Weekend Reads: Spoopy Historical Fiction & Badass YA Science-Fiction

My reading over the last week, or since my last Weekend Reads post to be more specific, has been sporadic. While I have been able to finish a couple of books, the rut is fighting back and it’s annoying to say the least. But fear not! I shall also fight back. As long as I don’t fumble my next d20 roll (let’s go critical hit!), I should be okay, I think. Either way, these are the light-hearted (prose-wise) gems that I shall be diving into with the hopes of driving that rut back into the closet where it belongs.

Black – First Impressions: An Unlikely Yet Charming Duo in a Curious Supernatural Crime Drama

Black (블랙) is a 2017 supernatural South Korean drama that I came across one night while browsing Netflix’s catalogue of Asian Netflix Original serials. I was in the mood for something gloomy, dark, and suspenseful and the trailer for this looked rather intriguing. After watching the first two episodes, I feel that it’s definitely curious and has some fun, interesting elements that has me hooked.