Weekend Reads: Irish Thriller, Korean Historical Mystery, & Horror Fantasy Comics

Reading ruts really suck and I have been battling one all week and by battling I mean allowing it to turn me into a blob of sorts. I think I have read approximately forty pages in the span of three or four days, which is very unlike me. May has actually been a shit reading month all around. I’ve only completed four or five books total. With one week left until June’s arrival, it’s officially the worst reading month I’ve had all 2020. But it’s okay because I’ve been doing a bunch of other kick-ass things like playing awesome video games and reigniting my obsessive passion for comics and films (*cough* BATMAN *cough*).

Since I do have quite a few ARCs to review in June, as well as a neat stack of manuscripts to edit for author folx, I figured instead of self-indulging in this rut it’s high time for me to try and defeat it so I can get back to my work shenanigans.

Eid is probably going to fall on Sunday, so this means that most of my reading mischief won’t start until Monday as I hope to spend the weekend cooking good food, sending pictures of said food to my Ammi and Abbu, and then talking to them as much as I can. With quarantine still in intense effect, I want to try and make the most of the holiday while it lasts.

There are three books on the biblio-docket, and I tried to add variety to the genres and mediums to help my ADHD mind from getting too wild. Let’s hope it works out! Also, I’m sure I’ve probably mentioned one or two of them somewhere on the blog recently as I’m getting a big sense of déjà vu typing this up.

Anyhoo, GoodReads pages shall be linked via the titles and reviews will go live whenever I manage to finish reading them.

The Silence of Bones by June Hur: An #OwnVoices Korean YA historical mystery set in Joseon (Korea) during the 1800s, it follows a young sixteen-year-old girl named Seol living with an ancient curse. Indentured to the police, she is tasked with helping a highly-respected inspector with investigating a politically chaotic murder of a noblewoman. As they dive deeper into this woman’s life and her deepest secrets, the two end up formulating an unlikely bond, one that shall be tested when Seol ends up becoming the prime suspect of the investigation.

Probably my most anticipated YA book for 2020, I’m beside myself with excitement for this title. Not only is it Korean historical fiction (which is fucking phenomenal stuff), but it’s during a period of history that is rarely depicted in novels, and it’s a supernatural-type mystery to boot. It’s like bookish porn for the brain. I don’t think that came out the way I wanted (oops pun), but y’all get what I mean.

The Guest List by Lucy Foley: On an island off the coast of Ireland, folx are partying it up in celebration of two people permanently getting romantically tethered together. Just as the festivities for this fit-for-fame-wedding starts to get into high gear, someone turns up dead. Questions of loyalty, jealousy, and more arise as everyone struggles to discover who the culprit is. The only thing they know for sure is that it’s one of them.

Listed on of my Must-Read Thrillers gig from earlier in the month, I was lucky enough to get this early in my Book of the Month box, so I figured I should get off my asscheeks and read it. I love the premise and I’m looking forward to all the drama and dirt coming out as the killer is methodically revealed.

Locke & Key Master Edition Volume 1 by Joe Hill & Gabriel Rodríguez: A horror, contemporary dark fantasy graphic novel series about a family, their legacy, grief, and the battles of good and evil. The story revolves around Keyhouse, which is a mysterious mansion in New England, with doors that transform anyone who dares to walk through them. Some realms are hate-filled and malevolent while others are unbelievable dreams come true. However, there is a relentless creature that shall not rest until it forces open the most devastating door of them all.

I stole this from Madame Gabs (which is funny because I got her all of the Master volumes for a birthday or Christmas thingy a few years ago) so I could read through it and then watch the Netflix adaptation of it. She keeps screaming about it and I also saw snippets of the pilot episode, which made me hella intrigued.

Once Upon an Eid edited by S.K. Ali & Aisha Saeed: An #OwnVoices Islamic anthology of stories told (and drawn) from various Muslim writers sharing the many different ways that the blessed holiday of Eid is celebrated across different families and cultures. This is a bonus title that I shall be picking up throughout the weekend, unlike the others which I’ll more than likely start after Eid ends.

Wishing everyone a beautiful weekend ahead. For all my Muslim friends and followers, a very blessed Eid Mubarak to you all! May Khuda bring y’all much joy and happiness and good health for the rest of 2020.

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4 thoughts on “Weekend Reads: Irish Thriller, Korean Historical Mystery, & Horror Fantasy Comics

  1. I’ve heard SO many good things about The Silence of Bones! I’m sure you’ll fly out of your rut as soon as you start it. 🙂

  2. May has been my worst reading month too! I have no idea what has happened I was reading 10 or more books a month. I managed 3 at this point. So weird how that happens. I am hoping to finish my current reads before the 31st.

    I hope you kick this rut to the curb!

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