Caturday Reads: Sci-Fi Horror, Dark Fantasy, & Batman Comics

Now that Ramadan and Eid have come and passed, I can get back into a more comfortable daily routine and rhythm again. I’m someone who lives by a schedule and when I’m unable to stick to it, it can toss my entire mental health off balance. For example, for the last few days, I haven’t been taking my evening medications because my sense of time is so warped from everything that has been going on. Luckily, it hasn’t impacted me too negatively yet. I was able to catch it and remedy the issue before it turned into something dangerously irrevocable.

Even so, spending Eid with my family this year really helped to put a lot of my life into perspective. I have realised that regardless of having a rather humble living situation, I’m still very blessed for what I do have and that makes me think twice about complaining over things like my heart or rude neighbours and many other small issues. Rather, I find the joy in what I’ve got and do my best to never forget that things can always be worse than they currently are or may seem to be.

One of the things I’m most grateful for are my books! On the worst of days, when I have books and cat cuddles, I know that I’ll survive to see tomorrow, especially if it’s a book that I can’t stop reading! This weekend, I’m continuing my comfort reading of one of my favourite dark fantasy, sword and sorcery serials of all-time and I’m also hoping to dive into a genre that I’ve been craving for the better part of two weeks, sci-fi horror! Additionally, I’ve got a decent stack of comics to entertain me if my ADHD with novels gets to be a bit much, of which I shared my most-anticipated pick.

Check ‘em all out below, along with the two books that I’m hoping to wrap up by the end of tonight! GoodReads links are available via their titles, just in case if you see something to fit your fancy.

Forge of the Mindslayers by Tim Waggoner: The second novel in The Blade of the Flame trilogy, the book follows our adventurers Diran Bastiaan and his chum, Ghaji, along with a few newer faces as they continue their journey exploring the lands and slaying evil where they can.

I put all of my reading on hold for the last two weeks of Ramadan, but I only have about 100 pages left in this gem and I’m excited to wrap it up so I can get to the third and final title in the series. Things have gotten darker and more malevolent but also quite a bit more action-packed. It’s quite glorious.

Sleight of Paw by Sofie Kelly: The second cosy mystery novel in the Magical Cats Mystery book series, it follows our beloved felines as they help their owner in solving a fresh new murder in their local small town of Wisteria Hill.

The series continues to have a prominent presence with the kitties, and their assistance in solving the latest murder is just as entertaining and adorable and sassy as it was in the first book, Curiosity Thrilled the Cat. I’m halfway through this and I’m a little sad that it’s almost over. I just can’t seem to get enough of Hercules and Owen.

Sea of Death by Tim Waggoner: This is the third and final title in The Blade of the Flame trilogy and I’m super ecstatic to start it and wrap up my eighth reading of this dark fantasy series. Even though I’ve read it so many times, I never seem to get bored or tired of going on Ghaji’s and Diran’s adventures with them.

Awakened by James Murray & Darren Wearmouth: A sci-fi horror story that begins in NYC’s latest subway line, which is an express line that connects the city with communities across the Hudson River. On the inauguration celebration of this state-of-the-art transport system, everyone is stunned when the train’s cars arrive completely devoid of human life except for the blood that splatters its walls. As chaos starts to spread like a plague, high levels of methane gas begin to fill the tunnels. The structure then floods. Individuals who aren’t drowned, choked, or blown to bits become survivors to confront a whole different breed of danger, the thing that killed all the folx on the trains, and now has its gaze set upon them.

I saw the cover for either book three or book four of this serial at a local bookstore and I become wholly intrigued by it. When I ran a search for the first instalment, the horror elements drew me further into it with beaming interest. I’m hoping it shall be as creepy as advertised because it’s been way too damn long since I’ve read a decent sci-fi horror treat.

Batman: The Dark Prince Charming by Enrico Marini: A superhero comic that follows a young mother and daughter who appear on Bruce Wayne’s doorstep one evening and finds himself utterly shocked by the news they bring. When the kid is kidnapped by The Joker, Batman has to venture deep into Gotham’s underworld in order to track her down and save her life before The Joker’s twisted plan can take place. However, the deeper he plunges, the more secrets he discovers. Secrets that connect the two archenemies to a strange little girl in astoundingly unexpected ways.

After reading and devouring and becoming wholly infatuated with Joker: Killer Smile, I started craving more Batman comics. This was one of the first ones I spotted at my local libs and didn’t hesitate to pick it up as soon as I read that snippet.

That does it for my weekend reading plans. If I end up needing a change of activity from the bibliophilic shenanigans, then I’ll probably watch some films. I recently signed up for a free trial of the Eros International channel on Amazon Prime (for Indian films) and I’m so excited to check out a lot of their catalogue as it contains many films that have been on my watchlist for years. Beyond that, there shall also be a bit o’ blogging in the mix for the insomnia-ridden night-times.

With that, I shall leave you with the brothers being derpy babes, and many wishes for a very gentle and kind (and cool) weekend ahead.

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  1. Your derpy cats are adorable!

    I often think that DC should just dump everyone other than Batman, Wonder Woman and superman and start over.

  2. I’ve seen the kitty mystery books at the library! I’m intrigued. Is it anthropomorphic? Told from the kitties’ perspectives?

  3. I would love a review for Awakened and Batman. I read the Batman comic and it left me with a lot of thoughts lol. And for Awakened, I actually just started it and I’d be curious to see your feelings on the writing.

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