About the Nyan!

WP_20131122_02120131122204235Ciao Bookish Mateys!

My name is Nek0 Neha and I’m here to tell you a bit about myself. I wanted to be more than thousands of words on a pinkish background, so if you’re interested in knowing more about this eccentric, book-loving blogger, then please continue reading. If you would like to chat with me about something in particular, or nothing specific at all (and just want to say hello), please leave me a comment, or check out the chatter-box under Inquiries. Without further adieu, let’s get this baby rolling!

For folks who speak Japanese (Neko=cat, & nyan=meow), this may already be obvious, but I am positively obsessed with kitties! I absolutely lose my mind over them and spring into a hilariously awkward run towards one if my eyes catch their presence. I love them so much that I have proudly offered eternal servitude to three of them, two kings and a queen. Birds are also creatures that I’m fascinated with and hold high admiration for. As such, I split my servitude with two little, fluffy cockatiels that have been my partners in crime for over 17 years! Other than a handful of summer moths, those are the lords of my household.

A hobby that I can’t seem to get enough of (other than reading of course) would have to include learning about Asian cultures. It’s one of my biggest passions. I’m Indian-Fijian and have always been very enthusiastic about my culture. Obtaining as much information as I can about my heritage and my roots has been a driving force for me in the academic world. This craziness just blossomed with more and more knowledge. Now, I love it all—from the top of China to the bottom of Korea, the surrounding islands and everything in between. When I’m not striving to be an Asianist (historian specializing in Asia), I’m an avid watcher of anime and Bollywood films, as well as a nerd-raging gamer (PC, console, table-top, etc.) and fan-fiction writer.

How did I get into bookish things? Well, it’s actually quite simple (not really). I began reading as a kid-beast to improve my English. I grew up learning Hindi and Urdu, mostly so I could communicate with my grandparents and other elders in the family. I also discovered that these lingos were necessary if I was to become culturally savvy. Regardless, my mum didn’t want me to have a difficult time in this new non-Hindi speaking country, so she emphasized the need for me to learn English just as fluently. So, she would buy me HUGE books and then have me read out loud to her. As my ability to comprehend stories matured, I fell in love with the different worlds and fantasies that reading can provide. It became my escape from reality whenever things became too intense. The blogging idea popped into my head as a means of making my passion more accessible to other people who also share it, or are looking for ways to dive right in! This also turned me into a bit of a language collector. I currently speak four languages (fluently) and am working on learning my fifth! Woot!

This is also where the Bollywood reviewing and prattling comes into play! I think the medium is very artistic and unique. It keeps me excitedly engaged with my culture (as well as ensures I won’t forget my Hindi-speaking capabilities), and I believe that a lot of films in Indian cinema have some pretty fantastic stories to tell. But it can get so overwhelming for people who are unfamiliar with it, as the singing and dancing can get nuts. This was another passion I wanted to share with other people and try to make this medium more accessible for people interested in learning more, but get a little lost with how vast it is. I have been watching films from Indian cinema for over 25 years now, and can easily show you silly titles for a good time, pick out the waste-of-timers, show you the underdogs, and fangirl professionally about the masterpieces.

Anyhoo, I’m sure that I have gibbered on and on and on for far longer than anticipated, and I could probably keep going forever if permitted to do so. I wish you all a fantastic reading experience, no matter what’s got your attention. If you have any ideas for future posts, please don’t hesitate to contact me! Meeting new folks with similar, or even vastly different interests, is something I look forward to. ♥


Please note that I am an independently intellectual sort of reader. What that means is that I like to read a book to formulate my own opinions about them. In regards to books that are considered problematic, I especially like to do this so that I can better understand WHY something is problematic. If I do not engage with the novel, then I’ll never acquire a personal comprehension of what makes the title problematic to a person, or a group of people, and thus I’ll never truly be able to understand HOW exactly it is problematic. Diversity in literature is a very important subject for me, which includes finding and promoting books with equal and proper representation. I cannot be a voice or an advocate for change, I cannot participate in discourse towards a positive evolution in literature, if I cannot fathom where the changes need to made. I must engage with books that are construed to be problematic by reading it ON MY OWN so that I may devise MY OWN genuine thoughts, opinions, and understanding to become a more reliable and valuable voice in the fight for positive change. Please also note that this DOES NOT MEAN that I close myself off to listening to other people when they say that something has hurt them. In fact, I listen very intently so that I can be even more aware when engaging with such works. I wholeheartedly respect and encourage POSITIVE discourse in literature, as people are vastly and beautifully diverse as the books that we read should be.

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