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Hey chums. I just wanted to hop on briefly today and chat about a few things. A couple days ago, I popped in an announced my involvement in The Jon Spencer Coalition, which stated that I wasn’t going to be making any scheduling changes. Yesterday, I received some news in my personal life that shall be slightly impacting my schedule after all. I wanted to touch base and keep y’all updated with the latest developments.

Before I dive into that, I want to mention that for this specific week, posting shall be very limited solely due to my catching a cold. Last week it rained, and I became super excited. So, I went for a long walk in the beautiful rain and promptly caught a cold. While I have no regrets, unfortunately, I do need to get better as soon as possible. As such, I’ll be spending the next day or so in bed so I can recuperate completely. This should give me plenty of time to outline some posts that I’m feeling delighted to share with you, which is cool because it means my bedrest shenanigans won’t feel like a total waste of time, woot.

Now, for the personal life news. About two weeks ago, I shared a Sunday Chai gig where I mentioned getting a new day job for reasons. Well, the manager finally called me yesterday and I got my official start date! I start this Saturday, which is sooner than I expected. Currently, I don’t have any idea what my day job schedule is going to look like. It is part-time work, but that means that my hours can vary between 15 hours per week and 35 hours per week. I’m going to hope for more hours (for more money), but until I get a clearer idea of what my hours shall entail, my average blogging time is going to get scaled back a little bit. I want to make sure that I have the proper allotted time to get ready and comfortably adjust to this day job thing.

Additionally, I have four new classes starting in mid-March. I didn’t want to push myself at the beginning of the semester, so I only signed up for one full-semester course. The rest are all second truncated eight-week courses and two of them are for my science majors. Because I’m taking intense high-demanding classes on top of starting a new job, these shall all impact my blogging in one way or another, mostly in posting frequency.

Around the time that these classes begin, I should have a much better understanding of my working hours. By the end of March, I’ll also know what my homework load shall entail. Until then, I’m going to be playing it by ear. Rather than share two posts on most days, at least one post per day, I’m going to be going down to one post per day, or one post every other day (depending on time and health) until further notice, except for the weekends, where I’ll try to put out two. I like creating a lot of content as it significantly helps me with my mental health, and I’m definitely going to need that serotonin boost as my stress shall be increasing somewhat, but I also have to make sure that I’m not doing such a hefty abundance of stuff to the point where I’m burning out physically and psychologically.

That pretty much does it for this chill and on-the-fly update. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t worried about how having a traditional job is going to affect my health and heart. Even so, times are tough and sometimes we gotta suck it up and do the things we need to in order to survive, which is where I’m at. Aside from the nervousness and anxiety with respect to my heart, I am excited to be starting a brand-new chapter in my life. The year of 2021 has not been too kind to me so far, but I will be damned if it ends up being another year of doom-and-gloom and sad-face-blue-face bullshite (i.e. 2020). This is going to be my year, no matter the obstacles that may rise up before me, and I’m delighted for that.

Anyhoo, with that, I’m gonna go take some cold medicine and crawl under the blankets with Kheb for the next two days. I wish you all a kind and lovely week ahead, with love.

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16 thoughts on “Brief Blogging Schedule Update

  1. Get better soon – sounds like a great wellness plan. Best of luck with the new job and the new courses!

  2. Congratulations on the new job, Neha. Hope it’s a great first step towards achieving all your goals. Also good luck with school. I know you’ll do excellent.

  3. You can do it Neha! in all seriousness though, its always more important to take care of yourself, so do what you have to do. I hope your new job works out!

  4. Yay! I hope the new job is enjoyable and that you get what you want out of it. It’s exciting news!

  5. You’re still doing much better than me. I’m lucky to get a couple of posts a week, sometimes less.

    Good luck with the school and the job!

  6. Other than the cold that all sounds really exciting for you. Hope you feel better soon and best of luck with studies and the job.

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