Laid-Back Camp Season 2: Wholesome, Whimsical Cosiness via Camping – Anime First Impressions (Winter 2021)

Laid-Back Camp 2 (ゆるキャン△ SEASON 2) is a seinen, slice-of-life anime series that’s all about cute girls doing fun camping things and eating yummy grubs while they do it! It’s being produced by C-Station and directed by Yoshiaki Kyōgoku.

When the first season aired three years ago, I loved everything about it. I don’t typically gravitate towards moe-type things. However, I enjoyed the gorgeous scenery and the camaraderie that Laid-Back Camp offers. Based on the first segment for this second season, I expect things to be just as comforting and kind as they were back in 2018.

The first episode kicks off by showing us how the main protagonist, Rin, becomes interested in camping as a wee one. It was endearing to see her struggle in a trial-and-error manner as she learned the ins-and-outs of something that shall grow to become a very cherished hobby for her. Also, the kid version of her is supremely adorable. The short hair with the bun on top was way more precious than it had any right to be.

Later on in the segment, we get to see the ladies working at their respective part-time gigs during Winter break as they save up money to supplement their costly pastime. The group texting and interactions between all of the girls is sweetly wholesome. It made me smile and even laugh a bit, as well feel a small morsel of envy as I miss the sense of companionship that comes from youthful friendships like that (made me feel old as fudgesicles).

While those were the main bits I enjoyed the most, I also greatly appreciated the stunning scenery of Japan’s countryside, particularly during the colder climate. It’s gorgeously picturesque and, frankly speaking, if I didn’t care for the other elements, I’d still probably watch this show for the landscapes alone. I also really like that the series utilises actual campgrounds from Japan. It’s a great way to get ideas of the best places to check out for this particular activity if one is the camping sort of bloke, lass, or hume.

All in all, I have nothing negative to say about Laid-Back Camp Season 2. It’s an excellent slice-of-life anime that’s marvellous for a brief dose of feel-good vibes. The whimsical city-pop-esque opening song really encapsulates the essence of what this show can offer, and I highly recommend this series to anyone that needs a spot of psychological cosiness in their week.

Laid-Back Camp seasons one and two can be streamed over on CrunchyRoll.

Native: ゆるキャン△ SEASON 2
Manga series by Afro
Slice-of-Life, Camping
Season: Winter 2021
Episodes: 13
Studio: C-Station
Director: Yoshiaki Kyōgoku
Content Warnings: Preparation and consumption of food.
AniList: Laid-Back Camp Season 2
Streaming: Crunchyroll

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