Mid-Morning Musings: Once Upon a Time, a Human Adopted an Old Man Kitty Dude

Top o’ the morning to you, chums! Today I wanted to pop in briefly this morning and introduce the latest addition to my kitty family! But first… Once upon a time…

…a nonbinary human visited their local PetsMart to pick up some kitty toys for their bunch of furry hooligans. When they arrived, they noticed a group of people around the adoption corner of the shop. So, slowly and very casually (i.e.: awkwardly as hell) they meandered over to see what the hoopla was all about. It turned out that the shop had visitors from a local foster/shelter place that had little cat friends up for adoption that day!

Now, this human knew that deep down inside they shouldn’t get another kitty! They already had four and was sprouting grey hairs all over their noggin because of their shenanigans. Yet, something warm and fuzzy deep in the pit of their stomach told them they had to check out these friends looking for new families. Sighing, realising that they were being led a bit by Boss Man, they quietly shuffled over to the tables and took a reluctant gander.

Most of the kitties were young and effervescent kittens that were under a year old. Clean, pretty little kiddos with shiny, big eyes to lure in the unsuspecting. The human knew that a kitten was the way to go because it is far easier to acclimate kittens to other cats. Yet, they didn’t feel that warmth sprout up whilst poking at the kiddies noses and ears. So, they moved along.

One kitten after another with random names, such as Bacon and Berry (they were bonded siblings) and another named Precious (oh, that one looked like trouble incarnate), and even an Electric Boogeyman (he was scared and just wanted to hide, poor kitty). As they reached the end of the line, they noticed there was one big ol’ kitty laying in his kennel with absolutely no one around him. Naturally intrigued, the human wandered on over to the lonely floofy dude.

He was a giant kitty with a gorgeous long mane, just like a lion (thanks to Leo for that comparison because it was perfectly apt) who had the saddest eyes the human had ever seen.

Their heart tightened in empathy.

The human continued reading about the little dude. He was eight years old and had been viciously mauled by a coyote. The owners took him to the vet and left him there to die. He was still in the process of healing, as was evident by the pink skin around his ears and across one of his paws. The human saw that the cat was trembling as well, probably from fear and intense discomfort.

Their heart tightened again as a small warmth began to form in their tummy.

Some people walked by the older dude and mumbled things like, “Aw, that’s so sad,” and then walked off to look at fresher meat, so to speak. One person even said, “Who has the patience or time to care for a sick cat?” Affronted by the thought, she stormed off as well. Well, screw you too, lady, thought the human.

By this time, the human was livid at the gross disregard and utter inhumane, cold-hearted nature of other folx around them. Which is precisely when they were approached by one of the shelter people and asked if they wanted to hold the old man whiskers. Inwardly, they sighed, because they knew (again, that lovely word) that if they held him, he was going home with the human.

They said, “Yes, I’d love to.”

Sir Kitty curled up in their lap as soon as they were situated in a private room. The human began stroking and petting them very gently while whispering to them, “It’s okay, you’re so awesome,” and before anyone realised it, Sir Kitty was purring up a storm. As the shelter person stepped out to assist someone else, the human decided to talk to Boss Man.

“I feel this warmth and this sensation deep in my tummy telling me to take him home. For some reason, I’m not thinking about whether he’ll acclimate with the others or not, I’m not even worried about it at all. As someone who worries about everything, especially their cat delinquents, this is strange, my non-gendered Man. I ain’t going to lie, but you already know this, don’t you?” They swore they could feel a chuckle resonating around them.

They sighed again.

“I will trust in you, Boss Man. But just know, you also give me hella grey hairs.”

The human then hugged the kitty to their chest and when the attendant returned, they stated their intention on bringing the big dude home. The shelter people were so overwhelmed with emotion that someone was willing to love this guy and be patient with him on his healing journey that everyone was in tears. Which naturally made the human tear up as well and hug the kitty dude closer to their heart.

So, without further ado, let me introduce to y’all Sir Ralph Fluffington. That was his name at the shelter and given that he’s eight years old, I didn’t feel right changing it.

I brought him home on Saturday afternoon. I have him separated in a private room because he is very, very scared and loud noises startle him easily. I spend most of my free time with him, either reading cosy mysteries to him, brushing his fur, or just reading in silence as he snuggles next to me. Sometimes I’ll hold him and talk up a storm about my day in a soft voice. He likes to spend most of his time so far hiding in dark corners because he is very nervous and uncomfortable. However, I did hold him and take him for a brief tour of the house and he has an unexpected curiosity for checking out the place.

My other cats basically rolled their eyes at me for bringing home another cat. They aren’t too happy about it, but even they can sense the love this guy needs. So, they mostly sniff him and then steer clear to give him space. I’m very proud of my little ding-dongs. Their compassion never ever ceases to surprise me nor ceases to warm my itty bitty enlarged heart.

So, getting Sir Fluffington acclimated completely will be a long-term process as he’s still healing from physical trauma and psychological trauma, but you know what? Even though I suck at being patient, I have all the patience in the world for a kitty friend in need and I’m looking forward to helping him. I have a strong feeling that we were led to each other so we can help one another, actually. As much as I groan at Boss Man, I’m also quite thankful to Him too.

Anyhoo, thanks for stopping by today and meeting Sir Fluffington! I promise to keep y’all updated on his healing journey. You can definitely expect to see him sprout up on future Caturday Reads posts, and just random photos on Twitter because I am that sort of doting human mommy type. 😁

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6 thoughts on “Mid-Morning Musings: Once Upon a Time, a Human Adopted an Old Man Kitty Dude

  1. The cuteness! He’s so bootiful! XD

    Sir Ralph Fluffington was actually his name…? Because that’s totally I name I can see you giving him! Lol <3

  2. Oh God. I love that name. How very dignified and fitting. I was actually super curious about your senior kitty adoption ever since I read about it on Twitter and this story is just so adorable. Happy that Sir Ralph found a nice forever home. He looks like he really needed it. What a sweetheart.

    • He’s been such a sweetheart. Although, I learned that he’s a Maine Coon, which is a breed of kitty that can grow to be as big as a mountain lion. He even has a lion-like mane. So… terrifying but cute haha.

  3. Awww, congrats to you and Sir Ralph! I hope both of you will be very happy together and with the full kitty family!

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