Currently Watching Anime: Supernatural Horror, Fantasy Romance, & Comedy Drama

With the struggles of trying to relax, comes lots of opportunity to binge-watch plenty o’ things. My list of planned (tentatively) weekend anime shenanigans consists of equal parts re-watching material and unseen stuff. A couple of them are serials I began way back in April but then put on hold due to life mutating out of control like Plant 42. My goal is to wrap them up before the second week of September, which is approximately two weeks away. I think I can do it if my mind’s attention span doesn’t poof about like Number Five.

Rogue Legacy 2: A Bitchin’ Awesome Rogue-LITE that’s Worth Every Single Cent – Early Access First Impressions

So far I have sunk approximately ten hours into Rogue Legacy 2 and my current impression of this title is that it is absolutely fucking incredible. It takes almost everything that I adored about its predecessor and honed it into a masterpiece of roguelike gaming. From the character traits to the way gold is handled to the lore and storyline—everything thus far has been a brilliantly enjoyable and highly engaging ride.