Black – First Impressions: An Unlikely Yet Charming Duo in a Curious Supernatural Crime Drama

Black (블랙) is a 2017 supernatural South Korean drama that I came across one night while browsing Netflix’s catalogue of Asian Netflix Original serials. I was in the mood for something gloomy, dark, and suspenseful and the trailer for this looked rather intriguing. After watching the first two episodes, I feel that it’s definitely curious and has some fun, interesting elements that has me hooked.

Solomon’s Perjury: First Impressions – Solidly Suspenseful with Superb Exploration of Fucked-Up Family Dynamics

Solomon’s Perjury (솔로몬의 위증) is a 2016 South Korean, suspense, mystery series that I originally stumbled onto on Netflix. The premise described immediately caught my interest as thrillers and mysteries are some of my favourite sorts of narratives. A couple of nights ago, I finally sat down and watched the pilot episode. After finishing it,…