Streaming Recommendations: 5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous

Shortly after having heart surgery, I was craving a series that was wholesome yet slightly scary to help keep me entertained whilst on bedrest and recovery, and Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous ended up being a perfect fit! In hindsight, due to some of the more intensely suspenseful moments, this may not have been the best gig to watch directly after open-heart surgery, but it was so much fun that I don’t regret my decision at all, even if my heart slightly does, oops.

With the third season looming around the corner (it drops tomorrow), I thought it would be neat to give you five awesome reasons as to why you should watch Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous if you haven’t picked it up quite yet! My belief is that it’s incredibly underrated as not a lot of people have been chatting about the series and it definitely deserves some love and hype.

This animated sci-fi, action-adventure Netflix Original follows six teens who all win the chance to attend a special summer camp at Jurassic World on Isla Nublar. However, when a few of the dinosaurs end up venturing out of their pens, this cool summer event turns into a fight for survival as chaos ensues. The show is produced by Universal Studios, Dreamworks Animation, and Amblin Entertainment. If you haven’t watched Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous yet, here are five reasons why you most definitely need to, especially if you’re a fan of the Jurassic Park franchise.

Jurassic Park Canon

The animated serial is one-hundred-percent canonical to the Jurassic Park and Jurassic World franchises! It runs concurrently to the events of the 2015 film and helps to flesh out more of the setting and characters, which contributes wonderfully to the world-building that is sure to satisfy all fans of the JP/JW narratives. There are also references to many subtle details from the film that gave the programme a more interactive and engaging feel to it.

Diverse Group of Kids

All of the teens are from different ethnic and social backgrounds, which helps it to feel supremely inclusive. Almost any kid can pick this up and see themselves being represented in one form or another. There’s a Black boy that is trying to find a way to remain emotionally and physically connected to his late father. A Latinx girl that few up on a farm with a large family and seeks to protect their home. A wealthy Japanese teenager who has been delegated to being raised by everyone except for the father that he both admires and feels inadequate around. Then there is a super nerdy white kid that suffers from severe OCD, mysophobia, and a plethora of other fears that make being out in nature an extremely anxious and stressful activity for him. Lastly, there is a white YouTube star who is searching for her next big revelation so she can remain socially and publicly relevant in the cutthroat industry of content creation.

Tender, Feel-Good Friendships

The differences that these six teens share helps to formulate a foundation for authentic and healthy friendships. There is a lot of discord amongst them at first due to their inherent differences. Nevertheless, as they work together in order to find common ground, those differences become a fantastic source of strength and creative advantages that they utilise in order to survive together. Between that and all of the scary and somewhat traumatic encounters of running away from large dinosaurs crafts a superb found-family dynamic that is positively heart-warming. Additionally, there is a comradeship that occurs between one of the kids and an unanticipated individual that was cutely charming, akin to cosy friendships between humans and their doggos or kitties.

Splendidly Suspenseful

One of this biggest surprises that Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous offers is the dollops of tension and suspense as we watch six young teenagers trying to survive an extremely dangerous situation and environment. Their fear and dire sense of desperation feels so palpable that it becomes quite easy to refuse that anything bad will ever happen to any of them, so when things do get treacherously tricky, or the inevitable occurs, it leaves one’s heart racing with a strange mixture of anxiety, anticipation, and excitement for what shall happen next. Also, it was absolutely fabulous to see the variety of dinosaurs on the island that didn’t get as much screen-time in the films and how many of the supposed friendlies aren’t exactly kind or chummy as one would expect (or hope).

Perfect for Family Watching

My number one reason for watching Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous is how family friendly it is. There are never any graphic sequences or depictions of deaths, gore, blood, cursing, or extreme violence. There is some mild violence—particularly where dinosaurs fighting each other are concerned—that may be a tad bit frightening for the super youngsters with how they roar or chase humans. Even so, everything else is rather toned down, which is remarkable considering the level of suspense the series manages to maintain from one episode to the next. Lastly, there are lots of excellent messages in JW:CC about respecting the differences between people rather than using it to be judgemental, the value of teamwork and family togetherness, as well as the authenticity of true friendships and respecting animals as living creatures with feelings and emotions that are on par with humans.

Overall, Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous is a marvellous gem of serial that shall appeal to entertainment seekers of all ages. It’s adventuresomeness is perfect for people that like thrilling shows with a good story, especially if you’re in the fandom. Even though it’s labelled as sci-fi, the sciencey bits are kept low-key enough to appeal to folx that don’t necessary gravitate towards the sci-fi genre. There’s lots of friendships and character development for people that are more inclined to watch something because of the individuals. Plus, it’s perfect if you just want something short, sweet, and stimulating enough for a spot of family fun time.

There are currently two seasons of Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous available on Netflix, with sixteen total episodes. Each episode runs approximately twenty five minutes. The full third season shall hit the streaming site on Friday, May 21st.

Please note, this was not a sponsored post. I just really love the show with all my heart.

Release Year: September 2020
Genre: Animation, Science-Fiction, Action-Adventure
Based On: Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton
Developed By: Zack Stentz
Produced By: Universal Studios, DreamWorks Entertainment, Amblin Entertainment
Language: English
Status: Releasing
Seasons: 2
Episodes: 16
Streaming: Netflix
Content Warnings: Action adventure violence. Child abandonment. Death (off-screen, no blood or gore). Depiction of closed off enclosures (claustrophobia inducing). Depiction of guns. Attempted animal poaching. Scenes involving scared kids. Scenes with dinosaurs chasing children.

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  2. I just binged all three seasons and it’s definitely a charming little show. Your post does it great justice and is as you’ve shared.

  3. I’ve been tucking this in among my Saturday morning cartoons and it’s a big favorite. Like you, I find the friendships heartwarming and inclusive and the relationships among the teens to be very real, but also very inspiring and warm. Waiting between seasons is outright painful! It has been an unexpected pleasure far above and beyond the simple jump scare silly entertainment I was hoping for.

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