Snow White with the Red Hair – First Impressions: A Sumptuously Endearing, Feel-Good Shōjo Anime Series

Snow White with the Red Hair follows a young herbalist, or natural pharmacist, named Shirayuki. She resides in the kingdom of Tanbarun and is relatively known for her beautifully flowing bright red hair. When this unique quality catches the interest of the kingdom’s prince, he demands that she turn herself over to him as his concubine. Disenchanted by his boorish and entitled attitude, Shirayuki chops off her hair, leaving it behind in her humble shop as a gift for the prince, and then flees to the neighbouring country, where she encounters a dashingly handsome young man and his two childhood chums.

The Pleasures of Slow-Paced Anime Watching: A Discussion

When I first started watching anime (circa 2009 with my very first CrunchyRoll account), I loved binging everything that I saw. Not having to sit through commercials was a new experience for me and I wanted to take full advantage. Once the novelty of commercial-free watching wore off, back-to-back to episode viewing became a habit…