About Nyan!

Bula, chums! Many people know me as Nyan, but my name is Kā’eo Mū. I’m an Indian-iTaukei (native Fijian), nonbinary individual who is also a neurodivergent Jōdo Shinshū Buddhist and believer of God. This is the page where I get to prattle awkwardly about myself! I figured it would be cool to put a face and eccentric personality to the person conjuring up words of random silliness, vulgarity, and occasional intelligence (if given the proper amount of milo) on this lovely blog known as BiblioNyan!

To be perfectly blunt, I never really know what to say in these sections, so if I seem like I’m blabbering randomly from one sentence to the next, I can promise you that that is precisely what’s going on.

Aside from being a passionate bibliophile and a crazed otaku, I’m very enthusiastic about the feline species. I’m a gleeful butler to five kitties, three dudes and two dudettes. I also have one cockatiel, Rani. Her companion, Raja, sadly passed away in March 2022. I have had her for 25+ years (I had Raja for 24 years).

I’m an awkward and introverted person that enjoys intellectual chit-chats about all sorts of topics. I am also a Trans Nonbinary person whose pronouns are They/Them/Their only. Please, don’t refer to me as a woman, girl, lady, etc., as that is harmful and completely incorrect (I was assigned female at birth and have a feminine appearance in photographs, which is currently a work in process, i.e.: a TRANSITION, so that I may be more androgynous as per my individual identity). I also like to be called Sir (I blame Battlestar Galactica). For example, my late cousin called me Sir Delinquent and my nephews called me Sir Shrimpy.

What is BiblioNyan?

I created BiblioNyan at the end of 2015 as a humble book review blog to assist me with combatting depression, then in 2016 it became dedicated to literature authored by marginalised writers, and since then it has grown into an awesome space for all sorts of nerdy shenanigans. The blog has undergone numerous phases and changes as I have evolved through the years, which I will never apologise for because people as individuals are constantly growing and shifting with their experiences. It’s only natural that my little personal space would undergo the same sort of inclinations.

While I still very much chat about bookish things here, I’ve also expanded to talk about anime and manga, particularly their cultural significance with relation to Asian and Polynesian history, traditions, and social practises (with a specialisation in Japanese literature); the importance of self-care in our daily lives, what it is, and how one can implement it in their own day-to-day existences; the importance of understanding and respecting mental health illnesses and conditions, and how to manage living with certain said conditions; and the long and exhausting journey of being a published Indie author and (future) translator. Occasionally, I fanhuman about video games too!

In addition to running this blog full-time, the other spaces that you can find me fanhumaning over things that bring me joy include Twitter and AniList. I tend to be a workaholic and enjoy keeping relatively busy throughout the day whenever possible.

Beyond the Blogspace

When I’m not partaking in blogging theatrics, I am a student that is attending their dream university. My majors include Asian-American Studies and Japanese Literature with a minor in Critical Pacific Islander and Oceania Studies (my Uni was pivotal in the establishment of Asian American studies across the US, and maintains some of the best programmes of study on these subjects on the West Coast, woot). My goal is to become a published translator of Japanese literature, as well as a professor of Asian, Polynesian, and Asian-American Literatures one day! Additionally, I’m a collector of languages! Fiji Hindi and Urdu were my first languages with British English being my third. I have also learned a bit of Italian, and am currently studying Japanese, Hawai’ian, and Spanish for fun. The next two languages I want to try my hand at include Arabic and Chinese.

Beyond blogging and schooling, I work very diligently at crafting stories with the hopes of becoming a more successful Indie author one day! That is my ultimate dream in my little, itty-bitty life.

Outside of all these shenanigans, my private life revolves entirely around my five kitties, my lady bird, video gaming, and working an adult life to keep doing my nerdy mischiefs. Oh! Also napping. Napping is one of the greatest pleasures of life and, unfortunately, I don’t get to do it often enough! The fuel that keeps me going is highly caffeinated herbal teas, masala chai, and Fijian mithai (sweets). And milo. Milo is the essence of my existence.

I hope you enjoy your visit here at BiblioNyan. If you ever have any questions, please feel free to drop them via Enquiries, my e-mail [biblionyan at gmail dot com (biblionyan@gmail.com)] or you may contact me via Twitter. If your questions are related to book and/or film/anime reviews, check out my Book Review Policies page as some of your potential enquiries may be answered there.

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