#AniTwitWatches: Kanon – Episodes 14 to 20 Thoughts & Reactions

The AniTwitWatches Kanon (2006) watching shenanigans continue today as I make my way through episodes fourteen to twenty. So far, I’ve had some mixed feelings about the series. It started off rather average yet entertaining, then ventured off into an evocative and grief-filled sector, then found its way back into something wholesome and whimsical, and once has found it’s footpath back into the strange and possibly sorrowful. It has definitely been an interesting ride to all sorts of places and I’m both curious as well as nervous to see what the next stop is going to be.

Winter 2021 Anime Simulcast Watchlist (Tentative)

I finally received an opportunity to sit down and take a gander at the Winter 2021 anime offerings. At first, I thought there would only be four or five shows that would be of interest to me, yet after paroozing the catalogue, I ended up with a tentative watchlist of approximately eleven to twelve titles!