A Spoopy Halloween Rhyme for You 🧛🏽🎃👻

Spooky, kooky ghosts
Howl and prowl and slither by
Waiting for a wicked host
Within creepy old winds of the night

Beneath a full glowing moon
In between branches and brambles a-prickly
They linger for their fleshy loons
Dancing and singing and whistling a-plenty

Shadows full of squirming earth
Yearn with hunger upon this eve
For kiddies giggling in spirited mirth
With costumes full of candied meat!

-xoxo, Nyan

Please note that this is an original work of poetry by Neha Nyan, owner of this blog, whose professional author name is Shāfiya MÅ«. As such, it’s a copyrighted work. Copying, duplicating, or any other use without the expressed AND written consent of the author is strictly prohibited. Thank you.

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