me that loves slice-of-life anime wants to see Sekai fall in love with someone else and then have an even healthier and better relationship than Itō and Katsura. Frankly speaking, I’m not sure what the appeal is with this kid. He just seems like a total moron to me.

SD Eps. 01 c

I’m also a bit unsure of what to think of Katsura yet. There wasn’t a lot of information about her in the pilot aside from her being a bookworm, somewhat of a timid girl, and reciprocating Itō’s feelings. While there weren’t any obvious red flags with regard to Katsura, I can’t help but think the quiet and shy folks tends to be the ones who lose their sanity and do reprehensible things later on (how many quiet, megane types have you seen in anime that are total fucking sadists? Exactly). Yet, I feel the same thing can technically be said about Sekai as well with regard to her jealousy. Jealousy is an unbelievably potent and perilous emotion, more so when it becomes overwhelming and uncontrollable.

While I’m sitting here picturing all of the characters going insane for one reason or another, I feel I must confess that I have no idea if these things will happen. I’m mostly making outrageous guesses out of my arse just for the sake of it and mostly due in part to the hullabaloo this show seems to stir up amid otaku everywhere. There very well could be nothing abnormal about the series aside form a typical love triangle where the protagonist wants everything and can’t made up his mind.

Yeah, I don’t buy that either.

All in all, the first episode was pretty standard. It was enjoyable and made me chuckle here and there. I have fairly decent impressions of the cast so far, with some amusing predictions as whom the crazy shoe shall smack in the face later on. I think the best part of the episode for me was when Sekai kissed Itō. My secret wish is that Katsura saw the whole thing and maybe that will set the mad shenanigans into motion.

You can catch School Days over on CrunchyRoll.

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  3. As usual, I enjoyed reading your thoughts 🙂 I don’t want to spoil anything so all I can say is you had some very interesting takes for the episode. I can’t lie though, I did a big “ooof” when I read about your thoughts on Sekai XD

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