10 Horror Games on My Steam Wishlist

~Please note that some of the screengrabs for the games mentioned in this post will be NSFW with blood, gore, and some nudity.~

Since my birthday month of ghoulish and ghostly shenanigans is almost upon us, I thought it would be fun to take a look at my Steam wishlist and share the horror games that I’ve added over the past year or so. I must confess that I have almost 400 games on that list, but the vast majority of them (approximately 300-ish) are hidden object games. That is something I’m pretty obsessed with due to the many ways it positively helps me deal with a  plethora of mental illnesses and anxiety triggers. When you remove that gargantuan catalogue of casual titles, what’s left are horror and fantasy RPGs mostly. I think it’s safe to say that I definitely have my preferred genres (although I really do tend to play just about everything so long as it’s fun in some way).

I was amazed to discover that I had ten horror games on my list and I tossed in an honourable mention just for kicks. I’ll gush about that towards the end.  With Steam’s more and more frequent catalogue and publishers’ sales, I’m hoping to acquire a few of these before the year is out, especially during this impending month of pumpkin shaped and flavoured birthday cookies and cakes.

I didn’t want to include too much information about each game here as I’m someone who prefers to go into all of their media (books, games, anime, etc.) with the most basic of narrative information. But if you are someone that prefers to have all the details, I’ve linked up the respective Steam pages for each game via their titles. ✌🏽

Amnesia: Rebirth (2020): A first-person, adventure game that involves hiding from baddies and solving puzzles in order to unlock the mysteries of our past so we can save ourselves and our loved ones. It’s the third title in the Amnesia franchise. I thoroughly loved the first two, and they were, in fact, my gateway into survival horror-ish games, especially on the PC (aside from Resident Evil, I mean). Rebirth is the only one I haven’t played yet and I’m both super excited yet fantastically terrified to get my hands on it. It was developed and published by Frictional Games.

Corpse Party (2016): An indie RPG about a bunch of naïve teens that unknowingly perform a spoopy ritual, which then traps them in an ethereal school environment. I’ve heard so many things about this game, and it is constantly recommended to me when I go looking for older RPG horror titles. When I saw it was available on Steam, I didn’t hesitate to add it to my list. It was developed by GrisGris and published by XSEED Games.

Carrion (2020): This reverse horror, indie, action-adventure game is one of the most-anticipated picks on my whole damn list. It follows an amorphous creature (you) as they stalk and consume the people that imprisoned them. The simple concept of being able to play as the terrifying creep from the deep, so to speak, who gets to hunt and eat people just sounds so bloody brilliant. How can I resist? It was developed by Phobia Game Studio and published by Developer Digital.

Chernobylite (2021): A sci-fi, survival horror RPG takes place in the area’s Exclusion Zone and follows a nonlinear story where we try to figure out just what the fuck happened in our past. The game has really amazing visuals. Combine that with the setting of Chernobyl (I’m low-key obsessed with) and some shady ass mysterious past, I can’t help feel intrigued and very interested in diving into it one day. It was developed and published by The Farm 51.

Dying Light (2015): A first-person, action RPG with an open world setting that is ravished by zombies. The goal is to scavenge for supplies, craft weapons, and basically survive for as long as you can while facing hordes of infected monsters. I’m normally not a big fan of non-Resident Evil zombie games at all. But chums who are quite personally and keenly aware of my gaming interests and skills have told me time and time again that this is one game I’d get a decent dose of enjoyment out of, so it ended up on my list. It was developed and published by Techland.

Hidden Deep (2021): A sci-fi, action title that is inspired by a multitude of absolutely brilliant horror films, and it revolves around someone who’s essentially a miner in a sub oceanic mining and research facility that has to suffer through a plethora of obstacles, most of them unbelievably frightening, in order to complete missions. This unreleased gem has been on my radar since the beginning of the year, making it my number one most-anticipated game for 2021. Hell, it’s even one I’m considering dropping full price for (I pretty much always wait for Steam sales to buy things because I’m a broke, cheap motherfucker) because it sounds so fucking awesome and I absolutely cannot wait to get my fucking hands on it! One of the biggest appeals for me with respect to Hidden Deep, is that it looks like it will play quite heavily on many of my own phobias, which is what really charms me about the horror genre in general. It was developed by Cogwheel Software and will be published by Daedalic Entertainment.

Lust from Beyond (2021): This is an adult, indie adventure game that takes the player to a Victorian mansion filled with a cult that worships a creepy, otherworldly erotic deity inspired by the works of Lovecraft, Giger, and Beksiński. I don’t really share the part of myself that’s into the dark and morbid things (mostly as they relate to sex and sex culture including BDSM) that can be found in this game for many reasons (ignorant judgment assholes being the big one) so I was hesitant to put this on the list. Either way, here it is, so viola! The epic strangeness and eroticism that this game is steeped in, combined with the inspirations behind it (individuals who truly epitomise the notion of “mind fuck”) made it unexpectedly enchanting to me. It was developed by Movie Games Lunarium and published by Movie Games SA.

Outlast (2013): An indie, action-adventure, first-person game that follows an investigative journalist who ends up at a really disturbing mental asylum where they have to survive the most unspeakable and horrific things in order to uncover the asylum’s dark, deep secrets. This reminds me a bit of The Evil Within, and that was… difficult for me to play for reasons. But there are certain elements in this game that appeal to me quite a bit, and when I saw there was a sequel that looked even more interesting, I had to add it to my wishlist pronto. Plus, it just looks like something that will scare the good God holy fuck out of me. BRING IT!! It was developed and published by Red Barrels.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl (2007): A first-person shooter, action RPG that is another title that takes place in Chernobyl’s Exclusion Zone. There are all sorts of mutated monsters, anomalies, and things in the area that the player has to avoid or destroy in order to find their way out of the zone. I’m going to be honest, if this didn’t take place in some variation of Chernobyl, I probably wouldn’t be as interested in it as it sounds a lot like other similarly crafted survival gigs like Left for Dead, for example, which I didn’t care for. But that Chernobyl though… Bruh has my attention. It was developed and published by GSC Game World.

Medium (2021): The final horror game on this list is a puzzle adventure one that takes place in an abandoned communist resort where the player has to use their paranormal and psychic abilities to uncover the fucked up enigmas lurking beneath the ruins. My snippet definitely does not do this game justice, as it’s been advertised as wonderfully story-rich, which immediately caught my bad eyes. Combine that with extraordinary visuals, puzzle dynamics, the ability to investigate and control two separate realities, and a somewhat original concept of being psychic—there really isn’t anything here that doesn’t appeal to my love of both great gaming and (potentially) great storytelling. It was developed and published by Bloober Team.

Pumpkin Jack (2020): Ah, shit! I have one more game! No worries, it’s not a horror game at all. BUT! It is a spooktastic frolic that I just had to mention since October and Hallow’s Eve of Eeriness is practically around the corner. So, I present the honourable mention: Pumpkin Jack! Here in this 3D platformer, we are PUMPKIN JACK! The mythical pumpkin lord of the realm! Our job is to navigate through colourfully uncanny, otherworldly realms in order to help Evil obliterate the Good.

When I first saw this pop up on Steam last October (on release day, which was a day before my birthday), I watched the trailer and laughed my ass off. It just looks like a ridiculously fun romp with some of the loveliest and brightest visuals I’ve seen in a platformer game for a while. The atmosphere and weapons also look just as outrageous as Pumpkin Jack, and honestly, if it is even half as fun as it looks, it’d be worth it. Absurd entertainment is something that never really seems to disappoint!

Thanks for checking out my horror wishlist shtuff. Horror is a genre that I admittedly don’t play enough of, especially given how much I have grown to adore it over the last couple of years. While life can be hectic and it doesn’t allow for the kind of focus I would ideally like to give to story-centric titles, such as most of these here, life is also too short not to make the time for some wicked fun frights. I’m actually going to make that my gaming goal for the remainder of 2021!

If you have Steam and wanna be Steam buddies, you can find my profile here. With that, I bid you adieu. Keep reading, keep otakuing, and keep gaming, chums!

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8 thoughts on “10 Horror Games on My Steam Wishlist

  1. Regarding STALKER, Shadow of Chernobyl… It’s my favorite game of all time. It’s is almost nothing like Left 4 Dead (though I liked it, too). The story, the mood, the music, the environment, the open-world, the ALife AI — I can’t get enough of it.

    And its depiction of the exclusion zone? It borders on photo realistic. The third game, Call of Pripyat, even includes famous locations like the Jupiter Plant and Zaton. I’ve compared some locations to a photo tour of the real zone, and it’s eerie how realistic the game is!

    I got in on the Chernobylite early experience. It’s like a cross between Shadow of Chernobyl and Fallout 4. It’s not a bad thing, because I also enjoyed Fallout 4! But for raw atmosphere, STALKER is just amazing.

    I’d suggest trying the first game. If Shadow of Chernobyl doesn’t click with you, I don’t think that Clear Sky or Shadow of Pripyat will, either. But if it does… The modding community is fantastic. The Lost Alpha and STALKER: Anomaly are my favorites, but Misery and Complete are pretty great, too.

    Sorry for the long comment! But you can probably tell how much I like these games. If you do try one of them, I’d love to read your review!

    • Yeah, STALKER sounds awesome then. I did look up some Steam reviews and I was surprised that it has so many fantastically high ratings. I’ll wait until it goes on sale before picking it up. Thanks for your comment! It’s made me put the game much higher on my priority list.

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