4 Ways that Sirius the Jaeger Could’ve Been a Better Anime

Sirius the Jaeger is an original seinen, supernatural action, historical series that takes place in the 1930s. It mostly follows the lone surviving member of a magical clan that is tasked with protecting an incredible weapon—referred to as a power from God—from vicious vampires. When the mysteries of this weapon start to surface, those who hunt vampires race to protect it from falling into enemy hands.

Sirius the Jaeger is an anime series that I picked up on a whim after watching the trailer while browsing the Netflix catalogue for something random to check out. The animation looked fabulous as did the action sequences, and I liked the idea of seeing something that depicted vampires as monstrosities. I spent the week watching through the series, and it did have some really fascinating concepts going for it, but the anime would’ve been so much stronger with a handful of improvements in some key areas.

Longer Episode Count

Twelve episodes was simply not enough to give the story any actual realm of meat and context. The narrative and the supernatural world of Sirius the Jaeger had some amazingly cool concepts to it, which if given proper time to develop further with a natural progression of events, could’ve made this one of the best serials on Netflix.

Additionally, it would have provided a foundation for the characters to really get situated and grounded in, allowing more space for the audiences to build an emotional connection to them. There are quite a bit of charming side characters that would’ve made a prominently positive impact on the themes of found family and having something to “protect” that anime had going for it.

Elaboration on Histories

Yuliy, the main character, had quite a tragic background, and that’s used to fuel his motivations throughout the anime. But what about the other characters? Specifically the villain and his motley crew of creeps? Small morsels of their past are hinted at, but beyond that, there is no sufficient information explaining who they are or what they have to gain from the outrageous quests that they’ve begun to embark on. This isn’t limited to the baddies either, the same can be said for Yuliy’s colleagues as well. How did they become Jaegers? Or more importantly, why?

There’s also a lot of historical context that I felt that I was missing out on while watching. For example, what is the Ark specifically? How was it created? Why can it only be protected by certain groups of people? Again, all of these are super briefly touched upon, but nothing is ever definitely explained in a satisfying manner, and it felt incredibly frustrating. My brain truly wanted to latch on to the show with more interest, but that lack of understanding and all the missing information didn’t allow for the bridge between my curiosity and the show’s storytelling to connect on any decent level.

Less One-Dimensional Side Characters

I mentioned this earlier, but Sirius the Jaeger has quite the fascinating cast of scoundrels, on both sides. Dialogue exchanges between all of the characters provide a tiny cushion of illumination on why the characters are as fucked-up as they are (specifically the antagonists), but aside from those chatty interludes, the characters are there solely for the purpose of adding a bit of spice and drama to a one-dimensional plot. They were all as much of a filler fluff contribution as the episodes in Naruto that involve him chasing Kakashi around to check out what’s under the mask. The entertainment it provides only really goes so damn far.

For the Jaegers, understanding why each member had joined up and continued to do what they did would’ve provided a necessary and fabulous space for the chemistry between all of them to grow and further expand. Their “Die for One Another” family undercurrents would be so much more than just a mutual agreement under a job title. They also have quite intriguing personality quirks that needed that extra oomph of affinity to truly make it endearing and cute or charming.

Making the Anti-Climactic Climactic

All of the things I’ve mentioned so far actually wouldn’t typically sway me away from enjoying an anime. I have seen better with much less and worse with much more. The number one element that truly shoved my frustrations to their over-spill was how anti-climactic the last couple of episodes were, and this incompetency wasn’t limited to just the last segments either, but key plot points throughout.

Being able to predict exactly what would happen, almost as if I had a hand in creating the storyboard, left me intolerably bored and dejected. This includes the big baddie reveal plus their transformation and then the ending fight, which lasted all of two minutes and was over with the most effortless bitch-slap ever (being vague to avoid spoilers). There wasn’t a single ounce of tension or suspense. It wasn’t do or die, as one would expect from a Godly power that can change the fate of an entire interspecies war.

There are a few other examples that I could provide, but that would be steering straight in Spoiler Territory, which I don’t want to do in case if people are still interested in picking this series up. But suffice to say that the potentiality for Sirius the Jaeger being redeemable with a badass boss fight, of sorts, was just as hollow as everything else, and that was the biggest source of disappointment for me.

All in all, Sirius the Jaeger isn’t a bad anime. Like I’ve stated before, I have seen worse with much more content and cohesion. But it also wasn’t as good as it could’ve been. It’s a decent show to watch if you want something rather mindless with excellent animation, neat action scenes, and a spot of supernatural seasoning where the vampires are actually disturbing monstrosities. However, if you’re in the market for that perfect viscerally cerebral spoop, you ain’t going to find it here, unfortunately.

Native: 天狼Sirius the Jaeger
Source: Original
Demographic: Seinen
Genre: Dark Fantasy, Supernatural Action
Season: Summer 2018
Episodes: 12
Studio: P.A. Works
Director: Masahiro Andō
Content Warnings: Graphic violence including body mutilation and dismemberment. Graphic blood and gore. Moderate language. Mild sexual innuendo. Mass killings and death. Anime deaths.
AniListTenrō: Sirius the Jaeger
Streaming: Netflix

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