Kitty Cosy Mystery Book Haul!

One of my favourite genres of books to read when my mind and heart need some comfort are cosy mysteries, especially when they have sassy little felines in them and purrfectly punny titles. When 2021 began, I anticipated another year of quarantine-living along with more heart-related treatment shindigs, so I went on a sort of cosy mystery buying quest since then. Now that I have amassed quite a nifty little collection, I figured it’s time to settle in and start reading them.

I wanted to share my cosy mystery loot with you in case if you’re a fan of the genre and are in the market for some fresh new fun murder mystery mayhems of your own. I have seven separate mystery serials here and about one to three instalments for most of them. Since they are such quick and easy reads for me, I try to buy them in pairs or small stacks. GoodReads pages shall be linked via the titles and I’ve also included a link to a list of all books in the respective serials for reference for anyone that’s interested! (Please note that I purchased the Mass Market Paperback edition for them all, but linked the Kindle editions as it for an easier reference guide.)

Bibliophile Mysteries Books 1 & 2 by Kate Carlisle

The series revolves around Brooklyn Wainwright who works at restoring old books. On the eve of his latest book restoration, Brooklyn’s mentor and friend, Abraham Karastovsky is found lying in a pool of his own blood with a cryptic message left behind for Brooklyn, along with a supposedly cursed yet priceless copy of Goethe’s Faust for safe keeping. When she’s found with the body and the loot, Brooklyn ends up being accused of her mentor’s murder and must follow the clues he’s left behind to clear his name.

I bought the first two books in the series, Homicide in Hardcover and If Books Could Kill. There are currently fifteen books in the series, which can be found here.

Second Chance Mysteries Book 1 by Sofie Ryan

The series starts with Sarah Grayson who is the owner of a second-hand shop in Maine where she sells things she has refurbished and repurposed. However, her favourite project so far is adopting a stray kitty named Elvis. Elvis is a big, black cat with a scar across his nose that hopped into Sarah’s truck and has been her companion ever since. When Sarah’s elderly friend Maddie is found with a dead body of man in her garden, thus becoming the prime suspect, Sarah and Elvis work hard to clear her friend’s name and find the killer before they can get away for good.

There are nine books in the series so far, and I purchased the first one, which is called The Whole Cat and Caboodle.

Cat in the Stacks Mysteries Books 1 to 3 by Miranda James

Charlie Harris is a good-natured librarian who rescued a floofy Maine coon kitty named Diesel that goes on walks via a leash. Charlies returns to his hometown in Mississippi where he just wants to immerse himself in books. However, when the town’s infamous author of thrillers and Charlie’s former high school classmate, Godfrey, ends up dead, it’s up to the librarian and his feline friends to help stop the killer before he can strike again. But given that Godfrey was an asshole that made enemies left and right, discovering the culprit may be a much tougher task than Charlie anticipated.

I acquired the first three books in the series, which are, respectively Murder Past Due, Classified as Murder, and File M for Murder. There are currently fourteen books in the series, which is listed here.

Magical Bookshop Mysteries Books 1 to 3 by Amanda Flower

The series starts when Violet Waverly returns home to give her ailing grandmother company, yet when she finally arrives she learns that her grandmother is in perfect health. The sickness was a ruse to get Violent back so Granny could have the young woman help run a magical store. Preparing to flee back to Chicago, Violent ends up having to stick around when a dead man is discovered clutching a volume of Emily Dickinson’s poems from Granny’s shop. The victim is also someone whom who recently put Granny into his will, making her the prime suspect. With the help of a tuxedo kitty named Emerson, Violet will have to hunt down the real murderer in order to save her granny from ending up behind bars.

There are currently five books out for this series and I own the first three, Crime and Poetry, Prose and Cons, and Murders and Metaphors.

Magical Cats Mysteries Books 2 to 4 by Sofie Kelly

A series about a librarian named Kathleen Paulson after she moves to Maryville Heights, Minnesota where she gets adopted by two stray kitties. Owen is a tabby with a catnip addiction and Hercules is a tuxedo that shares Kathleen’s love of Barry Manilow. When a murder interrupts the local town’s music festival, Kathleen is labelled the prime suspect. Uncertain of how to clear her name, she very quickly learns that her new feline companions—who are more magical than she ever imagined—may be her only salvation in solving this purr-fect murder and proving her innocence.

There are thirteen books in the series so far. I already had book one (Curiosity Thrilled the Cat), which I reviewed here, and recently added books two, three, and four to my personal library. They are Sleight of Paw, Copycat Killing, and Cat Trick.

Noodle Shop Mysteries Books 2 to 4 by Vivien Chen

The series follows Lana Lee who ends up back at her family’s restaurant after a vicious break-up and workplace walkout. Figuring that waiting tables would be a great way to pass the time as she tries to sort out the pieces of her life, Lana also realises that she must juggle the pressures inflicted upon her for finding a husband. Then one day when the restaurant’s property manager ends up dead after a delivery of shrimp dumplings from her family’s place, everything else becomes yesterday’s news. Everyone at the restaurant knew about the manager’s deadly allergy to shellfish, which brings down the media frenzy of suspicion upon the restaurant and Lana’s family. Motivated to help clear her family’s name, Lana joins forces with a very handsome local detective to solve the mystery before everything they’ve worked for is ruined for good.

I bought the first book (Death by Dumpling) last year and added books two through four to my collection in February, which include Dim Sum of All Fears, Murder Lo Mein, and Wonton Terror. There are currently nine books in this own-voices Asian cosy series.

Witch City Mysteries Books 1 to 3 by Carol J. Perry

Lee Barret returns to her hometown Salem, Massachusetts to interview for a job as a reporter for WICH-TV. But the only opening they have available is for a call-in psychic hotline to host the late night horror films after the previous host ends up dead. Reluctantly accepting the gig, Lee starts seeing real events in the obsidian ball she uses as a prop, wondering if perchance she truly is gifted. To make things even spoopier, Lee finds out that Ariel was an actual practising witch, which becomes even more evident when the cat that Lee inherited from the late Ariel starts exhibiting some unique powers of his own.

There are about eleven books in the Witch City Mysteries thus far and I picked up the first three instalments, Caught Dead Handed, Tails You Lose, and Look Both Ways.

I definitely have a good year’s worth of cosy mysteries to keep me busy for the remainder of 2021 and maybe even a bit of 2022! I’m gleefully ecstatic that most of these revolve around feline detective assistants as cats make my whole world a bazillion times brighter and happier. I hope that y’all may have found something interesting to catch your cosy little attention! Until next time, happy reading and happy kitty-ing.

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  1. These all look great. I also enjoy Patricia Fry’s Klepto Cat series, there are 50 so far.

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  3. That’s some awesome haul! I can’t wait to read the reviews. Which will probably be followed by a similar haul from the library…

  4. This haul is so very you lol. Hope you have a blast reading them all

  5. You’re actually going to be able to read all these? My hat is off to you. I’d have to do nothing but read to get thru do many books.

    But then my reading has slowed greatly since I was a pup.

    • Yeah, I have no life, so I can get a pretty decent amount of reading done haha. Especially during the summer because I hate the boiling levels of heat and rarely venture outside, unless it’s during the morning time. The mornings are cool enough for me to enjoy nature.

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