Manga Releases for April 2022: New Serials & First Volumes

With the end of March arrives the…arrival of April? Okay, that was not a very good choice of words to use there, but you know what I’m trying to say. Since I’ve recently gotten back into manga reading with a renewed vigour, I thought it would be cool to see what new serials are dropping for the month. As I compiled my list, I took it a bit further and decided to share the list with you!

With influx of anime popularity, I strongly feel that manga doesn’t get the recognition and respect it truly deserves as an artform. So every month, I’m going to try my best to introduce to you the new titles hitting the shelves for that respective time period. I won’t include sequels or releases to continuing series (i.e.: Volume 4 or 10, etc.) because then this list would be longer than Sesshomaru’s hair… While I love his hair, I don’t need to read a list that competes with it and I’m sure you probably wouldn’t either. Plus, it seems to be much easier to search for existing serials than fresh, new ones. The only real exception would be novels that can be read as stand-alones for the most part.

Anyhoo, that is enough babbling from me. Here are nineteen new serials that are going to pop out of April. One of them is a re-print of an older title, but the whole entire thing is getting the re-print, so I included it here for fun. If it says “novel” followed by the title, then those are light novel releases. The others are all manga, or Japanese comics editions.

A Galaxy Next Door Volume 1 by Gido Amagakure: A seinen, slice-of-life comedy series from the creator of Sweetness & Lightning, about a desperate mangaka that gets called in to support his two younger siblings after their father passes away. As he tries to acclimate to his new life, he also meets a new art assistant that shall end up proving that her arrival is a giant ass leap versus a tiny little step.

Apollo’s Song by Osamu Tezuka: A seinen, historical speculative fiction omnibus of the mastermind creator, comes a story that shall examine the meaning of love and consequences of love’s absence via a boxcar bound for a Nazi concentration camp to a post-apocalyptic future where humans are persecuted by their own clones.

Blackguard Volume 1 by Ryō Hanada: A new seinen series from the creator of Devils’ Line, a dark fantasy story about a world that has mutated due to the ferocious, ape-like creatures called Shōjo, who feed upon human flesh. Anyone who’s bitten, ends up becoming infected with the same mysterious virus.

Darling in the Franxx Volume 1-2 by Code:000 & Kentarō Yabuki: The manga serialisation of the popular shōnen, sci-fi series about humans living in mobile fortresses to protect themselves from a ruinous wasteland infested with massive beasts known as klaxosaurs. Their only way of defence is piloting giant robots known as Franxx.

Demon Slayer: The Official Colouring Book by Koyoharu Gotōge: An officially licensed colouring book from the phenomenally popular Kimestu no Yaiba manga and anime series. (While this is neither manga nor light novel, it sounded pretty dope, so I included it here.)

Fullmetal Alchemist: The Valley of White Petals by Makoto Inoue & Hiromu Arakawa (novel): A shōnen original story in the FMA universe. After receiving direct orders from their commanding officer, the Elric brothers travel to a remote city, deep within a wasteland, called Wisteria. Immediately upon arriving, they realise there is something shadowy and sinister in this seeming utopia. Will they able to follow the orders they were tasked with or shall they fall victim to their own desires and pleasures this paradise seems to offer?

High School Family: Kōkōsei Kazoku by Ryō Nakama (eBook only): A shōnen, slice-of-life, comedy series about a kid named Kōtarō. His entire family shows up on the first day of school to wish him well, making Kōtarō feel assured that he’ll be the centre of bullying. But instead, his family ends up winning the class over with charm and desserts!

I am Blue, in Pain, and Fragile by Yoru Sumino (novel): A seinen story from the creator of I Want to Eat Your Pancreas, the drama novel is about two young university individuals who establish a secret society to pursue passionate ideals. But as they grow older and learn to confront their pain, they begin to drift apart and lose sense of who they were, the people that began the society to begin with.

Magic Artisan Dahlia Wilts No Move Volume 1 by Hisaya Amagishi & Megumi Sumikawa: A shōjo, isekai series about a lady named Dahlia who immerses herself in crafting magical items after being reincarnated into a fantasy world. Using skills she learned back in her real world, Dahlia becomes determined to make the most out of this new life rather than sit and wilt in depression.

My Brain is Different: Stories of ADHD & Other Developmental Disorders by Monzusu: A seinen manga anthology of comic essays that share nine true stories of people—including the illustrator’s—navigating through a life with developmental disorders and disabilities. (As someone with ADHD, I’m SO excited for this release.)

Sakamoto Days Volume 1 by Yūto Suzuki: A shōnen, action-comedy manga that begins with Tarō Sakamoto, an ultimate assassin feared by all. One day he falls in love, gets married, and retires! Through the phase of fatherhood, Tarō even gets plumper and runs a neighbourhood store. When his family starts encountering bouts of danger, it’ll be up to Tarō Sakamoto to protect them, if his skills haven’t dwindled away with domestic living that is.

Sensei’s Pious Life by Akane Torikai: A seinen, drama series that revolves around a 24-year-old high school teacher named Misuzu Hara who had experienced a very traumatic event four years earlier. The event has continued to negatively impact her emotional well-being. Now that she’s engaged, Misuzu does everything she can to keep the past buried so it won’t rise up and hurt her, her fiancé, or this new life that she’s trying to build.

Survival in Another World with My Mistress Volume 1 by Ryuto & Yappen (novel): A seinen, isekai novel series about a dude named Kōsuke who wakes up in a vast forest. Realising that he’s no longer on Earth and has somehow acquired the power to craft things via a video game menu, he starts harvesting resources to survive. But every time he tries to go to sleep and rest, he’s attacked by non-human beings. Until a lovely dark elf shows up to claim him as her property and vowing to protect him as such.

The Idaten Deities Know Only Peace Volume 1 by Amahara & coolkyōsinnjya: A seinen, fantasy adventure series. Eight hundred years ago, powerful Idaten deities sealed away the demons that hunted humanity. For young deity, Hayato, it’s all mythological stuff of legends. But when the seal holding the demons back breaks, its up to Hayato and other carefree, young deities like himself to save humanity from the horribly looming threat.

The Most Heretical Last Boss Queen: From Villainess to Saviour Volume 1 by Tenichi & Suzunosuke (novel): A josei, isekai fantasy series about Pride Royal Ivy who realises at the young age of eight that she’s been reincarnated and fated to become the evil final boss in an otome game. But unsatisfied with the destiny she’s given, she gives up being a maniacal evil person and begins protecting the male love interests instead.

The Most Notorious “Talker” Runs the World’s Greatest Clan by Jaki & Yamorichan: A seinen, fantasy series about a dude named Noel that grew up idolising his grandfather who was a renowned adventurer of the class known as Seekers. When it comes to his own journey, Noel ends up being from the mundane support class, Talker, who has meagre abilities at best. However, Noel’s ambition and intellect makes him super determined to do whatever is necessary to become just as prominent as his grandpops.

The Wallflower Volumes 1 to 36 by Tomoko Hayawaka (re-release): A shōjo, reverse-harem RomCom manga about four adolescent boys who get to live in a big ass, fancy shmancy mansion for free under the condition that they can transform the owner’s wallflower niece into a beautiful lady within three years. How hard can it be? When they meet the super agoraphobic, frizzy-haired, fashion inept young lady of their nightmares, they realise it can be pretty fucking hard.

Welcome Back, Alice Volume 1 by Shūzō Oshimi: A shōnen, psychological drama manga from the creator of Happiness and Flowers of Evil, comes a tale of three childhood friends. As they grow older, one of them realises that the other may be a girl (trans) and ends up witnessing an utterly unbelievable scene.

Witches: The Complete Collection by Daisuke Igarashi: A seinen, anthology of darkly disturbing tales involving witches and witchcraft, such as a British girl named Nicola who becomes infatuated with a young man at a bazaar that doesn’t realise she exists. After spending years obtaining wealth and status, she returns to the bazaar to exact revenge upon the man and all of whom that he holds dear.

Those are the new manga (and light novels) hitting the online and physical bookshops in April. If I had to choose my top five most-anticipated from this list it would be (from fifth to first): I am Blue, in Pain, and Fragile; Sensei’s Pious Life; Apollo’s Song; Blackguard; My Brain is Different. Those sound the most interesting to me and/or are authored by mangaka that I’m quite smitten with!

How about you? What are some manga and light novel titles that you’re anticipating the most for the month of April or even for the Spring season?

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