Mid-Morning Musings: Picking Up Where I Left Off in the Pursuit of My Goals

One of the most difficult parts of trying to live in the aftermath of dealing with a terrible illness and it’s decidedly uncomfortable treatment process is finagling out what comes next. I’m not talking about the Survivor’s Guilt or the Imposter Syndrome (although I have dealt with these things as well). Rather, what I’m referring to is our lives with respect to work and school and all that fun shtick. Do we just keep grinding to the same tune, or do we say, “Fuck this,” and find a new composition to light some jives beneath our feet?

Batman: Arkham Knight – Effortless Fighting Meets Cumbersome Combat Driving – Video Game First Impressions

Batman: Arkham Knight picks up about nine months after the events of Arkham City, where Scarecrow has launched an attack against Gotham, forcing a city-wide evacuation and mass chaos between criminals and law enforcement folx. With some assistance from a mysterious bloke named Arkham Knight, Scarecrow finally has a chance at uniting all the baddies against the Dark Knight to take his arse down once and for all.

October’s Bitchin’ Awesome Anime Watching Wrap-Up

October was such a fabulous month of anime-RE-watching shenanigans. With the exception of two titles, I gave everything on this list an eight or higher. I’m not someone who gives out eights, nines, and especially tens that easily. So, when I do discover (or re-discover, in this case) anime that blow my fucking mind where I least expect them to, those higher numbers come dancing out, along with an irrepressible yearning to add it to my collection.