Upcoming Readathons for April 2020

Since the whole world seems to be on quarantine right now, a bunch of creators from around the bookish community are coming together to help make the most of a terrible situation with readathons galore!

Reading has been excruciatingly difficult for me for the past week or so. My mind keeps on wandering around to all sorts of despairing thoughts and this incredibly heavy burden of uncertainty that I’m floundering about in sure as fuck isn’t helping. Blogging has been the only sanctum sanctorum to the grotesque whispers of Brain-chan. When I stumbled across these readathons by chance (on Instagram and via my Bookly app), I wanted to share them here to spread the word because I figured there are plenty of other people out there who could use the distraction as desperately as I can.

There are three total readathons happening in April that I’ve discovered, and they’re spread out enough to cover the vast majority of the month, which is fricking fantastic! Two are week-long gigs and the third covers a weekend, for the most part. Please check ‘em out below.

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Bout-of-Books – Safe at Home Edition: Bout-of-Books is scheduled to have their regular semi-annual shindig on the 28th of May but decided on tossing together this impromptu event as a way to help motivate people to stay indoors and with a bit comfort and companionship. Click the purpley font to visit their twitter page, where they’ll have more information about it. It runs from April 6th to 12th.

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Bookly #StayAtHomeReadathon: Bookly is a reading app that I use on my phone (iOS/Android) and they are also having a stay-at-home reading gig! People can sign up for a chance to win $50 in gift cards as well. I’m a huge fan of Bookly because it allows me to keep track of my reading progress and history, while helping me to become an efficient and faster reader. While I have never done a Bookly readathon before, it looks pretty dope so I’m super stoked for it. This one runs from April 13th to 19th.


Dewey’s 24-Hour Readathon: Dewey’s semi-annual weekend readathon is happening towards the end of the month, which is a nice follow through for the others that I’ve mentioned. The whole point of Dewey’s is to spend 24-hours reading with everyone across the globe. We all start at the same time and stop at the time. It was my first readathon back when I first began blogging, so it has a special place in my heart. You can check out their Twitter page by clicking the purple link above. It’s held on April 25th.


I dunno about y’all but having a legitimate excuse to focus on nothing but books and the pretzel-like positions I contort myself into whilst reading sounds like a bloody brilliant way to de-stress. Let’s just hope that I can actually get some bleeding reading done! My TBR stack could do with some serious pruning, that’s for sure.

If y’all come across any other readathons happening in April or even May, please drop them in the comments below! It’d be much appreciated. Happy reading, Chums!

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  1. Thanks for these. I’m too late on the first but I’ll give the 2nd and 3rd ones a look. I could use focused distraction.


  2. Thanks once again for sharing something else to help us stay a bit more sane during this time it is really a very important thing to have and you are doing a great job!

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