Caturday Reads: Historical Thriller, Arthurian Fantasy, & Post-Apocalyptic Horror

I was trying to think of something super clever or punny to start this gig with, but I’m so sweaty and hot and melted that my brain can’t think of anything other than lying in a pile of snow and calling it paradise. Which reminds me that I have some action-adventure thrillers that take place in snowy regions. I may have to pick those up as a way to vicariously feel less sticky and gross.

Anyhoo, I hope that you’re having a chill weekend in front of a fan or something similar so far (ooh pun! sort of) and staying as hydrated as possible. Given that the temperatures in my part of the world are set to hit at least 105 Fahrenheit degrees to about 115 degrees, I’m planning on remaining tightly locked in my house where I have access to fresh water, a marvellously functioning cooler, and a bathtub where I can take a cold soak if need be. I’ve already suffered from three bouts of heat exhaustion this summer ranging from moderate to severe, and I’m not too keen on adding a fourth to that tally.

Aside from trying my damndest to stay as cold as a polar bear in the arctic, my goals are to read a lot of comics and books, and probably to nap a lot. The heat tends to suck the energy right out of my body and bones, and so the weekend is a good time for me to recuperate.

My reading inclinations have been all over the place recently and as such, I’ve got a nice bit of variety to the things that I shall be diving into over the next couple of days and then possibly going into the upcoming week ahead, which includes a bit of horror, thriller, and non-fiction, along with a decent sized pile of Batman comics. Check everything out down below. Links shall teleport you to their respective GoodReads pages.

By Force Alone by Lavie Tidhar: An adult Arthurian fantasy novel that is also a political satire and has been hailed as super profane and vicious and revealing about our times. It takes some very unique liberties with the classic Arthurian tales, and I’m super intrigued by the twists the author has placed on the specific characters. I haven’t provided a synopsis because I feel this is a book that’s best to visit with complete unknowns, as well as an open-mind. Thus far, I’m only a chapter or two into it and I fucking love it. (For curious people, they use Britain specifically to describe the setting.)

The Taker by Alma Katsu: A supernatural thriller that’s also the first book in a trilogy, it follows a doctor whose life changes forever when a murder suspect with a police escort walks into his clinic. Via various circumstances, she begins to tell the doc a tale of love and betrayal and immortality—starting from the nineteenth century—that shall end up enchanting him in thoroughly invigorating yet unanticipated ways.

I really enjoyed Katsu’s historical supernatural mystery, The Deep, and I like her slow-burn prose style, especially as it pertains to historical narratives. I’ve heard many fantastic things about this trilogy, which is an older work of hers, and it definitely sounds like something I would like, so I figured I’d give it a shot. I haven’t started this quite yet.

The Hatching by Ezekiel Boone: A post-apocalyptic horror book—also the first in a trilogy—that revolves around a string of strange occurrences that have been happening all over the world, which eventually ties to the awakening of a long-dormant ancient species of creepy crawlies (basically an ancient race of spiders).

The irony of my wanting to read this book is not lost on me, believe me, friends. You could even say that the very reason I would normally throw this book into a fire and then fly 4,000 miles away from it is precisely what intrigues me about it. I can’t stand looking at or being around spiders at all. I find myself screaming in octaves I didn’t know that I was capable of producing, but for some reason spiders in fantasy or supernatural novels intrigue the godawful fuck out of me. I’m a strange, strange little human, what can I say. My friends are already taking bets on whether I’ll finish this book or not. I’m considering taking that bet as well because I’m also grotesquely curious as to how far I shall get with this trilogy… well, the first book at the very least (why lie?).

A few books that I started reading about a week or so ago that I’m hoping to wrap up this weekend include Sons of Cain by Vronsky (nonfiction book about history of serial killers and classification of serial killing), Shigurui Volumes 8, 9, 10 by Takayuki Yamaguchi (seinen, jidaigeki manga about warring samurai clans with their own unique schools of swordsmanship in a politically high-strung setting), and Batman 2016 comics that specifically “rebirthed” the series (I have the first five collected trade paperback volumes from the Libs, starting with I Am Gotham).

Apart from reading, I’m also going to try and watch through the Underworld film series as I’ve never seen it before, and I’ll also try to finish my re-playing of Resident Evil 8 (these popped into my head while I was typing this post up). And, of course, there’s the frozen napping to look forward to. I wish you all a fabulous weekend that is kind, gentle, and calming for you. Until next time, keep hydrated and keep reading.

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  2. I shall be eagerly awaiting the review of the Alma Katsu book as i also enjoyed The Deep far more than I thought I would. I think you’ll probably really like The Underworld series of movies. I’ve seen them several times over – big favorit of the hubby’s.

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  3. Stay cool. Those tempts out in that part of the US are scorching! Seems like they go higher and higher every time that I tune in to a weather report.
    As for some positive news — shark week starts soon! 🙂

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