Mid-Morning Musings: Finding the Silver Lining Amid the Chaos of 2020

There has been such immense tragedy and turmoil within the confines known as 2020. When the year began, so many of us were looking forward to a brand-new decade; a fresh start and a clean slate from the previous decades’ despair and disappointments. Yet, little did we understand that within a mere few months, the world would become dark and filled to the brim with such incertitude.

Weekend Reads: Badass Chinese Fantasy, Sci-Fi Adventure, & Spooky Mystery

I’m still sticking to the fantasy genre a little bit but veering more towards old-school fantasy writing. Since I’ve also been craving a weird concoction of adventure and mystery, I decided to also pick up a couple of new books that I acquired in September. One of them is a re-read after many, many years and the other I discovered while browsing GoodReads at two in the morning in a bout of insomnia, woot. Additionally, I started a new long-term book project that I shall be taking my time reading.

Rogue Legacy 2: A Bitchin’ Awesome Rogue-LITE that’s Worth Every Single Cent – Early Access First Impressions

So far I have sunk approximately ten hours into Rogue Legacy 2 and my current impression of this title is that it is absolutely fucking incredible. It takes almost everything that I adored about its predecessor and honed it into a masterpiece of roguelike gaming. From the character traits to the way gold is handled to the lore and storyline—everything thus far has been a brilliantly enjoyable and highly engaging ride.

Mid-Morning Musings: Learning (Failing) the Art of Relaxation

Relaxation is defined as being abatement or relief from mental and physical effort, work, etc., and while I totally understand the meaning in a logical fashion, I am absolutely fucking terrible at applying it to myself. This past week while I was silent on the blogspace, I was attempting to partake in effort abating activities since my doctors told me to practise the “art of relaxation,” and let me tell you, folx, if they offered platinum medals for people who are absolutely inept at this so-called art, I’d win them all. ALL. Every bloody one.

Weekend Reads: Spoopy Historical Fiction & Badass YA Science-Fiction

My reading over the last week, or since my last Weekend Reads post to be more specific, has been sporadic. While I have been able to finish a couple of books, the rut is fighting back and it’s annoying to say the least. But fear not! I shall also fight back. As long as I don’t fumble my next d20 roll (let’s go critical hit!), I should be okay, I think. Either way, these are the light-hearted (prose-wise) gems that I shall be diving into with the hopes of driving that rut back into the closet where it belongs.

Black – First Impressions: An Unlikely Yet Charming Duo in a Curious Supernatural Crime Drama

Black (블랙) is a 2017 supernatural South Korean drama that I came across one night while browsing Netflix’s catalogue of Asian Netflix Original serials. I was in the mood for something gloomy, dark, and suspenseful and the trailer for this looked rather intriguing. After watching the first two episodes, I feel that it’s definitely curious and has some fun, interesting elements that has me hooked.

The Perfect Insider: A Dialogue-Centric, Deliciously Cerebral Locked Room Mystery Series – Anime Review

Please note: This review shall discuss an inappropriate relationship between a thirteen-year-old and an adult male. Please read at your own discretion. (The section shall be marked) The Perfect Insider (すべてがFになる) is a seinen mystery anime series that adapted the original 1996 novel by Hiroshi Mori. It was produced by A-1 Pictures, directed by Mamoru…

Batman: Arkham City by Paul Dini & Carlos D’Anda: A Beautiful Yet Boring Prequel Adaptation to the Massively Popular Video Game – Comic Review

Batman: Arkham City by Paul Dini and Carlos D’Anda is the trade paperback collection of the five-issue miniseries that bridges the gap between the events of the video games Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City. It was published approximately one year after the sequel game’s release via DC Comics. Recently, I completed a second…

5 Favourite Shōnen Manga Covers

This afternoon I wanted to take a break from the heavy reviews and analyses of my favourite things and just indulge in a bit of aesthetic fun! Maybe it’s the ridiculous heat making me feel lethargic or just the whimsical side of the bed that I woke up on—either way, I wanted to do something…