Anime Recommendations: 5 Reasons to Watch Horimiya

My favourite kind of anime to watch during the spring season includes nostalgic old-school things and anime that ooze feel-good warmth and fluff. So, today I wanted to share with you a newer series that won my heart over utterly when it simulcasted last year, and this little goody is called Horimiya. If you haven’t seen this yet and are undecided on whether to invest your time and energy into it, here are five fabulous reasons why it’s worth every drop of love and viewership.

No Banal Romance Blocking

One of the things that tend to frustrate me about romance anime is that it takes forever for the couple to get together and be honest about their feelings. Via one obstacle or another, they get further and further apart before they ever stumble into the point. But with Horimiya that’s something we don’t have to worry about and it was so wonderfully refreshing.

The chemistry is natural and encourages interaction between the two individuals, with the romance being gradually built upon the realistic nature of just hanging out more and more. Then when things do start to get a bit spicy, there’s no third-wheel wrench or other unnecessary drama there to cloud it up. This can be applied to many relationships in the series as well, and it isn’t limited to one couple either.

Whimsically Realistic Relationships

I love the various relationships in this anime. Whether they are sibling, romantic, platonic, or a mentor-mentee / teacher-student connection. They are all earnest and beautifully genuine. While there are some very minor romance-anime tropes to a few of the characters, none of them are so far removed from their audience that it disconnects the ability to relate.

I remember when I was teenager, I was awkward as hell with making friends, and my identity was a question on most good days. Trying to figure out who I was outside the confines of family and studies was confusing and at-times quite lonely. We witness the various levels of adolescence through these characters and the connections they make. There is no fear in the depiction being awkward, weird, outgoing, introverted, or anything else. They learn to be themselves and confront what happens as it arrives. To me, that is superbly realistic and believable, not to mention so awesomely empathetic.

Encourages the Evolution of Emotions

Have you ever watched an anime where a dude, dudette or dudex gets their heart-broken and can’t move the fuck on? Or they just seem to be stuck in a singular mindset, good or bad? They don’t truly learn from the experience, but use it as ammunition to continue being broody or something else? Yeah, well, that shit doesn’t exist here, baby (why am I Austin Powers all of a sudden??).

Heart-break, acceptance, loneliness, camaraderie, and so much more are feelings that we see the cast of characters experience, for sure, however they don’t become giant Tetris® blocks of permanent anguish. There is wisdom to be obtained via every emotional moment, whether it’s good or bad, and I fucking lived for it. It really helps to draw the audience into the individuals’ plights on screen, so much so that the side characters and what they’re undergoing comes to the forefront to feel just as valuable as whatever happens with the main folx.

Nicely Nuanced Side Characters

I have this listed as the second top reason to watch Horimiya because it was my second favourite element in the entire series. As I’ve mentioned before, the side characters are so endearing and pleasant that they never actually felt like the side people. They felt as if they were part of the main roster and belonged on the screen, front and centre, like everyone else.

Usually in romance anime, the supporting cast are given a few obstacles and dilemmas and it almost always contributes to the main coupling somehow. Yet, in Horimiya, the supporting cast receive support from the stars and it made everyone come off as a giant found family of sorts. This is also an aspect that contributes heavily to the sensation of evolving emotional maturity and the sincerity of their interactions and insecurities. If you are someone that likes to watch anime for folx aside from the main characters then you absolutely must check out Horimiya as it’s got one of the very best sets.

The Ultimate Anime of Happiness

The number one reason to watch Horimiya is because it’s ridiculously feel-good and it’s practically impossible not to feel happy while watching, and that is one of the serial’s greatest gifts.

When this began simulcasting, I had just entered a part of life that was very, very difficult. My depression was terrible and personal circumstances had me feeling quite lonely all of the time. But whenever a new episode sprouted up, I put aside twenty-five minutes to devote to it. By the time the credits rolled around, I found myself smiling and filled with this amazing sense of warmth and positivity. I know it sounds cliché and corny as hell, but this anime helped me through a very dark time. Because it was so empathetic with its conflicts and its resolutions, giving me the morsels of joy and inspiration I needed to keep moving forward.

Whether you’re on the footpath of crap yourself, or even if your life is splendid and bright, Horimiya is guaranteed to add more sunshine to your day. It’s one of the sweetest things I’ve ever seen.

If you still need some more reasons to watch this treat, then other titbits that make it irresistible includes a melodiously evocative musical score, tastefully stunning animation and virtual cinematography, and the soothing, comforting aesthetics of a blooming Spring season.

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