Mobile Suit Gundam: An Intimately Intense Look at Catastrophic Wartime Trauma via the Eyes of a Teenager – Anime 1st Impressions

Mobile Suit Gundam is a 1979 shōnen, military science-fiction, mecha anime series about a war that was started in the name of freedom for the purpose of domination, and teenager, Amuro Ray, finds himself pulled violently smack dab in the middle of it all. As chaos ensues around him, hoping to make sense of it and help where he can, he climbs into a mobile suit Gundam, the Earth Federation’s newest secret weapon.

The Professional & Consumer Merits of Writing Your Own Synopses – A Discussion

I did some research on popular blogs and YouTube channels, and even looked up guides on what makes a good review. Then in December 2016 to January 2017, I decided to give it a second shot. Shortly after that, I began adding anime content. Out of everything that I have experienced since starting BiblioNyan, writing synopses for content that I consume was the most difficult yet beneficial thing I’ve learned.

Sword of the Stranger & the Dynamic Duality of Death – Anime Review

Sword of the Stranger (ストレンヂア -無皇刃譚-) is an original anime film  that released in Fall 2007, was produced by studio BONES, and directed by Masahiro Andō. In all of my years of watching anime, I have never seen a more masterful and artistically brilliant creation. Today, I want to share with you all of the reasons why you should watch it if you haven’t already.

Cowboy Bebop & Being Ahead of Its Time, Then and Now – Anime Review

Nineteen years ago, during the year 1998, a Space Western anime was released by the name of Cowboy Bebop, an anime that would go on to become one of the finest pieces of animation ever made. Adapted and completely redesigned from its manga counterpart, with direction by Shinichirō Watanabe, this 26-episode long, seinen neo-noir anime series would continue to astound fans of the medium for decades to come.

False Witness by Karin Slaughter: A Heart-Wrenching Dissection of Child Exploitation, Dark Secrets, & Lifelong Trauma in Pandemic-era America – Book Review

False Witness by Karin Slaughter is a stand-alone psychological thriller novel that follows two sisters, Leigh and Callie. After a horrifying night when they were teenagers, they grew apart and became estranged. Now, Leigh has made a life for herself as an up-and-rising criminal defence attorney. When the big boss associate at her firm assigns her to defend a man that’s accused of brutal rape crimes, little does Leigh know that her entire past is about to rise up out of the darkness and bitch slap her into Hell

Sunday Chai & Chat: Adjusting Priorities in the Wake of Death and Responsibility

On July 25th, I wrote up a Mid-Morning Musings post, where I chatted about my Uncle’s passing and how it had impacted me on an emotional level, as well as what it taught me about grief, anger, and hatred. While I’m still doing relatively well given the circumstances, I have noticed that my perception on the world around me, particularly with respect to my priorities, has started to change and evolve quite a bit. Today, I wanted to briefly touch base on how things are changing and what they shall mean for the future of this blog, BiblioNyan.