Attack on Titan Special Episodic Review Announcement

When Attack on Titan’s anime began simulcasting in 2013, it quickly mutated into a colossal worldwide phenomenon (oh yes, I love puns). Fans all across the globe were obsessed with Production I.G. & Wit Studios’ latest creation (the debut production of the latter sister studio). I can still recall watching the pilot with my friends, sitting on the couch, slurping down milkshakes as we saw one of the most pivotal moments of Eren Jaeger’s existence occur on a 65 inch television in surround sound. It was such an incredibly awe-inspiring thing as both an avid anime watcher and a storyteller. While I knew that it would become one of the most popular serials around, I honestly never expected it to become its own living entity of sorts.

After finishing up season three of the show back in 2019, I ended up placing the anime on a hiatus. I knew the final season would take a year or so to hit the streaming screens, and there was so much fucking hype surrounding both the anime and the manga at the time that I felt incredibly overwhelmed. I was no longer certain about whether my opinions were truly my own, or just some form of subconscious regurgitation of the things I had heard and seen online. Plus, I also didn’t want to get spoiled on the upcoming deaths and potential plot twists. I placed anything Attack on Titan and Shingeki no Kyōjin related on mute and other blacklist type gigs.

Now that the final season’s final segments are upon us, I find myself longing for the phenomena that took the world by such a fabulously passionate storm. I decided to write episodic musings of Seasons One through Four as I make my way from start to finish of this intensely dark and fucked-up universe. This is one of the very first titles I watched that had initially inspired me to analyse media from a more intellectual and allegorical lens, so unlike my other episode ramblings, the AoT ones may get lengthy. I won’t apologise for it because it’s a representation of my love and adoration of this powerful series, and also because… well, it’s my blog space. I pay way too much money for it, so I might as well do what I wanna, whether it’s prattling about some form of entertainment or gushing over my cats. And milo. Or cake.

This is a brief intro for the upcoming mutterings. I wanted to give a head’s up post for anyone who is out there that may not want to spoil themselves on Attack on Titan. I know quite a few folx who are eagerly anticipating a magnificent binge-watching session once all the episodes have been released, and I totally respect that. If I were more patient, I would be doing the same exact thing. But patience is not a virtue I possess… as a whole… or in many pieces. Yeah, let’s go with that.

The titles of the posts will be based off segment titles, so no spoilers there (and if any official titles do have major spoilers, I shall change them up a bit). However, the musings themselves will be chock-full of spoilery spattle as I’m quite keen on picking it all apart with whatever pops into my zany brainy whilst watching. I also want to give a small disclaimer that since I have seen the first three seasons before, my impressions may not be as fresh and new—at least not until the final season—but more of a comparison of then (first watching) and now (second or third re-watching, depending on the season).

My final reasons for doing episodic expels of words is also for practise. I’ve been a bit out of the analytical blogging scene for a while and this is my way of diving back in, while also trying to reclaim my own unique voice and brand with respect to it. So, while I suck at being patience, I am going to ask y’all to be patient with me (I know… don’t say it).

Anyhoo, that pretty much does it for the basic introduction, Hey-Just-To-Let-You-Know shindig. If you have any questions or concerns about these musing things, please drop them in the comments section thingymabobber and I’ll reply promptly. I’ll begin the musings tomorrow night, and then they will occur every Friday night afterwards.

Until next time, keep otakuing, my chums.

P.S. I won’t be providing an announcement for all episodic review situations, but since this is such a special anime for so many individuals, I wanted to take the extra time to respect anyone’s desire to not be spoiled! Thanks.

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  1. Awesome. It’ll good to see your thoughts on the final season. I’ve enjoyed it so far. It’s not eprfect, but there’s a lot of good there.

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