12 Manga I Want to Read in 2021

As I began thinking about the next set of twelve months to come, I tried to focus on the things I wanted to accomplish with respect to my hobbies and the activities that I enjoy the most in life. Manga instantly popped into my brain as I’ve realised that I love the medium quite vehemently, yet I haven’t read nearly as many volumes and serials in 2020 as I would’ve liked. Naturally, this led me to creating a high-priority reading list to conquer in 2021!

Self-Care Sunday: My New Journey with Anti-Depressants Part 1: Making the Choice to Start Again

Today, I wanted to get very personal. The decision to talk about my journey with anti-depressants was quite a tough one. However, I know that making this sort of choice is one that many people struggle with. The questions of “Will they actually help?,” “Will they make things worse?,” and many others like it are just a handful that an individual can grapple with when trying to figure out if this is the right path for them. While I strongly believe that it definitely depends on the person as to whether or not taking any kind of medication for mental health shall benefit them or not, I wanted to share a very honest account of my personal experiences with the hope that it may help someone else out there who may be having a similar battle within themselves.

Mid-Season Mutterings: Fall 2020 Anime Simulcasts

I know, I know. The Fall 2020 anime season has technically ended, however, most of the shows that I’m watching from this past season are 24-episoders, meaning that rather then it being the end, it’s merely the mid-way point. With that, I bring y’all to my mid-season mutterings on the handful of simulcasts that I have been keeping up with.

Triptych by Karin Slaughter: A Rough-Hewn First Book in a Lengthy Crime Thriller Series – Book Review

Triptych by Karin Slaughter is a crime thriller novel about a series of gruesome murders with a killer that signs his crimes in a grotesque act of mutilation. A veteran detective with marital issues, a woman working as a vice cop, and an ex-con with some very special insights end up working on the case in their own ways to help solve this horrifying collection of kills.

Top 5 Anime Characters that Would Make Hilarious Santa Clauses

Ho, ho, ho! Happy holidays, y’all. As a Buddhist, I don’t celebrate Christmas, but living with a Christian Pastor who also has a special ooey-gooey spot in her heart for the holiday season, I have developed a strange appreciation for Santa hats. Mostly with regard to their cute yet comical attributes. So, for today’s top five post thingy, I thought it would be fun to chat about a handful of anime characters that I feel would make absolutely hilarious Santa Claus type of folx.

Super Duper Library Haul: Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Own-Voices Non-fiction Japanese

Since I’ve been mostly in a fantasy and nonfiction reading mood lately, almost all of the books that I put on hold are from these respective genres. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel a tad bit overwhelmed by how many library books I now have in my possession. Even so, I’m really ecstatic to read these titles. It’s been so damn long since my bibliophilic impulses have been this strong.

Book Recommendations: 5 Reasons to Read A Universe of Wishes edited by Dhonielle Clayton

Edited by Dhonielle Clayton, this diverse young adult science-fiction and fantasy anthology is one of the best narrative compilations that I have read all year long. Today, rather than give you a traditional book review, I thought it would be fun to highlight five awesome reasons why y’all should give this title a try, especially if you’re a fan of the sci-fi and fantasy genres.

Berserk Deluxe Edition Volume 1 by Kentarō Miura: An Outstandingly Gorgeous Tome with a Viciously Compelling Story – Manga Review

Berserk is a seinen, dark fantasy, sword and sorcery series that is known for being one of the most graphic things in existence. It follows a former mercenary named Guts—also known as the Black Swordsman—and his epic quest for vengeance while being persistently pursued by morbidly grotesque demons of various sorts. There are so many things about Berserk that blew my mind and made me feel wholly silly for waiting so damn long in picking it up, however, these Deluxe Editions are absolutely gorgeous and help to justify my dilly-dallying quite a bit.

Anime Recommendations: 5 Reasons to Watch Wolf’s Rain (2003)

Wolf’s Rain follows a group of four ragtag wolves that end up coming together due to various circumstances and embarking on a very long and arduous journey in the search for a place called Paradise, which is foretold to appear when the world approaches its end. In the anime, wolves have been hunted practically to extinction and are nothing more than a grand legend. In order to protect themselves from the many different perceptions that people have about them, the four wolves disguise themselves as humans in order to survive their lengthy adventure.

Friday Favourites #1: Binge-Worthy TV, Escapist Video Games, & Cosy Tea

Welcome to the first edition of Friday Favourites. I am starting this segment as a way of showcasing all the stuff that’s bringing me joy and peace in life, particularly during those unexpected tough times. Sometimes just being able to focus on the little things can help us to take a step back and take a breath, which then helps give us the strength we need to make it to another day. So, once or twice a month, I’ll gather up all the titbits that are making me smile and helping me to keep moving forward, whether they are books, games, songs, or something else entirely, and I’ll share them with y’all.

Snow White with the Red Hair – First Impressions: A Sumptuously Endearing, Feel-Good Shōjo Anime Series

Snow White with the Red Hair follows a young herbalist, or natural pharmacist, named Shirayuki. She resides in the kingdom of Tanbarun and is relatively known for her beautifully flowing bright red hair. When this unique quality catches the interest of the kingdom’s prince, he demands that she turn herself over to him as his concubine. Disenchanted by his boorish and entitled attitude, Shirayuki chops off her hair, leaving it behind in her humble shop as a gift for the prince, and then flees to the neighbouring country, where she encounters a dashingly handsome young man and his two childhood chums.

The Pleasures of Slow-Paced Anime Watching: A Discussion

When I first started watching anime (circa 2009 with my very first CrunchyRoll account), I loved binging everything that I saw. Not having to sit through commercials was a new experience for me and I wanted to take full advantage. Once the novelty of commercial-free watching wore off, back-to-back to episode viewing became a habit…

These Violent Delights by Chloe Gong: An Outstandingly Lyrical & Savagely Imaginative Re-Telling of Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet

These Violent Delights by Chloe Gong is an own-voices Chinese young adult historical fiction story that is an imaginative re-telling of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. This breath-taking debut novel takes place in 1920s Shanghai where a blood feud between the Scarlet Gang and the White Flowers runs the streets, leaving the city in the grips of chaos. At the heart of it all is eighteen-year-old Juliette Cai, a former flapper that has assumed the role of proud heir to the Scarlet Gang, and Roma Montagov, who happens to be the White Flowers heir apparent, as well as Juliette’s first love… and first betrayal.

7 Adult Fantasy Book Serials I Want to Devour in 2021

Today I wanted to share with you the seven book serials that I had hoped to read in 2020, yet couldn’t. Next year, I’m going to make it my goal to read at least half the stuff on this list. All of them are adult SFF picks, which happens to be one of my favourite genres in existence, so naturally, that brings me a great sense of enthusiasm and joy already.