So I’m a Spider, So What?: An Absurdly Amusing Isekai About Surviving as a Spiderling – Anime 1st Impressions (Winter 2021)

So I’m a Spider, So What? (蜘蛛ですが、なにか?) is a seinen, isekai, fantasy anime about an unnamed girl who falls asleep in her class one day and finds herself waking up as a spider hatching from an egg in a different world. Given my vehement distaste for spiders, I tried to avoid this anime as much as possible, but my morbid curiosity won out in the end. I’m happy that I gave it a shot because this is quite possibly one of the most ridiculously amazing things to air this season. The anime’s produced by studio Millepensee with direction from Shin Itagaki.

When the episode starts off, we watch as the spider chica is hatched from an egg amid hundreds of other spider eggs. The siblings all start to immediately cannibalise one another, which is grotesquely disturbing. However, we never feel the brunt of that chaos too depressingly due to the main character’s verbal monologues. Some of the stuff she says is exactly what you’d expect from a situation such as this (fear and confusion), but then she starts to view her plight with a realm of carefree spunkiness that totally took me by surprise. Her ramblings reminded me a lot of how I tend to become when my ADHD is fiercely awake, sort of like being all over the place with my negative and positive thoughts simultaneously, including a strange splatter of paranoia and cool-headedness. While there were moments when I just wanted her to stop talking for even half a minute, her theatrics adds an air of dark humour to everything, and I ultimately found it to be very pleasant.

The show also isn’t afraid to poke fun of itself and common tropes in light novels and the isekai genre. I think it’s awesome when shows break down that barrier between the watcher and itself to jest about its own absurdity. That kind of satire just really appeals to me, yet within anime I often find it to be hit-or-miss (not sure why). In this situation, it’s quite an unexpected hit.

There is also quite a bit of monster gore and blood in the series. For example, in the beginning as all the other spiders cannibalise each other, it’s vicious and ruthless. There’s blood and guts spraying all over the place. There’s even a scene where a mother consumes her young like she’s munching on corn nuts during the previews of a cinema showing. It’s horrid. So, if things like this make you squeamish, I would proceed cautiously. There’s definitely a lot of comedy and sardonic stuff to keep the morbidly disgusting portions somewhat light-hearted, but it can still get pretty graphic.

If there’s anything I didn’t care for in this opening segment it would have to be the use of the computer graphics. It’s not bad, by far. In fact, it’s a lot better than a lot of the other anime titles out there this season. Even so, in some of the more action-heavy sequences, particularly when spider lady is attacking and defending herself, the movements are enhanced by computer graphics and the differences between the digital and the hand-drawn become glaringly obvious. It’s probably not too noticeable unless you’re actively searching for it, so in that realm, it’s a pretty minor complaint all in all.

The last remnants of the episode hinted at the possibility that she wasn’t the only person to get reincarnated out of her normal body, which I feel adds a small ounce of intrigue and mystery to the story that takes us outside of the main character’s plight. If executed well, it could add some meatier dimension to the narrative that I wouldn’t mind seeing.

Overall, So I’m a Spider, So What? was a pleasant surprise for me. I picked it up out of perverse inquisitiveness and found myself laughing along with the spider nerd lass and then excitedly wanting to continue onwards. I definitely never predicted this outcome, but I’m going to embrace the shite out of it while it lasts. I recommend this for anyone who enjoys the isekai genre, likes spunky and silly humour, or just wants a fun fantasy experience that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

You can catch So I’m a Spider, So What? over on CrunchyRoll.

Native: 蜘蛛ですが、なにか?
Source: Light Novel by Okina Baba and Tsukasa Kiryū (art)
Isekai, Fantasy
Season: Winter 2021
Episodes: 24
Studio: Millepensee
Director: Shin Itagaki
Content Warnings: Spiders. Spider cannibalism. Monster violence, gore, blood, death.
AniList: So I’m a Spider, So What?
Streaming: Crunchyroll

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