BiblioNyan Joins a Super Cool Collective of Content Creators: The Jon Spencer Coalition (Announcement)

Good morning, campers! I’m super excited to announce that I’m joining an official blogging community alliance type shindig, The Jon Spencer Coalition! Today, I wanted to take a moment and chat about what this collaborative community entails, why I decided to join, and how this shall impact my blog (and various other social spaces) moving forward.

What is The Jon Spencer Coalition (#TheJCo)?

This network was created by Jon Spencer (JS), who runs one of my favourite spaces in the blogging community and who’s also a big advocate for maintaining positive interaction with said community through uplifting and support of various creators and their diverse content. To take that support to the next level, JS has crafted this coalition.

The main goals for this gig include the accumulation of creators to establish a robust network of like-minded folx that can concentrate their endeavours in various medias (text posts, videos, podcasts, streams, and more); to help facilitate more exposure and engagement for all members; to expand content contributions without raising the workload too significantly; inspire growth and creative exploration (i.e. learning to step outside of the comfort zone to take small chances in order to obtain said growth); and lastly to just build a foundation that is fun and interesting for creators, while presenting others with what these people have to offer.

If you’d like a more detailed and thorough explanation of what all that stuff means, and to learn how you may join up, please take a moment to visit JS’s Membership to The Coalition document, which can be found here, or you can visit his announcement post, which I’ve linked above (via his name) and at the end of this article.

Why Did I Decide to Join the #TheJCo?

There are three main reasons why I made the choice to join this network: the creators that I’ll get to work with including JS himself, the drive to step outside of my creative comfort bubbles, and a steppingstone towards collaboration.

Jon is someone who really inspires me a lot to be the best kind of creator I can be. He’s transparency with his content, what influences his capabilities with being able to keep up his work (and the obstacles that come up because life is, well, life), and his initiative in helping others whenever he’s able to do so are all aspects that inspire me quite heavily in terms of being a writer, a blogger, and a supportive member within the blogging sphere. Plus, he’s just a really great guy. Take this person and add more wonderful folx together, then it’s akin to having a blogging dream team. The members are all people from all walks of life who offer something cool and curious to the community. Knowing that I’ll get an opportunity to work closely with them, even if it’s simple promotion work, helps to keep me excited and motivated about being a creator and working towards growing my own personal space in fun and engaging ways.

Next, creative bubbles are warm and cosy, and while many folx find comfort and contentment in those bubbles (I definitely do), I’m someone who also likes to challenge myself. Granted, I’m atrocious at actually taking the first icy-cold step outside of my heated bubble of safety and security, but it’s something I’d actively like to change. I strongly believe that by joining this coalition, I will finally have an opportunity to take those steps into trying new and unfamiliar things with an added confidence of having people that I can chat with and seek advice from when I do find myself stuck in the mud or a bit trapped from anxiety.

Lastly, and definitely not the least, this is a steppingstone towards doing collaborations. I’ve planned so many super exciting collaborations over the last year, especially within the last three to four months, but due to my health or my anxiety (mostly my anxiety, not going to lie), it’s challenging for me to initiate conversations with people to get those collaborations going. By doing it in a group setting with someone else taking most of the reins, I’m hoping I can finally overcome my nervousness and do collaborations with other content creators more frequently. This is an excellent way to build rapport and a sense of camaraderie (something my loneliness definitely needs) as well as a way to contribute to that whole challenging my comfort zones bit I mentioned earlier.

How am I Participating? What Will Change Here?

I’m not entirely sure on how things shall change…yet. The consistency of my content won’t change. It’ll stay the same or go up and down a teeny bit depending on my load of work during the end of the Uni semesters (so unaffected via #TheJCo essentially, for now). Aside from that, I will have to keep you guys up-to-date as things unfold; play it by ear, so to speak.

There are a couple of ways that I do plan on actively participating in the #TheJCo off the bat. So far, those include promotion of coalition members’ content more regularly and being more active in community events such as Anime Valentine’s, Ani Twit Watches, and other future joint happenings.

As I mentioned above, helping the community in getting exposure and engagement is a big factor here, so support and spreading the love is a vital aspect. While the gig is still in a transition process as we figure other things out, this is the one element that’s important to me and a way that I know I can contribute without hesitation or any realm of unease.

With collaborative events, they always interest me, but, again, my anxiety usually stops me from partaking. Also, because I’m atypical it takes me a slower time to get involved with events than others. My goal is to use the coalition as a tool to help discipline myself into combatting feelings of anxiety and discomfort so I can be more involved in and active with everyone else around me. Not only will this be positively kick-ass for building friendships and more blogging solidarity, it’ll also really help my mental health quite significantly too.

Concluding Contemplations

So, that pretty much does it for this announcement thing. Once again, if you have any questions or are interested in learning more about The Jon Spencer Coalition, please visit JS’s original announcement post here and be sure to visit the detailed document on the whole gig here. If you have more specific questions, you can catch JS on Twitter and contact him directly.

The Jon Spencer Coalition Members:

Jon Spencer – Blog | Discord | Twitter
K at the Movies – Blog |
YouTube | Twitter
Owningmatt93 – Blog | Twitter
Vivumber – Twitch | Twitter
Moya – Blog | Twitter
Scott – Blog | Twitter
Iniksbane –
Blog | Twitter
Indigo Automaton – Twitch | YouTube | Twitter
Jack Scheilbelein (LMStorytella) – Twitch | Twitter | Everything Else
BiblioNyan – Blog | AniList (I’m very active here) | Twitter

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