Currently Watching Anime: Supernatural Horror, Fantasy Romance, & Comedy Drama

With the struggles of trying to relax, comes lots of opportunity to binge-watch plenty o’ things. Thus far my attention as been centred on all the different Western and Asian dramas my brain can handle, such as Elementary and Sherlock (watching the latter with the nephews; their first time, my third or fourth), One Tree Hill and NCIS (for nostalgia), Lost and Bones (first time watching these), as well as Black (Korean drama) and Anjaan (Indian crime drama). But this weekend, I think I want to mix it up somewhat and return to my beloved anime. There’s also a neat ol’ pile of video games to play, but that would have to be a totally different list as it’s a humongous one, oops.

My list of planned (tentatively) weekend anime shenanigans consists of equal parts re-watching material and unseen stuff. A couple of them are serials I began way back in April but then put on hold due to life mutating out of control like Plant 42. My goal is to wrap them up before the second week of September, which is approximately two weeks away. I think I can do it if my mind’s attention span doesn’t poof about like Number Five (I love that little bastard).

Anyhoo, here’s my list of anime shtuff for the weekend. If y’all want a review for any of these titles let me know. I don’t currently have plans to review the Inuyasha films, only the TV serials. But if you’re interested in it, I definitely have thoughts I can share.

Devil May Cry: The Animation (2007)

This seinen, supernatural, action, horror anime adaptation of the video game franchise follows Dante as what is essentially a private detective service of sorts that helps folx find or deal with nasty issues. Most of them are comical with some of them being a bit more sentimental. The series takes place between DMC and DMC 2 with a couple of original characters and visits from old franchise familiars.

I love this show with all my heart. I remember watching it years ago and thinking how badass it was. During my re-watch (which began on a random ass whim a few nights ago), I still very much felt the same vibes. Dante shall always be a sexy specimen of my heart and soul. I’m currently seven episodes in and will probably have this finished by the end of tonight.

Inuyasha the Movie: Fire on Mystic Island (2004)

A shōnen, fantasy film with an original story from the classic manga/anime series, Inuyasha, it follows a woman who is basically Kikyō’s doppelganger. She ends up unleashing a bunch of deadly badass gods and Inuyasha and gang have to clean up the mess (in a nutshell).

I finally finished my three-year long re-watching of the original series (167 episodes) and I had the last two films left to watch before starting the final chunk, The Final Act. I re-watched the third film last weekend and I enjoyed it quite a bit. My vague recollection of it was pretty much what I expected, although I did enjoy the constant bickering between Sesshomaru and Inuyasha way more this time than I probably should’ve. Plus, it’s always nice learning more backstory about their pops. I don’t remember shite about the fourth film, so I suppose in it’ll be somewhat of a new experience, woot.

Aggretsuko Season 3 (2020)

This seinen, comedy drama follows an adult office worker named Retsuko who likes to do screamo and death metal karaoke to deal with the bullshite that comes with, well, adulting, which involves mundane working and romance lives.

This show is my ultimate drug. I’m fucking obsessed with it. There aren’t enough words to properly convey just how ridiculously fanatical I can be about Aggretsuko. It’s just too real sometimes, mxn. Too damn real. I fucking love it. The third season dropped yesterday, and I will binge the whole thing in a single sitting. Fuck yeah. Just waiting on that opportunity to arrive.

Phi Brain Season 1 (2011)

A shōnen, puzzle, mystery series about a bunch of brainy kids who go on action-adventure-type trips to solve puzzles and things (I know, superb synopsis; what can I say, I’m talented as hell).

I began this way back in April, but as life became more and more hectic, and the more I dealt with burnouts in every avenue of my creative existence, I just forgot about it completely. It wasn’t until I found out CrunchyRoll lost the license for it that I finally remembered I was watching it (go figure). I’m only three episodes into the first season and, so far, I’ve really liked what I’ve seen. I think the MC is a bit too OP, but aside from that, it’s entertaining as heck. My goal is to mildly binge out the remaining twenty-two episodes through the upcoming week (borrowing my cousin’s DVD set). (My first impressions)

07-Ghost (2009)

A josei, Gothic fantasy series about a teenager who discovers that his family was slaughtered by someone he had looked up to at his elite military school. When the secret is out, this kid flees his school before he can be captured and plots for vengeance, sweeping up his best friend into the chaos along with him.

I started this around the same time that I began Phi Brain Season 1. I made more headway with this than I did the former, but even so, I only picked away at it on random nights of insomnia. I remember liking certain elements of the series yet feeling that as a whole it was going by way too slowly. I can’t believe there are twenty-five total episodes as (so far) I feel it would have benefited much more from being half that length. So much of the show is just filler crap. But I want to see the kid get his vengeance, so I’m going to stick it out (for now). I’m approximately ten or eleven episodes into it. (My First Impressions)

That pretty much does it for my weekend anime watching gig. If I finish DMC and the films and make some decent headway in one of the two last titles that I mentioned, then I’ll work my way through Real Girl, which is a romance comedy, slice-of-life that has been positively glorious. (If you want something feel-good, but funny and wholesome, definitely watch Real Girl. It’s currently on HIDIVE!) Aside from watching things, I’ll be doing my normal reading thing and probably grinding out in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (it’s my fourth replay and it’s just such a saviour in times of boredom; plus the music is total ace).

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13 thoughts on “Currently Watching Anime: Supernatural Horror, Fantasy Romance, & Comedy Drama

  1. Aggretsuko rules! I’ve just started the 3rd season and so far I love it to bits. I’ll probably binge my way on through it and then end up going back and watching the whole series again. I never get enough Aggretsuko!


  2. Hope your doing okay sweetie !! Glad I get to comment for once. MY inuyasha rewatch Im starting september in preparation for october which i cannot get to grips, we have a SEQUEL THEIR CHILDREN ahhh I don’t think it will ever sink in. I’ve seen devil may cry it was an interesting watch, I enjoyed it for what it was!

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    • I’m hanging in there. I’m sure the panicking will set in when I get closer to the surgery gig lol (Sept. 14th yikes). I KNOW! I’m SO excited to see how their kids have grown up, well into teens haha. XD It’s going to be so amazing. I know it in my bones. Thanks so much for commenting. I wish you a lovely weekend and lots of hugs. ♥


  3. I always love recommendations of things to watch! Some of these sound really good. Phi Brain in particular sounds interesting. Thanks for the post

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