Quick Announcements: Pride Month, Rough Blog Schedule, & Writing Shenanigans

Good evening, friends. I wanted to pop in briefly and share some announcements and thoughts on a few things.

Firstly, I wanted to share that I shall be celebrating Pride Month over on my diverse books blog, The Djinn Reader, all month long. In addition to highlighting Queer books, particularly ones by authors of colour, I shall also be reading and reviewing Queer literature for the next four weeks. If this sounds like something you may interested in checking out, please give The Djinn Reader a follow. I’d appreciate it very much. The first Celebrating Pride post shall go up tomorrow with my tentative TBR. You can also check out the blog’s Twitter page, where I’ll be sharing bibliophilic titbits as well.

The next bit is less of an announcement and more of just something I’ve noticed on BiblioNyan lately. It seems that I finally have a slightly formed schedule for this space. After years of struggling to create and stick to a definitive blogging routine, my mind and body have fallen into one all on their own. This is a huge accomplishment for me as I have ADHD and it has always prevented me from being able to stick to any cohesive structure thus far. I know that it’s a really small thing in the grand scale of blogging achievements, and just in general with everything going on in the world around us. But it’s still something important to me and a big positive aspect where my mental health is concerned and I wanted to celebrate it a teeny tiny bit.

The rough schedule, if you’re interested, is basically this: Mondays – manga content. Tuesdays – comic content. Wednesday – Top 5ish lists and book content. Thursday – Asian cinema content. Friday – Video game and anime content. Saturday – Weekend Reads and anime content. Sundays – self-care and mental health content. Of course, I do switch it up sometimes and like to stay flexible overall, especially if I’m going through ruts or having spontaneous binge sessions with books or other media, but it’s cool that this is the basic anatomy of my posting shenanigans.

The last thing I wanted to bring up is my writing journey. Previously on BiblioNyan (many months ago and randomly here and there) I have chatted about my goal of becoming a published author and how I’m working on a manuscript (or two). Well, I have hit a bit of a wall with my writing and it has been excruciatingly frustrating. Blogging really helps distract me from the Writer’s Block with my manuscript, but unfortunately, it also becomes a convenient excuse for me to avoid fixing the issues at hand. Because of that, I have decided that I will be taking a small blogging vacation in July. What that means is that I will only be doing Weekend Reads and some book reviews during the month, which also means that I won’t be posting on a daily basis. Maybe two to three times per week and that’s only if I have something to share. In order to complete my fantasy manuscript by mid-August, I have to shift around my priorities a tad bit. Blogging is basically my heart and soul, so I won’t walk away permanently, but I’m also not afraid to admit that I need to take a step back and go on a mental  health/writing retreat away from blogging for a few weeks.

I’m announcing this a month in advance because I didn’t want it to be some random thing that I just spring on y’all last minute. Also, I’m waiting until after June to start it because I want to finish enjoying some current projects before I cut myself off from basically all the distractions around me. Now, I’m not opposed to pre-scheduling up some posts so BiblioNyan won’t become empty space, however, I’m not going to stress myself out with pushing this as a Do or Die priority because my brain doesn’t need that type of pressure, at least not right now.

Alrighty, that pretty much does it for the announcements that I had to share. Before I head out for the night, I also want to mention that my Twitter feed right now is filled with stuff from the Black Lives Matter movement. If y’all follow me there, I’m sure you’ve noticed it. I’ve gotten DMs from some folx asking me to stop sharing political things; that they follow me for my otaku and bookish content and this stuff is making them uncomfortable. I want to be completely clear as I say this: I won’t stop supporting the Black Lives Matter movement and I’m not going to be silent or quiet about it. People are more than welcome to hit UNFOLLOW if they don’t want to see it. I stand very proudly with my Black friends and they need allies. I refuse to step away from it or to hide in the shadows out of discomfort or fear or anything else. It’s not a fucking option. If that’s not what you’re about, rather than asking me to stop, just unfollow me. It’s really simple.

Thanks. G’night, chums.

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