My Final Dewey’s 24-Hour Readathon TBR

It’s hard to believe that this shall be my last Dewey’s 24-hour Readathon TBR post. The gig started back in 2007, and it’s with some sadness that the hosts decided to make this their last hurrah. I may not have been a blogger or anything remotely close to a bibliophile back then (took a long break from reading ’cause life was being a ho), but I’m super grateful for discovering this readathon in 2016 when I first took the plunge into the blogging world. It’s always such a fun event that’s super community-oriented, and it helped me to meet and engage with so many fantastic bookish people over the years.

The final Dewey’s takes place this weekend on the 25th, which is a Saturday. Sign-ups are available, but you don’t have to do anything official if you don’t want to. It’s just a nice way for people to show their support and also to track participants who may interested in potential giveaways or goodies. Most of the time, I join in silently without the forms, and it’s still always a rad time. If you would like to join up officially, then you can check out the info page here.

Since I have been struggling with being able to participate in my hobbies for more than half an hour at a time (it sucks so much, y’all), I decided to keep my TBR for this readathon shindig relatively small. My health also probably won’t allow me to read for a full 24-hours, even if I could sit still long enough to do so, so I’ll be alternating my reading with gaming. I’m still rather excited to partake and share in the bookish shenanigans though. This sort of virtual camaraderie is definitely much-needed.

Check out my list o’ books down below and let me know if you’re interested in reviews for any of them once I’m done. Whatever I don’t finish during the readathon, I shall tackle during the upcoming week. Happy reading to you all!

The Subtweet: A Novel by Vivek Shraya: The story is about two musicians—Neela and Rukmini—who meet and formulate a transformative friendship. But as Rukmini’s fame rises, Neela’s remains stagnant, which causes her to foster jealousy and self-doubt. In a moment of emotional weakness, she composes a single tweet, causing their friendship to implode. Careers are ruined and the two individuals find themselves at the centre of a social media firestorm. #OwnVoices Indian Queer contemporary.

I’m doing a buddy read of this book with a couple other book bloggers and I couldn’t be more excited about it. It’s been on my TBR since I heard about it last year. If ever there was a book that was extremely relevant to today’s techno-social atmosphere, this is it.

Prelude to Insurrection: A Legends of Tivara Short Story (The Dragon Songs Saga Book 0) by [JC Kang]Prelude to Insurrection by J.C. Kang: A short story prequel to The Dragon Songs Saga, which follows the origins of an orphan half-Elf spy named Jie. The adopted daughter of the Black Lotus Clan-master, she wants to prove her worth when she’s tasked with infiltrating a rebel lord’s castle. However, Jie will be faced with making the impossible decision of choosing between her loyalty to her emperor and her sense of compassion towards the oppressed.

I randomly came upon this author while browsing Kindle Unlimited fantasy books. When I saw that he had a whole universe of serials, I checked out his author’s website to ascertain where to start. Based on his reading order recommendations, this was the place. So, I snagged the eBook for 99 cents. It’s about 70 pages long, so I expect to knock it out in one sitting. #OwnVoices Chinese fantasy.

Real World by Natsuo Kirino: The story follows a group of four teenage girls who are mugging through a hot summer, filled with boredom. When one of them, Toshi, learns that her neighbour has been savagely murdered, she immediately suspects the guy’s son. But then the dude flees, stealing Toshi’s bike and mobile phone in the process, sweeping the girls up in the maelstrom of danger and intrigue that arises during the investigation of this case.

Natsuo Kirino is one of my favourite authors of crime thrillers. Her stories are always very methodical and unafraid to explore the darker and more twisted parts of Japanese social psyches. They are detailed-oriented with complex characters that formulate chilling critiques on various aspects of the lives of Japanese people, and I cannot recommend her enough to readers of thrillers. #OwnVoices Japanese fiction.

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  1. I’m a little behind on my blog hopping, so I hope you got enjoy some time reading this past Saturday! Dewey’s was also there for me when I first dipped my toes into book blogging. It’s been great to have it around. (In case you haven’t seen yet, the readathon will be continued by different people.)

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    • Oh nice! I did not see that lol. But that makes me happy. It’s got a special place in my heart. I did have a good reading weekend. I started and finished one novel and one short story. 😀

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