I’m Sunny, I’m Shiny—The Sunshine Blogger Award

Wow, I got nominated for a blogger award! I honestly can’t remember the last time that I received one of these things. Considering how strange and inadequate I’ve been feeling lately as a blogger (thanks Heart-chan and Life-sama), I feel really grateful for getting this nomination.  Even though my scheduling has been a bit off the rails and sporadic, I am still super passionate about being a blogger and creating content. I’ve just fallen into a slower rhythm while I recuperate, which can be pretty frustrating, I won’t lie.

Anyhoo, I’m immensely appreciative for this award! It helps motivate me to keep on moving forward and reading things and watching stuff so I can keep creating whatnots. So, I’d like to take a moment and give a giant THANK YOU to my dear friend and all-around fantabulous human, Foovay! You’re such a joy and I’m so happy to have met you. Thanks for your amazingly continued support. 😘


The Sunny Rules:

  1. Thank the human who nominated you and share a link to their blog so folx can visit them. – FOOVAY’S CAULDRON!
  2. Answer 11 questions created by the Nominator.
  3. Nominate 11 bloggers of your choosing and create 11 questions for them to answer in turn.
  4. Notify the Nominees by dropping a comment on one of their posts.
  5. Share the rules and the logo on your Award post or on your blog somewhere.

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Foovay’s Cool Q’s:

1.) What is the one piece of music that always just misses the cut when you choose a favourite for a blog tag or award—here’s your chance to finally share your second favourite.

Spiritual State (feat. Uyama Hiroto) by Nujabes and Uyama Hiroto – It’s such a gorgeous piece of composition. It really highlights the brilliance of Nujabes and his simplistic use of instruments to create such deep and resonating music.

2.) What is your number one feel-good piece of media, be it book or anime or TV serial or film; the one that will always make you feel better on a bad day?

This is going to get ridiculously specific: the fight between Sephiroth and Cloud in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete, specifically where Sephiroth slices the shit out of Cloud Strife and flings him to the ground in a bloodied heap. I can watch and re-watch that scene over and over again (Sephiroth-obsessed like no other). It’s cathartic to me. Another not-so-disturbing-and-freaky go-to would be GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka or The Mummy (1999). I can re-watch those two over and over for days and just bask in the feel-goodness it gives me.

3.) What is the longest streak that you have going on something and what is it? This could be 485 days straight of logging into a game or 35 days of journaling or 20 days of exercising—whatever you do that you keep track of. Brag!

I have an app that I use to keep track of my daily reading (I use it to improve my reading habits as it keeps track of reading speed as well) and according to it I have read books every single day for the last 157 days straight, which is my longest streak ever. If you’re curious it’s this one: iOS ; Android

4.) What is the one thing you wish you could make time for every day? That pesky streak you just can’t keep up—be it exercising, language learning, or a few minutes to meditate. What do you think it would take to help you do it?

Meditation is definitely the first thing that comes to mind. As a Buddhist, meditation as something I did rather dedicatedly, however, ever since 2015-16, I have fallen completely off-track. I have created a routine that I shall be sticking to, which includes meditation, and I’m hoping that will help.

Another thing is working out and feeling healthy again. When I was a teenager, I was incredibly disciplined (I was an athlete and a martial arts enthusiast) and I miss being that way. Luckily, my former shishō is arriving in the next day or so to help me get my arse back in shape and I’m sure he will make sure I stick to it (meditation is part of his disciplined training, so there’s another way I can change that bit). Pray for me. *sobs*

5.) What is the best anime you’ve watched in 2020? It doesn’t have to be a current simulcast—just the best thing you’ve seen this year.

Not including re-watches, I’d have to say Somali and the Forest Spirit. It was mind-blowing. A close second would be Sing “Yesterday” for Me, although I wish the last episode was split into two separate segments.

6.) What is the best book that you have read this year?

Love from A to Z by S.K. Ali immediately comes to mind. Hurricane Child by Kacen Callender, The City of Brass and The Kingdom of Copper by S.A. Chakraborty are the others.

7.) What game currently has you completely in its grip? Why?

Titan Quest. I love this game. I’ve probably sunk approximately 600+ hours into over my lifetime (it released in 2006). It’s essentially a hack-and-slash Diablo-clone set in Ancient Egypt (starting area) and it’s so much fun! There have been three expansions to it and it’s quite immersive, has tons of character build options, and is overall a great way to escape from reality for a while with gorgeous graphics, great soundtrack, and awesome mythological creatures and monsters. I’m currently playing through the latest expansion, Atlantis.

8.) If you could have anything, what is your wish?

Going to avoid the blaringly obvious and go with America Growing the Fuck Up About COVID and No Longer Acting Like Immature Fucking Morons Throwing Outrageous Tantrums for Dumbass Reasons. It sounds silly, but this one thing would make a humongous impact, not just on this country, but other countries as well. It would also help me not be completely alone when I get my surgery done. I don’t want to be in quarantine forever and unless (most) Americans get their act together, it ain’t going to happen, which is a goddamned shame. Out of anything else in the world, that’s what I want because it’s what would help the world the most right now; that a cure/treatment that is free and accessible for everyone.

9.) What do you really miss? Wax nostalgia for us about something you love that isn’t around anymore.

I miss watching her dance in the rain while sipping an Asashi, smiling back at me. I miss the way she laughed at my stupid Dad Jokes and highly inappropriate puns, or the way she cried with every ounce of her heart because she cared too much for everything she couldn’t control. I miss the way she made me want to live and the way she pushed me to be my best and most arrogantly obnoxious self (in the best ways, not the asshole ways). I miss sitting around the living room and tossing olives at her, starting food fights that my brother would yell at me for later, all while we watched bad films and reminisced about seeing the world together. I miss her dearly every second of every day that I’m alive without her.

10.) How often do you or your family cook? If you don’t cook, whatever do you eat?

Every day! Well, almost haha. Madame Gabs is studying to be a chef, so cooking is her way of relaxing and expressing her creativity. I love cooking Indian food because it reminds me of home and it’s just my favourite kind of comfort food. I also love experimenting with fusion Asian cuisine. We only get takeout when I’m too sick to cook or if she’s utterly exhausted from work (once a week or once every other week).

11.) Speaking of eating, what dish did you literally go out and try because you saw it on an anime (or live-action show) and it looked so good?

Ebi katsu curry don (fried shrimp and curry rice bowl). Sweet Jesus, it’s my second favourite Japanese dish. It’s soooo good and one of my all-time favourite foods to eat when I’m celebrating something. Another one (I made it myself because there are no restaurants around here that serve it) was okonomiyaki. My friend, Zen, taught me how to make the authentic way (he’s Japanese), and it was extraordinary. Just… so good, Holy Hell.

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The Shiny Nominees:

  1.  Scott via Mechanical Anime Reviews
  2.  K via K at the Movies
  3.  Jack via Animated Observations
  4.  Nabe-chan via Geek Nabe
  5.  Moya via The Moyatorium
  6.  Irina via I Drink and Watch Anime
  7. SimplyMK
  8.  PokeNinja90 via The Blerdy Otome
  9. Casper via Reasons to Anime
  10. Fred via This Is My Place
  11. Foovay via Foovay’s Cauldron (I thought it’d be fun to see your answers haha XD)

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Nyan’s Kooky Q’s:

1.) What is your preferred sockie-style? Ankle socks? Tube socks? Knee-highs? Or are you an adventurous type who goes *GASP* barefoot?!?

2.) What kind of munchies are your favourite while watching films or serials? Do you prefer salty or sweet or a bit o’ both, no munchies at all?

3.) If you could have any flavour of ice-cream right now, right in this moment as you’re typing/writing this up, what would it be? If you’re not a fan of ice-cream… how? Why? (No judgement, just genuinely curious.)

4.) What is the one film, anime, or TV show that you love to shout about when people ask you for recommendations? The one that almost always immediately comes to mind.

5.) You’ve just been zapped into the last video game that you played by bored-out-of-their-mind aliens who have invaded for funsies. Finding that you are now the protagonist of that game, who are you and from which game? If you’re not a gamer, then you’re the protag of the last anime you watched, film or serial.

6.) Name one piece of technology that you would love to invent yourself if you were able to do so. It can be as realistic or as outrageous (or as inappropriate) as your heart desires.

7.) Do you have a place that you love visiting? One place that always helps bring you peace of mind or helps you de-stress. If so, where is it? It not, then what’s one place you like to visit and re-visit for fun?

8.) If you had the chance to see a real-life giant sea creatures in person, which one would you prefer to see: the megalodon, a kraken, or Jörmungandr (Midgard Serpent)?

9.) Which mythologies do you think are more interesting: Nordic/Norse, Greek, Egyptian, or any other ancient one (example: Ainu or Fijian)? If you don’t like mythologies, what is something you love studying/looking up for fun?

10.) What film or serial (live-action or anime) has a brilliant soundtrack? Video games work too.

11.) Name three things that you love about yourself. Anything at all, whether it’s physical or more personal and deeper.

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A huge thanks to Foovay once again! If you’ve ever tagged me for anything, you’ll probably have to drop me a comment or shoot me a DM on Twitter/IG as I don’t receive notifications for Pings for some reason (I’ve finagled the settings a million times, not sure why it doesn’t work for me). I’m sorry if I have missed it! Just let me know and I’ll get on it.

Much love to you all.

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22 thoughts on “I’m Sunny, I’m Shiny—The Sunshine Blogger Award

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  3. Thanks for the nomination, and you should definitely post your cooking on the blog or Twitter if you’re up for it! I believe I’ve seen a few on here before and they were amazing. Asian fusion cooking is the best!

    • I really want to start doing that! Although I get carried away and forget to take pictures haha. 😅😂

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  5. I don’t really do tags anymore, so I will answer your questions here:
    1) Footie Socks. I don’t like wearing things on my feet in general, so those are the smaller socks that exist
    2) The cheese smart popcorn. I love that stuff and it’s not too unhealthy
    3) Cookies and Cream Ice Cream. YUM.
    4) Probably Ghost in the Shell. That’s hard though.
    5) Super Robot Wars X. I would be a sorceress with a mecha and magical bird companion that leads a bunch of people from different mecha shows together in resistance against some bad people. Love that. Best existence possible.
    6) A giant mecha suit. We all know this.
    7) Oh, I don’t know. Don’t have an answer to either of those.
    8) A Kraken would be amazing. Definitely going in that direction.
    9) I guess all of them. I know a little bit about Greek culture, but I would love the time to read a little bit about all cultures.
    10) Any anime with Yoko Kanno attached. It’s cheating, but I don’t care. If I had to choose, Turn A Gundam has a beautiful soundtrack that is very soft and mellow, but very dramatic at the right moments.
    11) This is hard. Umm: Drive, Attachment, and Thirst for trying new things.

  6. I no more than thought – you know, doesn’t matter if you get nominated more than once because you’d get different questions – and I got nominated! YEHAH! The fun never ends! Thanks for the link – I’d like to check out that reading tracking app. Titan Quest sounds interesting. I love the specific fight scene for feel good! I have a game called Faceball I’ve been dragging around in one form or another for decades. You get to shoot Happy Faces. They shoot back, too, but there’s a grim satisfaction in shooting them! The Don sounds so good. I actually found a little hole in the wall Japanese place here that makes Don so I finally got to try it. I love hearing what other people cook and eat, although the question was inspired by hearing people whine that they had to COOOOOOK when quarentined and it was so terrible and hard. Eyeroll. We also cook almost every day, and hubby is a former professional cook so he loves cooking and trying new things. #9 nearly made me cry. It does make me want to bury you in hugs. Great wish but I’m very sad to say I don’t see it happening. Astrologically this is a year when we all have to deal with our shadow side – and America has one hell of a shadow side. It’s about time we dealt with it. By admitting to it if nothing else.The City of Brass series is totally on my list once I finish one of the series I’m working on. I very much enjoyed reading this post, and will totally love answering your questions! Thanks for the nomination!!

    • Cooking is very therapeutic, I’ve discovered. I actually find it more challenging to try and decide what to order versus just trying to make something with whatever groceries and things we have in the house. 🙂

      Looking forward to your answers! 😀

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