March & April Anime Watching Wrap-Up!

March and April were months that I spent finishing off some Winter simulcast stuff more than anything else. I did watch a kick-ass classic film that I loved and shall be reviewing later on in the month, however, so there’s that at least. My goal is to have a much more productive anime watching experience during May and June, particularly where spoopy shows are concerned. I’ve been in a mad mood for horror and thrillers.

There are only six anime titles here. If I have reviews or first impressions up for any of them, they shall be linked in the genre of the serial. If you’d like to follow my anime watching and manga reading shenanigans, feel free to follow me over on AniList.

Room Camp: A spin-off short from the seinen, slice-of-life series, Laid-Back Camp. It follows most of the members of the camping club as they check out different camp spots around Mount Fuji. It was a cute and feel-good series in small doses that I appreciated and enjoyed immensely. 7/10

Heya Camp | TV fanart |

Naruto the Movie: Guardians of the Crescent Moon Kingdom: The last Naruto movie to watch before starting Shippuden, it follows Team 7 (sans Sasuke for Rock Lee) as they escort some royal folks that get ready to take over the throne of a small island. Upon arriving, they realise that the kingdom has been taken over by shady, corrupt folx. This was a good film with nice action and a cheesy but inspiring premise. I think out of the three films, this is probably my second favourite. I did like the summer outfits that the kiddoes had on and my love for Rock Lee was also substantiated due to his sheer badassry. 6.5/10

Naruto the Movie 3: Guardians of the Crescent Moon Kingdom | Netflix

Somali and the Forest Spirit: This seinen, fantasy series is one of my favourite serials for 2020. It follows a human child who stumbles into a forest and ends up formulating a bond with the local golem as he takes her on a journey to return her to humans so she could find a place to call home. One of the best expositions of fatherhood that I have ever seen in the medium. Plus, the series does an amazing job of utilising golem mythos into a story infused with wonderful magic, and startling critiques how on prejudices from predominant racial classes shall ultimately be the doom of mankind as we know it. 8.5/10

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The Case Files of Jeweller Richard: A shōjo, mystery series about a dapper jeweller named Richard who starts a small business in Japan. A local uni kid ends up working part-time at the shop after Richard helps him with a family situation. I had high expectations for this, and I enjoyed the series for most of it. However, when it came time to learn about Richard’s past, the anime rushed into it in a way that made it feel unnecessarily convoluted and a bit random when compared to the rest of the tone of the series. It’s good, but far from great, and subpar as a whole. 6.5/10

The Case Files of Jeweler Richard – First Impression | Yaoi Playground

BPS: Battle Programmer Shirase: A comedy, sci-fi series about a genius programmer/hacker that helps government officials with a bunch of oddball security issues. This show was the biggest disappointment over the last two months. I talk more about it in my review, but as it stands, I don’t recommend this anime at all. It was such a waste of time. 4/10

bps header

Ninja Scroll: A seinen, chanbara that is one of the best anime films ever made. It takes place in feudal Japan and revolves around a ronin that battles Eight Demons of Kimon, who are supernatural ninjas with extraordinary powers hellbent on fucking up the Tokugawa Shogunate. I plan on doing a full in-depth review for this film and all of the reasons why I love it and consider it to be such a phenomenal classic. In the meantime, I will say that if you’re searching for an excellent supernatural anime that doesn’t shy away from blood and gore, and if you’re a fan of Osamu Tezuka, then you must watch this. Hefty content warnings for attempted rape and graphic sequences of violence. 9/10

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