Dragon Goes House-Hunting: Fantasy Real Estate for the Cute & Frightful – Anime 1st Impressions (Spring 2021)

Dragon Goes House-Hunting (ドラゴン、家を買う。)  is the 2021 anime adaptation of the original shōnen, fantasy manga series by Choco Aya and follows a dragon named Letty who gets kicked out on their little rump for not living up to the family’s standards. Finding themselves homeless and utterly alone, they go searching for a new place to settle into, a location that can become their very own home. However, when you’re a dragon in a world of elves, dwarves, and other folx that fear you because you’re a motherfucking dragon, finding said home shall prove much more challenging than one imagined. The series is being produced by Signal.MD and directed by Haruki Kasugamori.

Today, the Funimation website and app finally started working for me with respect to this anime and I was able to check it out. It is one of the serials that was initially on my seasonal watchlist, and I’m happy to say that the first segment did not disappoint. While it played out almost exactly how I anticipated that it would, it also had some cute little quirks I wasn’t expecting, which makes me want to return to it again as the season continues.

The basic gist of what I believed this show to be ended up being true. For example, when Letty gets disowned and kicked out of their family, I suspected that the journey would start with them wandering around, meeting (or scaring) other fantasy creatures as they inquire about available living spaces. While the undertones of some of the comments made by both other folx and Letty themselves can be super sad, the overall situation is approached with charming comedic effect. The mild video game puns and other jesting morsels helps to lighten the mood of the dragon’s predicament. In that sense, I liked it as it was generally entertaining.

The element that I didn’t really see coming was the sort of specialised architect that helps people like Letty, creatures and other so-called “monsters” who need safe places to reside where they won’t necessarily intermingle with folx that find them threatening, frightening, or a challenge to be conquered (and literally mounted on a wall, in Letty’s case). This architect is whispered to be a magician of sorts, possibly from an elven race of beings. This gives us an idea of where Letty needs to navigate to as their plot-centric home-seeking journey continues rather than having an audience follow the main character around as mindlessly as they roam. In that essence, I appreciated the addition.

Way to take advantage of a niche market, my man.

Something else that I liked about having a magical wizard type architect is that it’s just a cool concept. For example, seeing a monster ooze couple given a tour of a cavern where they have tons of nooks to crawl into and sleep without the fear of being stepped on, or having a home that has an escape route in case if they get hunted by humans is a creative concept. It adds that basic human characteristic to something that we don’t typically associate anthropomorphic lifestyles to. For me, this is a big-time allure.

The anime also doesn’t seem to take itself too seriously. It’s a comedic fantasy show at its core, so being able to see an imaginative twist to the fantasy realm with some humour and light-hearted mischief on Letty’s part, mostly due to their naïve and inexperienced persona, is a great way to relax after watching many heftier titles, emotionally speaking (I’m looking at you Fruits Basket and These Snow White Notes).

If there’s anything that can be criticised about Dragon Goes House-Hunting, it could probably be the basic and average-as-it-gets animation style, and the isekai-esque humour with regard to video game and levelling up jokes. There are some folx out there who don’t care for isekai or may not delight in silly, somewhat on-the-nose absurdity such as what’s offered in this particular anime, but as I mentioned earlier, it’s not a serious show (thus far), and isn’t really made to be taken to heart with a ton of heart if that makes sense.

Some of the fancy real estate.

Overall, I was entertained enough to want to see where Letty’s going next on their house-hunting adventure. There’s charm to Letty’s innocence and it’s so uplifting to see creatures that are initially terrified of the dragon who recognise that Letty’s merely searching for a home and end up helping in whatever ways they are able to. Dragon Goes House-Hunting is currently streaming on Funimation and Anime Lab (linked below).

Native: ドラゴン、家を買う
Source: Manga series by Choco Aya
Demographic: Shōnen
Genre: Fantasy, Comedy
Season: Spring 2021
Episodes: 13
Studio: Signal.MD
Director: Haruki Kasugamori
Content Warnings: Abandonment. Homelessness. Imprisonment. Attempted murder (via Dwarves).
AniList: Dragon, Ie wo Kau.
Streaming: Funimation; Anime Lab (Aus)

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5 thoughts on “Dragon Goes House-Hunting: Fantasy Real Estate for the Cute & Frightful – Anime 1st Impressions (Spring 2021)

  1. I dipped into a single episode of this little anime and I’m not sure about it yet myself. There were some cute moments, but I personally find Letty annoying. I want to slap some sense into her, and really have more understanding of why her parents kicked her out, than of her whining poor little me I may actually have to take some responsibility for my life. I think this is probably a personal problem just because I was raised in a rather gritty reality where I was expected to take responsibility from a very young age, so I tend to lack sympathy for those raised as “babies” who are “coddled” and whose parents do everything for them. I’m working on that – after all, it must be a horrible shock to be a young adult and THEN have the rug pulled from under you (literally perhaps) and be so unequipped to cope with the world outside. It must be really scary. Perhaps Letty will help me with understanding that a little better…

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