Desperately Seeking Anime Recommendations

Yo, chums. I hope this post finds you well. It’s been over a month since my last interaction here on BiblioNyan, so much so that it feels rather strange putting this thing together right now. But I’m not here to give any updates today, at least not in the ways you’d expect. I have a full detailed life and blog update hitting this space on Monday. Today, I’m here seeking your assistance.

This week has been hell for me. Both of my parents were admitted to the hospital with the COVID-19 pandemic. My mum has some other respiratory illnesses in addition to the virus, which has been making this whole very intense and stressful situation even more troubling. I did share brief updates over on Twitter, so if y’all follow me there, you may have already heard something about what I’ve been dealing with this last week.

I’m here because I desperately need distractions. Working has been a great source of comfort, but due to my own health limitations with recovery from heart surgery, I have a set amount of hours that I’m allowed to work and cannot supersede it without putting my life at risk, which fucking sucks as work is number one source of self-care during great times of stress. Nothing else beyond works really helps, at least not without grotesquely aggravating my ADHD. So… I’m here asking you for anime recommendations. Watching anime and playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons seems to be the only other activities that have been helping me completely check out of this reality for small doses at a time without making me unbearably jittery or restless.

I’m looking for shows that are funny yet wholesome and feel-good. A nice slice-of-life also works. A few examples include: GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka, Ouran High School Host Club, Poco’s Udon World, Chihayafuru, Flying Witch and Fruits Basket. Anime that can equally make me laugh and smile, but also can be a comforting yet slightly evocative watching experience. Definitely nothing that is a tragedy or heavy on the feelings of sadness; that would not bode well for my mental health at the moment. Aside from that, they can be of any genre. So, if you’ve got sci-fi, fantasy, etc. suggestions, I’m open to those as well. As long as it won’t make me cry my fucking eyes out, I’m open to trying it; your idea of a comforting anime show.

I’d be grateful for any suggestions you can offer me. Recently (about a week or so ago), I made a similar request over on AniList (just for kicks, not because of life being a bastard) and got a couple great suggestions—Snow White with the Red Hair and Kase-san and Morning Glories—that I’m gonna start tonight.  I just really need a way to relax in spite of everything that’s going on. Feel free to check out my AniList page to see what I’ve already watched, or to bump up anything on the Planned list.

I’m even open to non-anime suggestions, more so if its Asian cinema (but they can be in any language or from any part of the world, I’m not picky in that regard). So, if you have a favourite TV show or film that also fits this bill, please drop them for me in the comments. I have almost all the main streaming services available in the US, including HBO and Starz. I would be forever grateful for your help.

For regular blogging shtick, as I mentioned earlier, I have a thorough update hitting the deck on Monday at 6am PST, after which my regular content activities should resume. I’ll definitely keep you posted on whatever happens with my parents. If you’re the praying sort, please keep them in your prayers and thoughts. If you’re not, please send them healing vibes and wishes. If I lost both of my parents, then I’d be the only one left and it’s just too much pain to process that fucking thought at the moment.

Anyway, I sincerely hope y’all are doing well. Please, stay indoors, practise good hygiene, and take care of yourselves. Much love and gentle hugs to all.

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35 thoughts on “Desperately Seeking Anime Recommendations

  1. I’m a little late to this. Hope everything is going better by now.

    Zombie Land Saga. I saw it on your list as Planned. Go for it. It’s short and quick and more fun than you’d think!

    I don’t see Love, Chuunibyou, & Other Delusions on your list anywhere. That’s a must-see. Might be a little more heartfelt than you’d like right now, but it’s a good one.

    Someone mentioned Golden Time. It can be lighthearted, but I wouldn’t recommend it because it’s sadder than some. It’s still a great show, and Yui Horie’s amazing voice is solace for the soul.

    Kaguya-sama: Love is War is hilarious and sweet. Some shows will have you rolling on the floor though, so I advise caution.

    God bless you and yours!

  2. I recommend Working Buddies which is a lovely, light hearted small dose series. Small dose meaning the episodes are short. It’s a great show to watch for just mindless fun and comedy.
    Cells at work is good, too! Teaches you about health and the human body.
    Wishing your parents a speedy recovery 💚

  3. I second K-On! -Can’t tell you how many times this anime has made me feel good!
    Also, Hibike Euphonium and Yuru Camp have almost the same vibes, thought Yuru Camp is a bit too laid back for me at times.
    Kuragehime (Princess Jellyfish) is another hilarious slice-of-life anime. Add Hachimitsu to Clover (Honey and Clover) to the mix and you’ll be laughing your head off in no time!

  4. So sorry about what you’re going through 🥺 I am currently trying to find some good anime shows myself! If you end uo finding some good ones do post a 💛 I hope everything works out for you and everyone gains good health as time passes

  5. I’m very sorry to hear about your parents — I hope they’re okay.

    The most funny anime I can think of without serious heavy emotional impact would be:

    Servant x Service
    Engaged to the Unidentified
    ​Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun
    Comic Girls

    I hope those help.

    Glad to see you getting so many recommendations, too!

  6. I’m so sorry to hear about your parents, I hope that their treatment goes well and that they’ll both make full recoveries. I’ll be keeping you and your family in my thoughts.

    As for funny, comfort-watch anime, I’d recommend Kyo Kara Maoh or Space Patrol Luluco.

  7. It is billed as a romcom but actually it’s just a great little show and I think you’d LOVE it. Coffee Prince – a K-drama – is about a young woman who pretends to be a young man to get a job at a coffee shop where the gimmick is princes, or handsome young men as waiters. Her rich kid boss becomes her friend and eventually falls in love with her – while still thinking she is a boy. Lots of laughs and warm feelings. One of my great favorites. For anime – Poyopoyo is a short anime you can totally binge in like a couple of nights but very sweet and warm and often hilarious and it’s about a CAT, dear. Hanasaku Iroha is another favorite about a girl who goes to live (and work) at her grandmothers hot springs inn. The grandmother and her mother are estranged, and grandmother isn’t all that thrilled to have Hana either. Some of the workers are nice, others are not. It has a very Fruits Basket feeling, Hana is very Tohru like if you subtract Tohrus wonderful mom from the equation. I add my vote to Tamako’s Market, it’s a lot of silly fun. Garden of words is a bit sad but so beautiful. I’ll second Banyanya too. As well as Carole and Tuesday.

    Just so you have a J-drama – Partners by Blood is a cute J-drama about a father and son cop duo. It has serious bits, but we also laughed our ass off in places. And heartwarming in the end.

    I will be sending you and your parents white light and healing. I hope they recover soon and to full health. Blessedbe.

    Message any time if you want to talk.

    • Thank you very much, Foovay! I’ve actually seen Poyopoyo and I did love the heck out of its silliness. I may re-watch it. I love him so much I have Poyo plushies. I’ve written down the others. Hanasaku Iroha sounds like it would be really cathartic, and the dramas sound great too.

      Everyone has been super kind with their suggestions; I’ve definitely got enough titles to last me for the next few weeks, which is very helpful. Thanks for your support and well wishes. Keeping my fingers crossed for the best. They were placed in the same hospital room this evening, which makes me feel better because at the very least they have each other and aren’t alone.

      • Aww – that’s fantastic that the hospital is letting them share a room. Emotional support is so important to healing. I have Poyopoyo t-shirts, but no plushies! I’m envious!

  8. I hope that everything gets better with your parents! 🙏

    Here are a few anime suggestions, off the top of my head:

    🍰 Haifuri (“High School Fleet”) –– more or less a battleship version of Girls und Panzer, it’s laid-back and has fusion of battle tactics and moe shenanigans.

    🍰 Omoide Poroporo (“Only Yesterday) –– a nice, relaxing Ghibli classic that is about a city worker, taking a vacation in the countryside and falling in love, while reminiscing about her childhood.

    🍰 Tamako’s Market –– a slice-of-life story about a teenage girl, who runs into a talking tropical bird, and follows her everyday life, working at her family’s mochi shop.

    🍰 IDOLiSH7 –– subjectively the best, male idol series; lovable characters and some laugh-out-loud comedy moments, with good music and sentimental friendships.

    🍰 Slow Start –– a nice, comforting series about a girl who is a grade behind and is anxious about meeting new friends.

    🍰 Non Non Biyori –– this show is full of child-like adventures and joy, as the cast have loads of fun in the Japanese countryside.

    🍰 Lucky☆Star
    🍰 Free!
    🍰 Shirobako
    🍰 Kobato.
    🍰 HeartCatch PreCure!
    🍰 Go! Princess PreCure
    🍰 Rō-Kyū-Bu!
    🍰 Aru Tabibito no Nikki
    🍰 Hachimitsu to Clover

    Hope this helps, take care! 😄

  9. Bananya – Banana Cats. Very short, easily digestible as a series.

    Hinamatsuri – comedy, with a pinch of more going on but otherwise an out of world slice of life.

    Houkago Teibou Nisshi – slice of life, good visuals, and lots of fishes.

    Tokyo Marble Chocolate – it’s visuals are really unique, the plot is a little emotional and christmas-y but romance and slice of life and an OVA (I’m not sure if it was licensed officially but the english subbed version is out there).

    Someday’s Dreamers – It’s kinda iffy since I did watch it, but it’s magical slice of life close to Flying Witch but maybe a small step down? It’s been awhile since I’ve seen it.

    J-Dramas (all of these have episodes 20-30 minutes in length)
    -30sai made Dotei dato Mahotsukai ni Narerurashii; BL, slice-of-life, currently being subbed by Irozuka Subs (I can DM links if you’d like), super sweet and very touching. For being a BL, it’s actually really solid representation without the usual garbage predatory troupes.
    -Delicious Gakuin; it’s on Youtube, super funny with it’s over the top plot and premise, cooking based, very dated but still enjoyable.
    -Honou no Tenkousei REBORN; on Netflix subbed, hilarious, very much a brain-candy plot in the parody heavy comedy, engaging but won’t get super deep.
    -Keshite Mane Shinaide Kudasai; subbed but you’ll need to type the name and eng subs into google. Lighthearted, first-love with science in there. Very sweet.
    -Tokyo Alien Bros; subbed might take some digging though, but really funny with it’s out of the world premise, while still being very slice of life.

    If you need help finding links (JDramas are weird still) just message and I can send them. I’m really sorry to hear about your parents. I’m sending positive thoughts out to them and you, and hope a few of these suggestions help!

    • Thank so much for all these suggestions. I’ve jotted them down so it’s easy to reference. Gotten quite a few K-Drama suggestions, but very little to no J-Drama, so I’m super intrigued by those. Thanks once again for dropping these and for your kind words of support. Keeping my fingers crossed for them. ♥

      • You’re super welcome! Glad I could help a little bit in this situation. <3 <3

  10. “Nodame Cantabile” is a winner in my book. Classical piano, violin, music school, competitions, and a quirky adorable heroine. Probably watch it again.

    “K-on!!!” is a show about a light-hearted show about high school light music club.

    “Carole & Tuesday” is an upbeat anime by Wantanabe, the same guy as did Cowboy Bebop. Two girls from completely different backgrounds try to make it in a Martian music industry dominated by synthetic music.

    Back to high school, “Sound! Euphonium” is a fun show about a band striving for excellence. Very slight yuri subtext. The movie, “Liz and the Blue Bird” is a spin-off from it. Strong yuri in it but it is also a heavy movie about relationships. No comedy.

    “Rec” is a sweet love story of a young woman & wanna-be voice actor (Aka Onda) on the
    down and out who moves in with an almost as down and out advertising writer. One brilliant bit is how everything gets related back to Audrey Hepburn movies.

    “A Sister is All You Need” is about a group of manga authors and their struggle to make it into anime. The protagonist is a huge sis-con – only he doesn’t have a sister. (He isn’t really, it is a defensive thing because of how he’s been hurt in the past.)

    “Yuru Camp,” “Encouragement of Climb” and “A Place Further than the Universe” are all great examples of the “Cute Girls Doing Difficult Things” genre. I certainly enjoyed them.

    Hope that helps!

  11. First off, I pray your parents make a speedy recovery. As for recommendations, I have a pile of feel-good shows: Yuru Camp, Houkago Teibou Nisshi, Yama no Susume, K-On! The Movie, Girls und Panzer and Sora no Woto come to mind. All the best!

  12. I’m really sorry to hear about your parents 😟
    Sending lots of good thoughts and positive vibes your way. ✨✨✨
    You will get through this!🤞🏾

    I put together a list of anime and dramas that I enjoyed binging, hope you can find something you like from this bunch!

    Anime recs:

    Highly recommend: Haikyuu, My Hero Academia, Hinamatsuri, Yuri on ice, Konosuba, Kamisama hajimemashita.

    I also liked Cells at work/Hataraku Saibou –
    It was unique and fun but it’s a little medical so maybe look into it before starting.

    If you’re into reading manga, give this a try?
    I’m not a big manga reader but as far as I’ve read, this looks fun!

    Kdrama recs:

    Cute and happy romcoms that I’d highly recommend:
    Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, Touch your heart

    Hospital Playlist: Medical drama/friendship/slice of life. I loved the friendship dynamic that the lead characters had, there were no major sad events but it was a little heavy on medical jargon.

    The School Nurse Files:
    A whacky, paranormal sort of drama that I didn’t completely understand but enjoyed nevertheless.

    The Last Empress: a fast-paced thriller with neverending twists.

    Strong woman Bong Soon Do: Funny romcom with a touch of fantasy.

    Some Kdrama recs from my friend:

    My ID is Gangnam Beauty
    School 2017
    Extraordinary You

    I haven’t personally watched these three yet but I totally trust my friend’s reviews so these must be good. 😊

    English series:
    Doctor Who, Good Omens, Brooklyn 99, Schitt’s Creek, Parks and Recreation (this one is a bit slow at the start but please keep at it, I promise)
    I would recommend The Good Place too but I’m not sure if it’s light enough..?

    Anyway, I’ll come back if I can think of any more shows☺️

    • This is such an incredible list, thank you for taking the time to share it with me. I’m very grateful to you. I’ve written down whatever I haven’t seen and it’ll be an awesome reference. Thank you again. ♥♥

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