Astra Lost in Space Episode 2 & 3 Musings: Space Monsters, Scrumptious Fruits, & Saboteurs, OH MY! (#AniTwitWatches)

After last week’s fantastic pilot, I wanted to see the development of friendships and teamwork between this motley crew of kids, with some tiny rough patches for conflict and better storytelling, as well as some kind of explanation (or the start of) what the initial intention was of sending kids alone into space. While I suspect it is some sort of coming-of-age ritual, I also can’t help but wonder if it’s

Astra Lost in Space: A Suspenseful Sci-Fi Anime with Awesome Narrative Potential – Anime 1st Impressions (#AniTwitWatches)

Astra Lost in Space is a shōnen, science-fiction anime that follows a group of high school teens who participate in what is supposed to be a short trip to a different planet for a rite-of-passage sort of summer camp. However, shortly after arriving they encounter a mysterious glowing orb that chases them down and consumes them. Suddenly these kids find themselves drifting in space above an unknown planet a few thousand light-years from where they’re supposed to be.

#AniTwitWatches: Kanon – Episodes 21 to 24 Thoughts & Reactions + Musings on the Series as a Whole

Welcome to the final #AniTwitWatches Kanon (2006) post! Today I’ll be covering the last four episodes of the series. This is going to be a little different than the previous mutterings as I’ve gone ahead and watched segments twenty-one through twenty-four and shall be talking about them collectively today, along with my overall feelings about the series as a whole.

#AniTwitWatches: Kanon – Episodes 14 to 20 Thoughts & Reactions

The AniTwitWatches Kanon (2006) watching shenanigans continue today as I make my way through episodes fourteen to twenty. So far, I’ve had some mixed feelings about the series. It started off rather average yet entertaining, then ventured off into an evocative and grief-filled sector, then found its way back into something wholesome and whimsical, and once has found it’s footpath back into the strange and possibly sorrowful. It has definitely been an interesting ride to all sorts of places and I’m both curious as well as nervous to see what the next stop is going to be.

#AniTwitWatches: Kanon – Episodes 10 to 13 Thoughts & Reactions

This time around I shall be chatting about my thoughts and reactions as I watch episodes ten through thirteen. Since everything seems to be taking a serious and solidly emotional turn, I decided to finish catching up in smaller batches rather than the massive ten episode binge I had originally planned. Similar to the previous write-up, I’ll be talking about the episodes as I watch them, so if my mutterings feel a bit random or all over the place that is why! If you haven’t watched Kanon, then I recommend you proceed cautiously as shall be discussing story spoilers.

School Days: First Impressions – Typical Slice-of-Life Pilot with Supremely Old School Animation (#AniTwitWatches)

Welcome to Round 3 of #AniTwitWatches! This is a community-based anime watching event that was created by the awesome Jon Spencer. Basically, we choose an anime and watch it episodically and then chat about our reactions and musings afterwards, either on our personal blog spaces or over on Twitter. If you’d like more information on…

#AniTwitWatches Round 3 Announcement!

No matter how much that I try (or life forces me to try, to be more accurate), I just can’t seem to stay away from blogging. I always keep coming back to it. Blogging is like my second home and I don’t think it would feel as such if it weren’t for the significant sense…

Rampo Kitan: Game of Laplace First Impressions – An Excellently Eccentric Tribute to Rampo Edogawa

Rampo Kitan: Game of Laplace (乱歩奇譚 Game of Laplace) is a seinen, mystery, psychological anime series that simulcasted during in Summer 2015. It was produced by Studio Lerche as a commemoration to mark the 50th anniversary of esteemed author, Rampo Edogawa’s, death in 1965. The anime specifically focuses on Edogawa’s character, Akechi Kogorō, who created…