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March & April’s Insomnia-Fuelled Book Haul

One of my really bad habits when I’m supremely stressed out is shopping, specifically book shopping. I tend to go to the library to help me with this compulsive behaviour, however, I now work every single day during the same exact hours that the Libs is open for business, which has taken away my ability to healthily treat my stress shopping habits. So… when insomnia has stricken over the last month or so, I have ventured into the dark and tempting territories of the Amazon Kindle eBook store. Man, those fucking $1 to $2 deals are wicked dangerous… When you combine these devilish deals with my compulsive atrocity of stress management shenanigans, it spells trouble in about five thousand different languages. I speak six, so I can vouch for the sincerity of this catastrophe.

Recently with the help of my psychiatrist human person, I have sought to regain control and proper administration of my bad habit once again, but in the meantime, the damage has been done, y’all. Rather than drown in my tears of Buyer’s Regret, I’m going to share the eBooks I hauled and put them towards good use: reading and reviewing (*gasp* Whatta concept!).

Since there are quite a lot of titles here, I’m going to share their covers and then provide a list of them below, along with genre. I ain’t going to lie, friends. A lot of the books that I bought were based entirely on amusement during my exhausted, insomniac-infused brain limitations in the middle of the night. For example, one of the books is a supernatural horror comedy called Fuck This House. I laughed way more than a normal person would’ve and hit buy so fast, Sonic would look like a fucking turtle. Do I feel shame? Yes, but I feel far more entertained than anything else. 💀

Which one of these cheesy reads sounds the most interesting (or the most atrociously hilarious) to you? If you’d like a review for any of these sooner rather than later, please drop me a comment below. 😊

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