Hilariously Heartfelt Moments from With a Dog and a Cat, Every Day is Fun – Anime Spotlight

A couple of months ago I had asked for feel-good, fluffy anime recommendations. One of those recommendations came to me via Twitter and it’s of an anime short called With a Dog and a Cat, Every Day is Fun. I started watching it the same day that I received the suggestion, and I binged all available episodes in a single sitting (there were approximately ten or eleven at the time). It was precisely what I needed. I laughed my fucking arse off, and I related to so many of the cat moments (unfortunately I don’t have a doggo, so I couldn’t really relate to those scenes as much). It has been a weekly source of self-care joy for me ever since (it’s still simulcasting).

Today, I wanted to share some of my favourite scenes from the show from the first half of the season. I thought it would be a nice way to bring more attention and love to this series, while also sharing cutely funny theatrics that may help bring a smile or two to your day!  

This scene made me laugh so much. I have one cat who is basically all mine. Our personalities are so similar and we cuddle every single night… Well, whenever I’m home actually. He’s very chill and sleeps attached to my body in some form. As soon as those lights go out, however, I have two female kitties that torpedo through the house creating such a terrifying racket. I never know if I’m going to awake to the house being in one piece or not. [sobbing]

This is me every time I have a day where I’m overwhelmed with emotions, especially if they’re related to the fear of losing my loved ones. I just want to hold my kitties to my heart and love them until I’m satisfied. My cranky old man, Azizi, hates being held and hugged. His paws always come out and leave their little imprints in my cheeks whenever I try to give him love. He’ll hiss and complain and I’ll just keep on trying and cursing him to “love me, dammit!”

Another one for Azizi! I’m not his favourite human at all (he belongs to Madame Gabs, even though I adopted him and loved him for nine years before we even met Gabs; excuse me while I weep), so whenever he growls and stomps into the room, I know he wants attention and scritches. He’ll lay down just barely within reach and flatten his little ears. Then his growls slowly turn into purrs. Melts my heart every time.

This scene wasn’t funny so much as it was bittersweet with both warm-hearted emotion and a tad bit of sadness relating to grief. This is exactly how I imagine I would feel if something ever happened to Kheb. Not only are we almost literally attached by the hip, but we are so similar and both deal with incredible bouts of separation anxiety when we are apart. The week prior to my open-heart surgery, he knew something was wrong and he was so stressed out on my behalf. He never left my side even for a second (made going to the lavatory interesting, let me tell ya). When I came home afterwards and spend months on bedrest, again, he was glued to my side. He only left for eating/drinking and litter loot depositing.

This last one makes me cry and laugh because it’s outrageously accurate. Shinobi is the only cat who doesn’t sleep in the bed with me (although she visits for her nightly cuddles regularly for about ten or fifteen minutes). The other three, however, will pile the fuck on. Azizi will either sleep next to my face on his designated pillow or on my head. Kiki will mount my shoulder if I’m laying my side and spread out her arms to either side. If I’m on my back, then she’ll lay down at the corner of my pillow and place her little itty bitty paws on my shoulder and pass out. I get to hear her snoring right in my ear, joy. Kheb will either be glued to my hip (we typically spoon, he’s usually big spoon, LMAO) or he’ll be draped across my legs. When I lay down, I’m stuck in one position, or I get the edge of the bed with blanket touching my body but never actually covering it. Ahhh, the joys of being a bitch to my kitties… Who’re we kidding, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. 😁😉

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6 thoughts on “Hilariously Heartfelt Moments from With a Dog and a Cat, Every Day is Fun – Anime Spotlight

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  2. This really is an endearing little anime. I well remember the days when I had to get permission from 3 cats – 2 of whom hated each other – and one dog to roll over at night. You see, one cat had to be on one side of me and the other on the other side so they could pretend not to know the other was there. Then the dog on my feet and the other cat on my head. More recently for a good many years if I woke at night and could hear both the hubby and the cat snoring, all was well in my world. LOL. Because of hubby’s health we have not had a pet since the our old deaf kitty passed over the rainbow bridge and I really do miss it. But as we speak my “puppy niece” is over for a visit – reminding me that I don’t really have the energy for a perpetual motion machine in puppy form any more 😛 I love her to bits. Sometimes I love her more after she goes home…

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      • I’m more a cat person, and the dogs I really like act like cats. One dear friend once told me my cat acted like a dog (at the time I had a very affectional Snowshoe) and my dog acted like a cat (a typically aloof Borzoi). I have to admit for some weird reason, that’s what I like. I love my puppy niece, who is chihuahua/lhasa very much but I’m also usually glad by the time she goes home. WAAAAAAAAY too much energy for me these days. And she wants to be entertained every minute. If I have a dog I have to have a nice big yard so I can just chuck them the hell out now and then – LOL. Cats will entertain themselves. I’m lucky in that the only animals I’m allergic to seems to be birds and it’s not terrible but I can live without it 😛


  3. I’ve been reading the manga this is based on and it’s very cute and funny. Definitely a lot that I could relate to as a cat person. The anime looks good, I should check it out too.

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