Weekend Reads: Horror-ific Halloween Edition 🎃

Happy Halloween, chums! It feels nice to be writing up a current reads (and weekend TBR) post after such a long time. For a short while there I didn’t think the reading rut was going to go away at all. But flee it did and just in time for some spoopy reading shenanigans.

My exciting plan for this Hallow’s Eve is to curl up into bed and red my small stack of horror books, whilst eating ice-cream and binging The Originals, which is a spin-off TV series from The Vampire Diaries (I lived for this show way back in the day). If a cat or two or more decide to join me, then I’ll consider the night to be utterly fabulous!

Anyhoo, here are the three horror books that I shall have my nose in. I’m about halfway through the first and just starting on the other two. Hopefully, I’ll be able to finish at least one of them tonight; keeping my fingers crossed!

Lovecraft Country by Matt Ruff (Supernatural Horror): Taking place in 1954, the book follows a Black man named Atticus Turner, an army veteran, who comes back home to Chicago when his father, Montrose, goes missing. With the help of his Uncle George and lady friend, Letitia, they embark on the search-and-possible-rescue. Along the way, they encounter the terrors of white America and malevolent spirits that seem to be ripped right out of the disturbing books that both George and Atticus like to devour.

I’m about halfway through this, and while it has some very difficult chapters in it, it’s surprisingly engrossing. Normally, I wouldn’t pick up a book about Black people written by a white author, but it came highly recommended by some friends, so I thought to give it a try. Plus, I’m also curious about the HBO series, but don’t want to watch it without checking out the source material.

Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia (Mexican Gothic Horror): I won’t be giving a synopsis for this book because I don’t want to know a damned thing about it. But if you’re interested in learning more, just click the title, which shall take you the GoodReads page (same for the other books).

I’m intrigued by this book because I’ve been hearing a lot of amazing things about it from #OwnVoices readers. Plus, I really love the Gothic horror genre very much and don’t get to read nearly enough of it. Also… how can anyone say no to such a stunning cover like that?

The Deep by Alma Katsu (Japanese Historical Supernatural Horror): The only thing I know about this book is that it’s about two ships—Titanic and Britannic—and that there may be some ghostly things going on in or around them. That’s all I want to know before diving right in as I’m someone who likes to know naught about their horror or thriller books. I’ve discovered that it makes the experience of reading them much more engaging and enjoyable.

The biggest allure for me with The Deep is the Titanic. I’m obsessed with all things Titanic; like obsessed. So, when I saw that an author my partner really likes had a new frightening supernatural book taking place on said obsession, I knew that I could not pass it up! My goal was to save it for Halloween and I’m glad that I’ve managed to wait this long. I’m happier that the wait is now over.

That does it for my reading plans for the weekend and probably into the first week of November as well. I’m looking forward to being frightened down to my bones and having an overall chill few days. The only thing that would make it better would be gaming. Unfortunately, I won’t be doing much video gaming since Madame Gabs shall be working tonight and all the scary games I want to play I’m incapable of playing alone. I’m very proud of my craven tendencies. (I like how I’m not worried about reading scary books alone that I know shall make me super afraid, but I draw the line at spook-gaming alone.) Luckily, Gabs got me some pizza so that makes up for it quite a bit, woot!

I wish you all a Happy Halloween, whether you’re going to be a cat potato like me or if you’re going to go out and celebrate in style (hopefully wearing a face mask and keeping yo’ distance), or somewhere in between. Just be safe and make sure that whatever you do brings you joy and comfort. Good day, chums!

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11 thoughts on “Weekend Reads: Horror-ific Halloween Edition 🎃

  1. Oh man! Mexican Gothic was such a captivating read. I could hardly put it down. That’s a good idea to go in not knowing much. Hope it goes well for you.

  2. Happy Halloween! 🎃 Went out and got some take-out, but otherwise like you, stayed at home! First time ever not giving out candy, which feels weird.

    • Sounds like a very chill and relaxing night. We don’t have a lot of kids in our neighbourhood, so not giving out treats has become pretty normal around here lol.

  3. Happy Halloween, friend! 😍

    Mexican Gothic is high up on my TBR. I too love gothic horror but don’t read it as much as I’d like to. Can’t wait for my library to get the ebook so I can dive right in.

  4. I really liked Mexican Gothic, it is one of my top reads of 2020. As for Lovecraft Country, I am planning on reading it in December. I have heard such great things about it! Happy Halloween and I hope you enjoy all your reads!

    • That’s awesome to hear! 🙂 Lovecraft Country was decent, but not scary in the traditional sense (more reality-centric horror via human atrocities than spooks, if that makes sense) so I was a bit bummed by it. It’s still a good read though; I recommend it. The Deep has been so engrossing, just damn.

      • That makes sense, I read another book by the author who wrote The Deep and t was so good. Such a talented writer.

  5. Haha, I gotta admit that I like the sound of your Halloween plans, that’s for sure! As for me? Honestly haven’t even got any kind of horror thing planned today. I’m watching anime in preparation for anime month, and well maybe read a bit. Either way it’s going to be a lazy weekend! Happy Halloween🎃

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