Films & TV Shows that I Watched in January 2021

Recently, I started keeping track of the TV serials and films that I have been watching. Since my watchlists across all my streaming platforms have grown into a digital version of Plant 42, I figured that by keeping track of what I consume, I can trim these lists down. Plus, it’s also a great way of creating a reference of what I enjoyed and what I didn’t. I’m not sure if any of y’all would be interested in my entertainment indulgences, but I figured I could share it here and see how it fares.

I’ll have relevant streaming services listed that way if you see something interesting, you’ll know where it can be accessed legally. I haven’t included any anime or Asian cinema on this list for two reasons. Firstly, I didn’t finish any anime serials/Asian cinema in January, but I sure as hell started a shite ton of them (anime). Secondly, I like to keep my anime consumption separate from my TV/Film things. If I do watch Asian cinema in the future, then I’ll include that stuff, but not the anime. Keeping them categorised separately is an OCD thing for me.

The Mandalorian Season 2 (2020)

This was such an excellent season. There is only one scene in all eight episodes that I was incredibly disappointed with. It’s a fight scene that takes place in the second half of the season that was so stiff and awkward. I’m not sure if the choreography for that fight was bad, or if the execution of it was the issue. Either way, it left a lot to be desired. Beyond that, this was a great season that contributed quite heavily to Mandalorian’s character development. I’m very saddened by the events of the final episode, but Grand Admiral Thrawn’s name was dropped, and it made me fanhuman like a bitch. My only concern now is the casting for this role. The person picked to play Thrawn must be perfectbecause it shall set the tone for everything that comes afterwards with respect to his involvement. Plus, he’s my favourite fucking Star Wars character of all-time, so if they fuck it up, I’m going to be immensely distraught, to say the least. Available on Disney+.

Stargate SG-1 Season 1-3 (1997-2000)

This science-fiction series is one of my favourite TV shows of all-time. I re-watch it at least once or twice a year. It always fills me with a lot of warmth and hope, and it also inspires me to write my own sci-fi stories. While watching the first three seasons in January, I was astonished that it’s twenty years old. Much of the politics revolving around cultures and the morality issue of taking versus cooperating are so painfully relevant today. Additionally, the special effects still hold up rather well. My favourite characters are all of SG-1, of course, and also General Hammond. Available on Netflix, Hulu, & Amazon Prime.

Bones Seasons 9-10 (2013-2014)

I’m watching through Bones for the first time. I’ve only ever seen the first few seasons before, but then I lost touch with the series while it was airing. Since the whole thing is on Hulu right now, I figured why not give it a shot. I love the squints and all the scientific jargon in the series quite a bit. I’ll admit that these later seasons have diverted a lot from the humour and quality that had kept me so interested initially. The story has been centring a lot more on the side characters now that things have developed to a certain point with the main duo, and it’s making me sad. I feel like the show is struggling to keep going forwards beyond the scope of just solving crimes, yet it doesn’t know how to end itself yet. I only have two seasons left, so we’ll see how it fares. Hopefully, it won’t end on too terrible a note… Available on Hulu and Amazon Prime.

NCIS Season 1 (2003)

I started re-watching this from the beginning because I heard that one of my favourite characters was brought back in the latest (mostly) season. I usually don’t watch this series past the point where one of the last main cast members leave. I didn’t care for all the new folx in the newer seasons, so I never bothered with it before. However, if Ziva truly is back again, then I’ll suck it up and catch up to see how her return goes. Available on Netflix and CBS.

Bridgerton Season 1 (2020)

Oh boy, this fucking show. I avoided it like the fucking plague until I heard it was a historical Gossip Girl. I became grotesquely intrigued after that (I have the heart of a tween girl sometimes, I swear…) and I was really enjoying how ridiculous this series was until a very traumatic episode, for which I discuss (rant about) in detail here. I won’t really get into it again since I said my piece last week, but as it stands, I do not recommendthis show at all. It’s fucking problematic as all hell, particularly with regard to sexual relationships as it pertains to consent and the masculine identity. Available on Netflix.

Marvel’s Daredevil Season 1 (2015)

Another show I’ve been re-watching, Daredevil  has made me all sorts of furious with Disney all over again. This is such a fucking brilliant series and I’m sad that it won’t be given a proper ending on Netflix as they’ve done an utterly spectacular job with it. There have been rumours going around that Disney will pick it up again and then have it release over on Hulu so it can keep up with its adult-centric content. I’m still going to be sceptical about it because… well, it’s not Netflix doing it. They’ve proven they know what they’re doing with Daredevil, so I wish Disney would just let them finish. It’s not like they don’t have the power (or rights) to make that happen… Anyhoo, frustrated rambling aside, I love this series so much and I’m ecstatic they aren’t replacing Charlie Cox as Daredevil in the new MCU. Looking forward to the next season and the arrival of the wickedly sexy and completely badass Elektra. Available on Netflix.

Independence Day (1996) & Independence Day: Resurgence (2016)

Independence Day was one of my favourite films when I was a kid. I watched it with my Abbu (dad) the first time I ever saw it and it has become a very near-and-dear moment within my heart. After it came out on VHS (fuuuuuck, I’m old), my dad got it for me, and we’d watch it together after he’d pick me up from school. Good times… I also really love the storytelling and action in this film. It’s really well-done for a popcorn flick and the special effects for the aliens were pretty gnarly. The sequel wasn’t nearly as good as the first one, but I still liked the action and high-tech stuff. I had never marathoned them back-to-back, which is what I did one Friday evening in January and it was a fun time. Watched via Blu-ray. Independence Day available on HBO; Independence Day Resurgence available on Fubo and FX.

Kong: Skull Island (2017)

I saw this over on HBO and picked it up on a whim, remembering that the new King Kong vs Godzilla film shall be releasing soon (I AM STOKED). The first time I watched it, I didn’t pay as close attention to it as I should’ve. Upon this second visit, I ended up loving it and appreciating so many technical aspects of the cinematography. The use of colour is my favourite bit, but there’s also the way that certain scenes are shot that bring out the themes of nurture vs nature, science vs the military, and much more. I wouldn’t be surprised if I re-watch it again in February or March prior to the latest instalment hitting the cinema scene. Available on HBO.

Alien vs. Predator (2004) & AVP: Requiem (2007)

AVP is one of my favourite popcorn flicks out there. It’s a wonderful couple of hours of mindless action and vicious violence between two badass alien races (always team xenomorph for me). While I watch and re-watch the first one quite often, I only saw AVP: requiem once and I honestly couldn’t remember shite about it. So, after having a grand time binging the Independence Day duology, I thought I’d do the same with these two. Oh my Boss Man… AVP: Requiem is fucking terrible and so, so gross (not in the fun ways like its predecessor). I remember after the end credits started to roll, I just sat there for a while wondering that the hell I had seen. Whoever thought that impregnating women with a whole ass litter of xeno-babies via their throat… Oh, geez. No. NOPE. Pass. Hard fucking pass, y’all. Both are available on HBO.

Underwater (2020)

This was the last film that I watched in January (literally, saw it on the 31st) and I initially picked it up because I’m obsessed with the deep dark sea and creature features, which is what I expected this to be a combination of. In many ways, it was exactly that, yet in other ways it was a bit more. You can tell the film is inspired by the Cthulhu mythos. It has lots of scenes that shall be difficult to watch if one is thalassophobic, claustrophobic, or nyctophobic, however it has excellent survival horror tension and very few jump scares. The terror is insidious and slow-building along with the mystery of what caused the catastrophe to occur in the first place. I only wish the special effects were better because that would’ve made the film quite stellar. Also, never thought I’d say this, but Kristen Stewart has come a long way in her acting capabilities. I was impressed. Available on HBO.

Overall, I’m rather satisfied with all my watching shenanigans for January. While I’ve seen more episodes of serials over films, I can feel myself getting my film buff passions back and it’s a great feeling! My plan for February is to branch out and watch more anime films as well as some older stuff that I either haven’t seen in a long time or that have been on my watchlist for as long as I’ve been alive, so to speak. Either way, this has been a fruitful endeavour thus far and I’m happy that keeping track of what I’ve been watching is having such a positive impact.

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  1. I, for one, found this interesting and I also understand the reasoning behind it. Basically, it’s the same reasons I keep a spiral notebook of my Saturday morning cartoons. It would probably be a good idea if I kept another notebook of stuff I’m watching the rest of the week. I have a very poor short term memory, so I’m often half way through something and realize I’ve seen it. Or – I watched a movie the other day, was talking to hubby about it, and he says “Um, yeah. We watched that together some years ago.” Sigh. Well, the old is new again to me! LOL! But I also liked seeing how much we both enjoy, which makes me think I might enjoy some of the ones on this list I have not watched. I do a thing on my own blog of what I’m watching now once a month or so and it gets a like or two, but of course, I am mainly doing it for myself. So, in conclusion, I’d read ’em 😀 Oh and yay for NCIS, Bones, Stargate and thanks – I didn’t realize Bones was on Hulu and I’d enjoy a rewatch binge of that myself. Suggestion: You might like The Rookie, currently on Netflix (I think) starring Captain Tightpants.


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