Winter Anime Haul: Holiday Loot from Sentai

My anime buying ban was going superbly last year (I limited myself to one loot gig per year) until Sentai’s Holiday sale came around. I managed to resist most of the deals until I saw the premium box set for one of my favourite romance anime on sale for about ninety percent off!! That was the straw that broke my composure. In hindsight, I actually have no regrets because so many of the titles I snagged have been on my wishlist for ages, however, due to their insane prices, I wasn’t able to get ‘em upon their initial releases. That’s why sales like these are such excellently wicked bastards.

Anyhoo, everything on this list with the exception of the last anime shared all came from Sentai. I’m super ecstatic to re-watch all of the familiar serials and am pretty stoked about checking out the unseen things for the first time.  There is one anime series in my haul that I shall admit I hated when compared to the original source material (manga). Even so, I’m such a humongous sucker for said source material that I couldn’t resist grabbing the anime when it showed up for about ten bucks (another premium set).

Everything is listed below with respective AniList and Sentai pages linked, so if you see something to fit your fancy, you can check it out for yo’self. All of them are the Blu-ray editions, not DVD.

Devils’ Line Premium Boxed Set

Figured I’d get this one out of the way first. The anime did no justice to the beauty that is the manga. It has inclusive representation for asexual, gay, bisexual, and trans characters (and more) with a positive look at sex involving bondage and possible bloodletting. The anime fetishized it into another fanservice crapshoot, and it infuriated me to no avail. It also took a very compelling storyline and stripped it down to nonsense. However, even with all of that shtick, it’s an adaptation of a manga series I hold dearly in my heart. For ten bucks on the premium set, I honestly couldn’t refuse getting it. It was a fucking steal. So, viola. I now own it. [AniList, Sentai]

Tada Never Falls in Love Premium Boxed Set

Yeah, boi! This is the anime that put the whole shopping gig into motion! When this aired in Spring 2018, I fell in love with everything about it. The various themes, the animation, the soundtrack, the fucking CAT!!! It was a gem that actually helped me rediscover my passion for anime and made me want to dive deeper into anime blogging. It made me laugh. It made me tear up. It made me feel comforted in my own issues with love and abandonment. It made me love floofy, cranky kitties even more than I already do. The premium set has been on my wishlist since it was announced, but because it was also over $120, I hadn’t been able to get my paws on it. So when I saw it on sale for about thirteen bucks, I knew that I had to have it as soon as fucking possible.  Words can’t express the depth of my excitement with this specific haul, y’all. [AniList, Sentai]

Ajin: The Demi-Human Season 1 Premium Boxed Set & Ajin: The Demi-Human Season 2 Premium Boxed Set

I’ve never seen this anime series and I’ve heard a lot of mixed things about it from various folx across the blogging community and from casual watchers alike. When I saw it on sale over the summer of 2020, I hesitated on picking it up since I wasn’t sure that I would enjoy it. Nonetheless, when the price was slashed even further during the holiday sale, I figured even if I didn’t enjoy it too much, for this outrageously low-price, it’d still be worth the investment (I got both sets for approximately twenty bucks total). My goal is to watch this over the summer this year when I can properly binge-watch them (or in my version of binge-watching, finish both seasons in a week). [AniList, Sentai Season 1, Sentai Season 2]

Log Horizon The Complete Collection

I love that this arrived just in time for the start of the third season. It’s like the world is telling me to re-watch the first two seasons before I dive into the latest addition. When I ordered this in December, I had no idea it was on backorder. When I found out, I felt so sad and impatient. Now that it’s here, I feel a sense of accomplishment for having waited it out (it’s silly, really, but I’m just happy it’s finally here!). I’ve been wanting to obtain the complete collection for a while, so when it went on a sale, it was about as much of a no-brainer for me as Tada-kun was. [AniList, Sentai]

Clannad The Complete Collection

Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to see this series for under fifty bucks, let alone under twenty bucks. But this collection, which normally sells for about $150 was on sale for eighteen dollars and, man, did I grasp the shite out of it. Clannad was an experience I’ll never forget. It left an imprint of so many feelings and thoughts upon my heart and mind, and ultimately impacted me as an anime watcher in some interesting ways. When the Blu-ray hit shelves, I was shocked and deeply disheartened at the outrageous cost. This sale made it possible for me to finally add it to my otaku library, which I’m supremely grateful for. [AniList, Sentai]

When They Cry The Complete Collection

Haven’t seen this anime series, but it’s been on my watchlist longer than anything else (at least from this list). I always tell myself I’m going to get to it, and then a new season for it is released. It can be a bit overwhelming. The complete collection seemed rather appealing to me because it prevents me from having to search around for the various seasons. I can pop in the discs and catch all three of them comfortably from my own couch. That super alluring image made me pick this up for under twenty bucks. [AniList, Sentai]

Natsuyuki Rendezvous The Complete Series

This is such an underrated anime, and it makes me super sad that more people either haven’t heard of it, seen it, or liked it. The mature themes and examination of moving on in the face of losing one’s spouse was profound yet occasionally whimsical. I loved the serious undertones and the essence of adulthood romance that encapsulates this series. I actually had no idea it was licensed via Sentai (I assumed it was under Funimation), so when I found it on the list of Blu-ray collections that were on sale, I pretty much shouted with joy and clicked “Add to Cart.” [AniList, Sentai]

Unlimited Psychic Squad The Complete Series

Oh man, this series brings back a ton of memories. I remember that I didn’t understand it as well as I wanted, but I still liked a lot of what it had to offer. It was one of the first anime that I watched that compelled me to pick up the manga series immediately afterwards because I was so desperate to learn more about the world and characters. Plus, Kyōsuke Hyōbu was a badass I couldn’t get enough of. Ah, to be young and naïve. Anyhoo, I look forward to re-watching this now as a more seasoned anime watcher and to gauge how my opinions and feelings may change. [AniList, Sentai]

Kakuriyo -Bed & Breakfast for Spirits- The Complete Series

This did not come from Sentai. It’s licensed by Funimation and I purchased a copy from Amazon. On this whole list, Kakuriyo is the only anime that I paid full price for ($49.99). I really wanted to watch it one night and I knew that it’s a series that I adored when it simulcasted. So, rather than hit up CrunchyRoll for a re-watching, I decided to go ahead and just add it to my personal collection. I bought this when my parents became sick with COVID and almost died. I was so weak and desperate to watch something feel-good that I knew would take my mind off the uncertainty that was haunting me at the time. The only thing I regret is not waiting until it was on sale as my purchase was fuelled by a strong emotional impulse. Even so, I’m glad I did finally add it to my geeky repertoire. [AniList, Funimation]

That does it for my holiday anime haul from November to December 2020. I’m continuing with my anime buying ban in 2021 and shall probably reserve my one free shopping pass for December again as the holiday sales are absolutely irresistible, it seems. Now, if I can only create and stick to a book buying ban, life would be set…

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7 thoughts on “Winter Anime Haul: Holiday Loot from Sentai

  1. Okay, but the Devils’ Line anime wasn’t that awful. You’re seriously overreacting.

    “It has inclusive representation for asexual, gay, bisexual, and trans characters (and more)”

    The anime wasn’t able to go much into that aspect because the manga doesn’t really focus on LGBTQIA+ characters and relationships until the middle of the story, and the anime being a 12-episode single cour series wouldn’t be able to reach that point.

    Plus, the anime still has Makimura, Midori and Oryo show up, so…

    “with a positive look at sex involving bondage and possible bloodletting. The anime fetishized it into another fanservice crapshoot, and it infuriated me to no avail.”

    What fetishizing? The anime portrayed the sexual scenes from the manga just fine.

    “It also took a very compelling storyline and stripped it down to nonsense.”

    It didn’t? The storyline still makes sense? It’s still a story about vampires trying to find coexistence in a society that fears them and a half-vampire cop fighting against an anti-vampire terrorist group while still maintaining his relationship with his human lover. The anime adaption may not have portrayed the storyline as well as the original source material, but it wasn’t THAT badly done.

    Like, I get that the anime wasn’t the best adaption, but sweet baby Jesus, it’s nowhere near as bad as your’re making it out to be.

    • These are my own personal feelings on the show. You’re definitely welcome to your own opinions; we don’t all have to like the same things or agree on whether it’s good or not and how so. I respect that you feel differently than I do. ✌🏾

  2. I had real trouble with the Devil’s Line anime. I had go idea the manga was different though. That’s something I may need to look into.
    Clannad. Somehow, I still haven’t seen it. I keep meaning to, but somehow, I haven’t managed to start yet. Is it a long series?

  3. I’m really amazed at how cheap Clannad has gotten. When I bought it (a year and a half, two years ago), it was like $40, which was unheard of at the time. You got such a deal!

    • Thanks! I was super shocked when I saw the price. I’d been keeping an eye on it for years and never saw that it low either. The price has shot back up to its crazy cost, which also astonishes me now when I think about it.

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