The Prelude to Insurrection by JC Kang: A Tiny Taste of a Grand-Scale, Politically Charged Epic Fantasy Series – Short Story Review

“Jie’s heart leaped into her throat. How had she not heard someone approach on the nightingale floors, or even open the door? She spun around, hand reaching for her bladed hairpin.”

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Prelude to Insurrection by J.C. Kang is short story introduction to the author’s expansive own-voices Chinese adult fantasy series, Legends of Tivara. It follows a young orphan half-elf spy known as Jie as she tries to thwart a dangerous rebellion before it even begins.

My acquaintanceship with J.C. Kang’s multi-book universe occurred late one evening while I was browsing Amazon’s catalogue of fantasy Kindle e-books. Overwhelmed by the various connecting serials, I visited the author’s website where they shared a recommended reading order for all books in the Legends of Tivara series. Prelude to Insurrection was the suggested place to begin, so I bought a copy  for ninety-nine cents and read it immediately.

Being only seventy-four pages long, the short story is a decent way to whet one’s appetite for a historical Asian-inspired fantasy narrative. The first thing I noticed was how descriptive the settings were without being overwhelming or too wordy. The manner of which everything is described helped transport me to the location and situation that the main character Jie was embroiled in. I also appreciated the way the character’s facial expressions were portrayed as that is something that I feel is often trudged over in short stories, more so if there is already a familiarity with the cast members being depicted.

The action sequences were written very well and created an almost cinematic picture wheel in my mind as I read on. It was fast-paced and pleasantly flowing, emanating an escapism suffused adventure. This worked to add some intrigue to the hints of political strife that were woven into Jie’s mission. My hope is that the political upheaval that was teased shall be expounded upon in the full-length novels that follow because the small revelations that were shared were quite interesting.

If there’s any complaint to be had about the short story, it would be that it was, well, too short, which made it seem one-dimensional and bit pointless as a starting position for a whole series. There just was not enough information provided to completely hook me into wanting to learn more about the world of Tivara. However, if I had picked up Prelude to Insurrection after already having read a couple of the full-sized books, I am sure that I would feel differently about it.

All in all, Prelude to Insurrection was a pleasant little tale that fell a tiny bit too brief as a launching platform for a whole fantasy series. My goal is to return to it again in the future when I have more fleshed out knowledge about the political tension, the important characters, and the sort of person Jie is as both a spy and as a normal person outside of that role. I do recommend the author’s writings though. It’s rather superb and shows immense promise.

This review first appeared on my retired sibling blog, The Djinn Reader.

Publication Date: May 2017
Publisher: Roc (ISBN: 0451457935)
Genre: Chinese Literature, Epic Fantasy
Series: The Dragon Song Saga
Page Count: 74
Content Warnings: Death. Fighting and violence.
GoodReadsThe Prelude to Insurrection by JC Kang

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4 thoughts on “The Prelude to Insurrection by JC Kang: A Tiny Taste of a Grand-Scale, Politically Charged Epic Fantasy Series – Short Story Review

  1. I recently read The Turn by Kim Harrison. It, too, is a prelude although it was written about half way through the series and is a full length novel. But I feel in a similar way about it. Had I truly read it first, I don’t think it would have gripped me as it did when I knew what would come of the events set in motion in The Turn. I have read most of that series, and am rereading to go through all the books in order as I did with J.D. Robb not long ago. I’ll be interested in seeing how your impressions progress as (I hope) you continue the series.

  2. This sounds like it has hell of potential to be entertaining and enjoyable. I look forward to seeing what you think about the full size novels.

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