Kakushigoto: First Impressions – A Drab Comedy Series with Refreshingly Beautiful Art Styles (Spring 2020)

Kakushigoto (かくしごと) is an anime adaptation of the shōnen comedy, slice-of-life manga of the same name authored by Kōji Kumeta. It’s being produced by Ajia-do Animation Works with direction from Yūta Murano. The show revolves around a dad who’s a mangaka of adult stories that decides to hide his profession from his daughter out of fear for what she may think of him.

This anime wasn’t originally on my radar of things to check out this season, however when it popped up on my feed over on AniList, I figured it couldn’t hurt to watch the first episode. Initially, I had anticipated it was going to be a TV short, but I was surprised to see full 22-minute long segments. After sitting through the pilot, I can safely say that Kakushigoto isn’t my cup of chai.

Kakushi Eps. 01 i

Father-Daughter teeth cleaning.

Watching Kakushi Gotō (father’s name) lose his shit over the fear of his daughter learning his dirty little secret was pretty entertaining for a short while. Nevertheless, the overall humour just isn’t the type of thing that I gravitate towards. It’s a weird combination of obvious, silly humour trying to masquerade as something dryer, and more often than not it came off as awkward or way too forced. In that sense, the comedic nature of it just became somewhat of a turnoff.

Some of the side characters are kind of cool though. I do like his assistants. One of them is a girl who is rather sassy, and I appreciated her mild contribution. She is someone whom I can see the mangaka being genuinely scared off due to the tough vibe she puts out along with her sharp tongue.  Then there’s the normal one that occasionally makes snide comments, which contributes to the obvious humour I was talking about earlier. Lastly, there’s the idiot who puts his foot in his mouth often. I didn’t care for Gotō’s editor. He’s a bit of a dull moron. I did like his daughter, however. She’s super adorable and I wouldn’t be surprised if she knows much more than she lets on with regard to daddy’s career, even for being so young.

The pilot starts off with his daughter at the age of eighteen after she’s been gifted the key to her father’s secret storage, so I believe the vast majority of the series is a flashback of sorts, but I’m not entirely sure on that. Aside from the brief snippet at the beginning, it doesn’t dive into it again. If that is the case, given how the episode progressed, I don’t think it works that well as a storytelling tool. Yet, it can end up coming together towards the finale, so it’s nothing to fret over too much at the moment.

Kakushi Eps. 01 e

What’s in the storage?

The episode as a whole felt like short segments that had been strung together to fill out the twenty minute time slot, which is a shame because it would have felt so much more comfortable and better crafted if it did stick to a short episode format. Small doses would have been fantastic given this type of content.

The art style was the trait that I loved the most. It’s so beautiful! Character creation consist of soft lines and very subdued designs that remind me a little bit of classical Japanese art. Some of the scenery is sweeping and wonderfully detailed with neat use of water colours and other times it looks almost cartoonish without feeling too out of place. I think it works well since the characters are so versatile in their simplicity. So, while the comedy made me feel bored out of my mind, the animation kept me interested enough to finish the whole pilot. Nonetheless, it won’t be enough to hold me around for the whole season.

Kakushi Eps. 01 b

Toot toot

Overall, Kakushigoto is an anime that just wasn’t for me personally. I know there are some folx out there who find a lot of pleasure in this style of humour and also like father-daughter story dynamics. Those people will most-definitely get a kick out of it. It’s not a bad series, at least not based on the pilot, but it’s also not a mind-blowing feat of genius either.

You can catch Kakushigoto over on Funimation.

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6 thoughts on “Kakushigoto: First Impressions – A Drab Comedy Series with Refreshingly Beautiful Art Styles (Spring 2020)

  1. To bad the humor wasn’t a hit because it looks gorgeous and it seems like their could be a good story in there somewhere.

  2. I liked Hime a lot and her little friends adventure into Starbucks but I am not so sure I like the hysteria her father is surrounded by in his attempts to hide what his work is all about. I didn’t find it funny, only annoying. Also, I think it’s silly for him to hide it in the first place. But that’s just me. So I am not totally sure if I will continue or not. I do like single dad tropes and I like elementary kids a lot so yeah, don’t know yet.

    • Yeah, I didn’t find it that funny either. Like I understand the puns and can appreciate them, but everything else was pretty subpar.

  3. Wow, I wasn’t expecting this title to be three puns at the same time. Based on your review, it seems like something I’d rather enjoy as a manga than sit through entire episodes of, but I’ll have to see for myself to know for sure.

    • Yeah, there are a lot of puns in this series lol. I also think it’d work much better as a manga than an anime now that you’ve mentioned it.

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